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Taco Truck Training: Playing Quarters

Today on the show, we start a series of episodes collectively called: Taco Truck Training. These episodes will cover some of the hidden benefits of working in the taco truck so many years ago. In this case, unintended benefits that helped me get out of a particular situation that, perhaps, may have turned out differently had it not been for the taco truck. On this episode, we go back to 1988. On that summer night in which I was involved in a “Quarters” match. I was up against a legend...



On this, the first episode of 2019, we talk about chile. No, not the country of Chile, though Santiago - the capital - is a lovely place to visit. So, why do I love chile so much? Today we dive deeper into this question. In doing so, I tell you a little bit more about my personality, my perspective, and my home! I grew up eating chile. I can't tell you exactly when it was that I took my first bite and my mouth felt the fire. All I know is that I cannot remember a time when I did not...


Tamale Season

It that time of year! If you look around you, almost everywhere you go, you will see festive lights, crowds gathering at Christmas parks, packed ice rinks and, of course, tons of suckers, I mean, people at shopping malls. Yes, the holiday season is in full swing! But there is another season that is in full swing. A type of activity that involves tons of minutes of prep time. Perhaps tons of pair of hands and definitely tons of love, graciousness and tons of gratitude. The season I'm...


LOL (Laugh out Lengua)

Today on the show I want to share with you my take on Lengua. Not that many people, at least in America, are familiar with this tender type of meat. Especially on a taco. Lengua translates to tongue. It's beef tongue. I'm going to tell you a little bit about this meat. I'm also going to tell you a bit about how this meat and the many steps to ultimately get it into a taco used to drive me nuts. And how one day, that task went from dreaded to a moment which got me closer to my mother. How...


Flipping Tortillas

On today's episode, I tell you a little about flipping tortillas. Have you seen people flip tortillas with their bare hands? For me, doing so has always been normal. I always wondered why people using tongs or any other device to flip tortillas was not normal. After all, if it were too hot -too difficult, then nobody would do it. It’s not about courage or bravery to use your own hands. It’s about efficiency. Using a tool to get your tortillas and flip them takes too long. But another...


Chile Resilient

Chile Rellenos is a very popular dish in Mexico. It's also a favorite of mine, but for a reason, you may not expect. Today on the show, we talk about the some of the hidden steps a chile poblano goes through to then become a Chile Relleno. The transformation of this chili pepper is fascinating to me. It starts as a pure chile pepper. It gets called up – sort of - “You're up” It’s your turn. This is its wake up call! It then gets throwing into an oven or over some heat – most likely a...


Choice Sauce

You ever come up to a taco truck and stare at the menu? And before long you just don’t know what to order because everything you see looks so freakin good! The power to choose the right one becomes very difficult. “The Paradox of Choice” the concept of “Why more is less” and how too many choice, at times, can leave us motionless in our ability to choose. It actually slows us down. It’s something we do every single day. We do it from the moment we wake up, to as we go on about our day and...


The Taco Man - Israel Miranda

On today’s bonus episode 2, we take trip down to southern California. Ontario California to be exact. Here, we are hosted by Israel Miranda, the owner of The Taco Man. He runs two locations in the outskirts of Los Angeles (east of LA) – in what is locally referred to as the Inland Empire. He also operates a thriving and efficient catering service out of the Ontario site. We sit down with Israel and discuss a variety of topics. We start out with why and how he got the “The Taco Man” name. He...


10 K TACOS - Bonus episode 1

On this bonus episode we check-in to let you know - while we are working on season 2 - we'll be providing updates both for the podcast as well as my personal life. This update is a personal one. I've decided to no longer field calls from recruiters or employers seeking to fill an EHS position. EHS stands for Environmental Health and Safety, which is what I did for the past 12 years. After getting a call from a perspective employer in which she said, "We've decided to go with the other...


Food Truck Bully

At some point or another, we’ve all had to face a bully. For my parents, that happened early on in their journey to break into the TACO TRUCK business. But first I tell you a bit about a recent trip I took to Southern California. A special trip to visit a few taquerias. But more importantly, I visited the person who’s father started the company which built our taco truck. During that visit I was reminded of the time we got back from Los Angeles with our new truck and it was then this bully...



Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery? Well, on this episode, I’m going to tell you of a time I was in a conversation with an ex-coworker where the subject was just that. Winning the lottery and my perspective of what it means to me to have won the lottery. To win the lottery one has to be extremely lucky. What is luck? It is success or failure brought not by one’s actions but by chance. My parents meeting one another, them making children (having us) and eventually migrating us to...


Born this way (Asi Naci)

Today’s episode, Isidro tells us something many people do not know about him. He is a huge OAKLAND RAIDERS fan. Those who know him wont be surprised he’s a big RAIDERS fan. But even those close to him may not know the real reason he is a RAIDERS fan. Isidro tells us how he initially became a big fan and how getting ridiculed at a young age sent him on a mission to find out as much as he could about the RAIDERS. In doing so, Isidro found things about the late owner AL DAVIS that made him a...


Salsa (red) Network

In today’s episode of 10,000 Tacos, Isidro takes us to a time where he and his dad went to a World Cup game. The year was 1994. It was a special time because - not only was he celebrating his dad’s birthday - he also was in attendance while the US National Team was up against one of the best soccer clubs in the world – Brazil National Team. All this on the 4of July. One of the biggest surprises of that day was not that the US team almost beat the Brazilians but the fact that Isidro’s dad and...


Taco Truck Cover Up - Pt.2

Today on this episode of 10,000 Tacos, Isidro concludes his story about how he got caught in a big lie and how not even the taco truck could have saved him from that embarrassment. His then partner was adamant about finding out why there were others telling her he was out in a limo instead of the taco truck. She did not want to believe them but then the evidence was too good to ignore. As the old saying goes, “things happen for a reason” - this is an example of that. As luck would have it,...


Taco Truck Cover Up - Pt.1

On today’s show, Isidro takes us back to the time he was caught in a little lie – it was actually a big lie. He takes us back to a time he thought the taco truck was going to help him cover up for that lie. On this part 1, Isidro talks about a time he made plans with his then special friend only to skip out on her as he and his brother (the wing-man) rode around in a limousine through the busy cruising streets of San Jose. He then used the excuse of saying there was an emergency which lead...


Taco Truck Exhaust

On today’s show, Isidro takes us back to the time his sister started driving. Recall in a previous episode – Trust the Tortilla -, he told us of a time when his sister would take the neighborhood kids to school in a car though she was too young to legally drive. In this episode, Isidro sits down with his folks to ask them how his sister came to drive. What were the circumstances that lead them (his parents) to allow his sister to drive a car at such a young age? This is a tale of why his mom...


Tacos Al Pardon

On today’s episode Isidro dives right into “Pardon” – in Spanish, it’s – yes, you guessed it…. Perdon. Perdon, in Spanish, is usually used to say, “Excuse me” or “Pardon me.” That’s not what Isidro is talking about. He’s referring to Forgiveness. The forgiveness that in many cultures is seen as weakness. It’s seen as weakness because of the perception it assumes that the person who hurt you is allowed to get away with it. That forgiveness means you’ve allowed those who hurt you to take...


Taco Truck Parents

On today’s episode Isidro talks a little about parenting, specifically a time when his parents helped him, at the ripe old age of 31, set up his own apartment. The lesson he learned was not to be so quick to judge people when it comes to how and what parents will do for their children. Isidro talks about how some of his childhood teachers would, at times, criticize the way his parents were raising their children. Saying that his parents were not there for them (because of the...


Trust the Tortilla

Today on the show, Isidro starts by asking what are the hidden ingredients in every great taco? Though it may be hidden by all sort of toppings on a taco, it’s not the meat. It also isn’t the seasoning or the blended ingredients in the salsa. And though all those things are important, it is not what he is referring to. Con confianza! Which translates to "WithTrust!" Isidro asks if that has ever been considered when ordering these great eats. He points out - in fact - it is trust that...


Tacos that I used to know

Today on the show, Isidro talks about what he refers to “Tacos that I used to know.” When he thinks of them, a little sadness ensues because he knows he will never get to taste those tacos again. Isidro tells us a little more why he hated selling tacos as a kid and some of the reasons for that odium. Although he’ll never get to taste them again, he does not regret it. He reminds us how regret, if not handled properly, can lead to anger and how that anger could infect your well being. Tacos...