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2 Idiots And Another Idiot

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Her Real Name Is Chocolate, Chocolate

Danny ruined a holiday, Lucas had an old man touch his little toesies, and Kevin tells it like is! Just another week in Idiotville. Lucas watched Danny destroy Thanksgiving without even trying to make a turkey. Kevin went to his brother's apartment and felt like he was in a scripted conversation. Danny seriously considered having a lady touch his pee pee. Also, we go on a tangent about POLITICS and FAMILIES and CUBA. DUN DUN DUN. Oh, also, hahahaha - Lucas bombed. Don't listen to this. Plz....

Duration: 00:24:53

Don't Leave The Line

Well, it's a big friggin' week en la vida Vega. Not only did Danny install a soundboard he has no idea how to operate, but he also walked out on his therapist because he felt like he wasn't being 'heard.' Tune in next week to hear Kevin and Lucas ignore DV until he leaves the pod forever! Danny and Lucas argue about how to spend the holidays together (awwww), but Danny f*cked it up and now their marital issues are on full display. How cool is it to have a podcast that broadcasts a divorce...

Duration: 00:31:38

Jesus Christ...We're doing fairy tales now?

This trio of numbnuts gets all confused led trying to remember the story of Goldilocks (a feminist ICON) and don't worry Lucas reveals another entry from his book of "bits he shouldn't do." The boys dive deeper into Luke's mind than ever before and then he and Kevin bully Danny for being a freak who doesn't even use mind-altering prescription narcotics on a daily basis. Throw in a couple overdone voices and some terrible restaurant recommendations, and technically this qualifies as a...

Duration: 00:24:48

RIP Blair River (We Didn’t Know Who That Was Either)

Oh boy, this is just what everyone's been looking for: health advice from Kevin and Danny. A fat fuck and a Gollum impersonator, that's who should be telling you how to maintain your body. The Heart Attack Grill gets a fun little plug, bullying restaurants get discussed, and Danny reveals how he treats waitstaffs (not well). Also, these idiots pitch a new CSPAN-themed show for CBS and we argue and analyze an HBO show that's funnier than anything these losers will say, write, or do in their...

Duration: 00:36:13

Idiotville, Much?

Oh, no. Not this shit again. Kevin, Lucas, and Danny argue about the home states they spent their whole lives trying to escape and it's just as tedious as you'd imagine. Idiotville, much? Lucas sets up the podcast's most successful cloud-themed bit (spoiler: it's still not successful). Then these doofuses talk one-athlete sports and ants. Also, Danny likes tennis. Hahaha. What a nerd. He also reads. Lol. Okay, don't listen.

Duration: 00:30:34

Heard it Before

Lol. Wtf are you doing listening to another one of these things? Don't you have anything better to do with your life? Well, if you have to listen to this you're gonna hear about some garbage Lucas ate on the streets of NYC, Danny's "emotional" screenplay, and DJ Badger's plagiarism of all of cinema. These dummies give their "hot take" on the "role" of "politics" in "comedy" like the uninformed, unsuccessful losers they are. Basically, this whole podcast is just these dorks proving why no...

Duration: 00:32:41

Nobody Sounds Like That

Yuck. Lucas desperately tries to get Danny to do his only character, Kevin mistakenly thinks his German, English, and surfing accents are "passable" and "funny," and Danny talks about sucking on grapes like a total whackjob. Also, it sounds like Kevin doesn't seem to know the plot of Godzilla. Somehow these idiots wind up arguing about drinks again and get into a heated debate about the merits of various berries. Lucas rebrands as "hot Zooey Deschanel" and you should rebrand as "someone...

Duration: 00:27:39

TV: It's Where We Should Be

9/11! Did Gore do it or was it a couple of parents punishing their kid for not eating his vegetables? Kevin, Lucas, and Danny talk about this and more in another horseshit episode of this podcast we probably should've stopped recording three episodes ago. Kevin reveals that he's too big of a dipshit to know where the Hamburglar is from, Danny discusses how he was a moron who acted as his honest (read: mean) self on a reality TV show, and Lucas defines the term "boof." It's terrible. I...

Duration: 00:37:15

Let's Just Move to Arizona

In classic 2IAAI fashion, this thing gets off to one molasses-level slow start leading up to a nonsensical tennis analogy! We've got a bit of everything in this ep: terrible attempts at impersonating each other's girlfriends, a ferret story, and Lucas messing up the sound quality on his mic just enough to be distracting! Also: turns out he's an arsonist! Danny tells tales of his Arizona homeland, Kevin laughs too much, and Lucas does his character "guy who can't quite commit to this...

Duration: 00:25:31

Failure to Launch

Lucas, Kevin, and Danny fail to cobble together an introduction to these nearly 40 minutes of subpar content! With guest appearances from beloved characters like DJ Badger and the first compliment towards Lucas in podcast history, this ep covers everything from the etymology of cuckolding to sleep deprivation and the power of timing Lucas's actions. Please don't listen, like, share, or subscribe! Love, The Idiots.

Duration: 00:40:06

Da Pilot

Danny expresses confusion at why he's not into cuckolding since it has all the right elements, "shame and people judging me." Lucas admits to thinking it was "cluck"-olding the whole time. A man confesses to Danny after a graphic set that his dad made him watch porn with him when he was 10. And that's just first five minutes. Download it. Vlog it. Respond to it. We want your feedback! Most episodes won't be this dirty, we promise!

Duration: 00:32:54