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All Draws Matter (Again)

On This Weeks Episode: Interracial Adoption. Sexiest Little-person. Blackout drunk. Guilty Engagements. Puffy Labias. Oral vs. Vaginal. Do Draws matter?

Duration: 01:10:57


On this Weeks Episode: Is it classless to propose at someone’s wedding? Lap Dance etiquette Coworkers that don’t speak Fooled by wigs and weaves Elevator Etiquette Do you question people’s motives for Go Fund me accounts and would you participate? Drinking with coworkers

Duration: 01:08:43

Who Don't Swallow

On Tonight's Episode: Your favorite local bar Fake Porn Titles Arguments What is sexy to you? Connections the reason people cheat Do likes matter in a relationship? Do you listen to critics Mental boner Women who doesn’t swallow

Duration: 01:15:19

Fridges, Microwaves And Black Funerals

On This Week's Episode: Black Funerals vs White Funerals Marriage Is Happiness a priority? Should we walk around afraid of the World? Do you buy food at Sporting Events? Twitter Porn Pole dancing in the Olympics Nasty work microwaves and fridges Would you give your partner a pass to cheat if you became disabled? Questions from Afar

Duration: 01:23:31

Im Not Gay, But She Thinks So!

On This Weeks Episode: Cut off age for trick/treating Would you date someone with kids? Inappropriate Halloween Costumes Colon cleanse NFL Celebrations Ghosts How would you handle if women think your gay? What is the difference between a buff and an expert Handshakes

Duration: 01:09:28

Strippers, Clowns And Cuddlers!

On This Weeks Episode: Pumpkin Blue Apron Do people choose partners based on what their friends think? Could you date a clown? We can't date because of your job? Do you judge peoples cum face? Could you fall in love with a stripper? Could you date a professional cuddler? All white People need a Leon to say that’s not Cool?

Duration: 01:23:30

Porn, Pimps And Boycotts

On This Weeks Episode: Does texting K have a meaning? Can I borrow a dollar? Gun Control Why do the best brands fuck up? Do you think you could be a pimp? Blind dates When did people stop dressing up for weddings Porn acting doesn’t look fun.

Duration: 01:21:41

Emotional Texts With Kevin Costner

On This weeks Episode: Kevin Costner Capes for Black people Do we lack emotional intimacy? Do glasses have a negative perception? Worse Break Ups Questions from afar Does the routine text still carry meaning? How important is it to celebrate your significant others birthday the week of? Airplane Etiquette

Duration: 01:25:38

Tailgating Cheaters And Soapy AssHoles

On This Week Episode: Is Well Spoken Code for Black People. What kind of soap do you use? How Long before you change your towel. Tailgate ettiqutte Are Cotton Plants racist? Is it OK for White People to say the N word while singing along? If you get with someone by cheating do you have to forgive if you get cheated on. Should we stop singing the national anthem? Open Relationships

Duration: 01:30:36

Racism, Genitals And The FriendZone

On this weeks episode: Who’s more self conscious about their genitals? Men or Women? When a person says WOW Can you get out of the friend-zone? Should we go back to keeping our opinions to ourselves? (Jemele Hill) Thick Rihanna How many people know you now, that knew you then? Can you perform when the women takes control? Racism is as American as baseball How often do you wash your jeans? Fresh shaves

Duration: 01:16:51

Stay Woke?

On This Week's Episode: Do you trust non name brand condoms? You Look Good for 4 kids! Why do beautiful women feel like being beautiful is such s curse? What age do you stop wearing the Pink Brand. Kissing Babies in the mouth. Clowns are back. Baby Hairs Is 90 days too early to be serious if your fresh out of a relationship?

Duration: 01:08:38

Who Insecure

On This Week's Episode: Watching your shows in public? Afraid to cut corners because your Black People with clocks in their house that don’t work. What are the rules to breaking up on Social Media What if you saw someone you knew in porn. How would you react? If your EX wrote a book do you think you would be the protagonist, antagonist or both? How old is too old to be a virgin> Women who talk about men sexuality. Two people cheat, one is in a rmadelationship, one is not …. Who’s more to...

Duration: 01:12:11

Mean Uggin (FlashBack)

On This Weeks Episode : Horrible Tramp Stamps Relationship language Stereotypes (Positive) Whats new for 2017? Texting the wrong person. Borrowing money from your other half Are guys attracted to Drama? Sex with coworkers Would you wear men's Uggs?

Duration: 01:16:48

Randm Cheating And Expectations

On This Weeks Episode: Expectations of people. Calling people out on their shit. Honesty vs Being mean Why is being with woman different than a woman with a man?] Could you be a movie star? Why cant we all just get along? Is cheating only cheating when you get caught Random Eye Contact

Duration: 01:06:07

Hoes, Barbershops And Panty Lines

On This Weeks Episode: Smut vs Hoes. Why are mattresses white? Lottery winnings. Barbershop loyalty? Does everyone have a hoe phase? How do you sleep? Legends Football League Panty Lines

Duration: 01:17:09

Areolas Dont Matter (Revisited)

Hope you enjoy listening to our most played episode ever. We will be back next week with an all new episode of 2 Shots & A Brew The Podcast. Thanks for all of your support!

Duration: 01:47:18

GrapeFruit Head

On This Weeks Episode: Grapefruit Head. Would you suck your own Dick? Smelly people Outdoor Sex Difference between confrontation and Drama Voice perceptions Eating a full meal at the Bar alone. Pole dancing class at church? La La’s titties (is acting Hard) Initial Sex Move

Duration: 01:20:46

Sex, Race And Cults!

On this episode: Kendall, Kylie Tshirt (2pac and Biggie) Do Black Men judge interracial relationships R. Kelly Sex Cult What If you Girls Chooses to become a man . Do you stay until the transition? Flats vs Drums Are wraps a sandwich? What if you were treated like your famous.

Duration: 01:06:59

To Bust Or Not To Bust

On This Weeks Episode: Kids hit by balls at HR Derby? What is it about skin? Siri and Alexa Ear hustling Bitches Paying for Gas in cash Trying not nut Porn on a Desk top? Asian massage Public masturbation Is it Cheating if your mate is sleeping with someone of the same sex

Duration: 01:07:27

Marrying Panhandling Hoes

On This Weeks Episode: How do Gay people know your straight? Do you think you can make it on the elite side of Tender? Do you care if people like you? Pool vs Beach Is making a homemade cheesesteak a violation? How do you deal with pan handlers? Should you marry a hoe? Hitchhiking. Have you ever?

Duration: 01:15:47

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