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Trust the Tortilla

Today on the show, Isidro starts by asking what are the hidden ingredients in every great taco? Though it may be hidden by all sort of toppings on a taco, it’s not the meat. It also isn’t the seasoning or the blended ingredients in the salsa. And though all those things are important, it is not what he is referring to. Con confianza! Which translates to "WithTrust!" Isidro asks if that has ever been considered when ordering these great eats. He points out - in fact - it is trust that...


#016 - Tacos that I used to know

Today on the show, Isidro talks about what he refers to “Tacos that I used to know.” When he thinks of them, a little sadness ensues because he knows he will never get to taste those tacos again. Isidro tells us a little more why he hated selling tacos as a kid and some of the reasons for that odium. Although he’ll never get to taste them again, he does not regret it. He reminds us how regret, if not handled properly, can lead to anger and how that anger could infect your well being....


#015 - TACOCITY - Rob Gokee

On this episode, Isidro sits down to have a good conversation with a fellow podcaster – Rob Gokee, the host of Tacocity Podcast – Rob shares a little bit of his journey as well as some personal stories while growing up in Los Angeles. They both agree, this conversation could have lasted a whole week! This is part of a crossover episode where Isidro also joins Rob on his podcast. To get the other episode, please follow this link: https://goo.gl/ZKNQDe - You can also find his podcast on...


#014 - No Me Chinglés!

In this episode Isidro talks about how his dad would use the following phrase to deal with the harsh rhetoric from people telling him things like, “GO BACK TO MEXICO!” or “IF YOU DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH, THEN YOU SHOULDN’T BE IN THIS COUNTRY!” The phrase he’d use was, “NO ME CHINGLES!” – which, if you speak Spanish, can be easily construed as a “bad” phrase. “Don’t mess with me” – But to Isidro’s father, and later for the rest of his family, the phrase simply meant, “Don’t English Me!” – For...


#013 - Tacos de Ganas

Today’s episode Isidro describes what he referred to his parents having a whole lot of “Ganas” – recall in the very first episode– which is popularly known today as GRIT. What is it? How do you know if you have it? He gives us a few examples of what it is as well as a personal tale told to him by his good friend who grew up in the same side of town as Isidro did. “The excuses that we put in front of ourselves to talk ourselves out of doing something, those excuses, are feeding the...


#012 - Baddest Taquero Pt. 3

Today’s episode concludes this 3 part series of how Isidro’s dad became one of the “Baddest Taqueros” who roamed this earth. Isidro best describes why his dad was a badass taquero by telling us his father was always “GAME”. Being up to doing what ever it takes to get the job done is what Isidro describes as being GAME. Isidro takes us on an exciting and a bit of an emotional journey by giving us a couple of examples of why his father was always “GAME”. Taquote: “ When you make great...


#011 - Baddest Taquero Pt. 2

On this second part of “The Baddest Taquero”, Isidro describes how his dad was a taco truck pioneer. Isidro talks a little bit about how his father set himself apart from the rest of the taqueros of his time. How a price point of $1.25 for a big taco was a brilliant idea, from a marketing perspective! While others were offering a small taco, Isidro’s father got customers to come in with a competitive price. Once they came in, they were hooked! Isidro also mentions how by listening, his...


#010 - Baddest Taquero Pt.1

Today we talk about the person who literally drove the truck! Isidro’s father - the person who Isidro considers the “Baddest Taquero” who roamed this earth. In this episode, Isidro tells us about why he gets emotional when talking about his dad as well as what his folks went through on the initial day of operating their first food truck. The intentions, persistence and the difference a turn can make. Taquote: “Make today better than yesterday” Reach out! If you have a spot to...


#009 - Ops Between the Wheels

Today we dive into some of the operations within the wheels of his parent’s taco truck and all the work that went into making it run smoothly. It’s not an easy task to run a taco truck and Isidro’s parents did it every day, 7days a week. Hours of prep along with early mornings and late nights were a testament to how devoted his family was to run the truck correctly. If you think your chores growing up were tedious, listen to Isidro’s story! It’s a great lesson to remind us to surround...


#008 - La Chiquita the Famous Taco Truck

The vehicle in which Isidro and his family served up amazing food with a strong personal connection wasn’t just your normal truck. For that, we dedicate today’s episode to La Chiquita, the special taco truck. He walks us through the truck and breaks down how they managed to cook and put out so much good food in a small cozy space. Once his family purchased the truck they began a way of life they felt good about and that they wanted to commit to every day. To keep that level of connection...


#007 - Mother Knows Best

In today’s episode we get an “inside-the-shell” look at Isidro’s family and how they founded, cultivated, and operated a successful taco truck business. Isidro’s mom was the CEO of their family and used her resources and experiences of farm life as one of 17 children to create a fruitful business for the family. Before modern-day electronics people actually needed to know information in order to guide them to make decisions. Isidro's mom was like the Google of humans, she seemed to have...


#006 - An Open Shelled Conversation!

This episode features a first in the world of 10,000 Tacos — our very first guest! We welcome David, visiting from Melbourne, Australia. David grew up in Scotland, where Mexican restaurants are few and far between and where their “Taco Tuesday” consists of a hard-shelled boxed taco and salsa out of a jar. David is traveling through the Bay Area on vacation and Isidro scooped him up for the podcast to share a foreigner’s perspective on tacos. David describes tasting carne asada, the fresh...


#005 - After School Special

We switch it up a little in today’s episode, and take the spotlight off of tacos and take a stroll down memory lane. Back in the early 80s, Isidro and his siblings would get done with school and spend the rest of their afternoon helping their parents clean, stock, and maintain the food truck. Most kids around him got out of school and did the typical household chores before playing outside but his routine was a little different and Isidro wouldn’t want it any other way. Isidro’s family...


#004 - Little Taco Syndrome

We begin by introducing LTS. LTS stands for “Little Taco Syndrome” or also known as “Little Man Syndrome” and the “Napoleon complex.” Isidro himself has dealt with being “vertically challenged” and was the object of teasing as an adolescent. With the help of the lessons learned from his family's taco truck, he went from being a cute little kid standing on a milk crate to an adult that understands how important it is to treat people the same no matter what we perceive their limitations may...


#003 - Stung by too many Tacos!

“Slow down! You are eating so fast!” If you have ever heard this statement before, this episode is for you. It’s easy to eat fast when you are preoccupied, rushed or just really into your food and can’t hold back the excitement of the beautiful taco before you. Or maybe you are like Isidro, who even ate fast because of a sibling rivalry and once clocked in at scarfing a whole burrito in 32 seconds. Those in the restaurant and service industry can also relate, as you have sometimes just a...


#002 - Carne Asada

Today’s episode features the great “meat on a grill,” or as we know it, carne asada! The carne asada taco represents many good things to Isidro as we hope it does for you as well. This was the most popular dish that his family sold through their taco truck, and the time and attention they took when preparing it for their customers folded into his tight family unit and strong bond. Even if you don’t have a family tie with carne asada, it can be a time to make a fresh and tasty dish with...


#001 - The Perfect Taco

Thank you for joining us on the latest episode of 10,000 Tacos! In Episode 1, Isidro welcomed us and told us how he became immersed in the world of tacos, his family background and ties with tacos, and what makes him an expert on a good taco. Which is great for this Episode, where Isidro breaks down what makes the … drum roll … perfect taco! Taco tastes are varied and diverse: some people like toppings loaded on, while some prefer simple ingredients. Some enjoy a fiery and spicy sauce,...


#000 - Welcome to 10,000 Tacos Podcast

Welcome to the 10,000 Tacos Podcast! This is a podcast about, you guessed it, tacos! Maybe even the occasional tortas, enchiladas or chile relleno, but tacos are the reason we are here. Isidro’s family sacrificed tremendously so that himself and his family could have the best life possible, and this podcast is just one way of sharing the gratitude he has for all their hard work, heart and ganas. Isidro has been immersed in the world of tacos since he was a child. His family purchased a...


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