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And from the ashes we rise, bitches!!! Out with the old, in with the 0wned! 4-1-0wned, that is. GT is back, and he brought his old Maryland friends Dak, Kevin, and Jack, to fill your ear holes with all things gaming. Well, not ALL of the things. But everything in here is about gaming...for the most part.

And from the ashes we rise, bitches!!! Out with the old, in with the 0wned! 4-1-0wned, that is. GT is back, and he brought his old Maryland friends Dak, Kevin, and Jack, to fill your ear holes with all things gaming. Well, not ALL of the things. But everything in here is about gaming...for the most part.
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And from the ashes we rise, bitches!!! Out with the old, in with the 0wned! 4-1-0wned, that is. GT is back, and he brought his old Maryland friends Dak, Kevin, and Jack, to fill your ear holes with all things gaming. Well, not ALL of the things. But everything in here is about gaming...for the most part.




Episode 132: Exotics that go Pew Pew Pew

We start off with a little Star Wars: Last Jedi trailer hype which spills directly into a little Star Wars Battlefront 2 chatter, specifically the micro transactions stink of it. Yeah, that dirty word is back yet again. Once we get into the show we talk about our thoughts on everyone’s favorite game at the moment, Destiny 2. After a month of Public Events, Nightfalls, and Milestones how are we feeling about our time with this ever evolving title. This week’s Hyperthetical answers the...

Duration: 01:18:58

Episode 131: Shaq Attack. Don’t Shoot!

This week Dak starts off the show with his experience in securing the SNES Classic. We all dive into our feelings on the Red Redemption II trailer and whether Rockstar should do some thigs differently from the previous game and GTAV. Pop quiz, hotshot. There’s an uninvited Shaq taking a shower in your home. When you discover him, what do you do? What do you do? We finish the show with our favorite segment “What you been playing.” This includes a few impressions of the crushingly difficult...

Duration: 01:28:11

Episode 130: Crossing The Line

We didn't quite make the Red Dead Redemption II trailer , so we just make it up. I wonder how close the gang gets to the actual trailer. We tackle the Fortnight crossplay debacle and discuss whether we farther or closer to this becoming a reality. Hyperthetical questions which version of our life we would rather view on the big screen. We do a little "What you playing" with a little call back to last week's episode about what games you want on the Nintnendo Switch. Another great show in...

Duration: 01:10:13

Episode 129: The Tale of the 3 Sided Die and the 7 inch Switch

This week we switch it up. With the Nintendo basically owning headlines over the last 6 months, we answer the question of whether it is it time for us to start truly considering The Nintendo Switch as a viable console. This week’s Hyperthetical answers the question of how much we trust our love ones with handling our deepest and darkest thoughts. We finish the show with our community infused “What Have You Been Playing” segment.

Duration: 01:23:27

Episode 128: Broken Trains - The Remastered Edition

We are finally going to have a discussion topic on remastered games and whether their existence is warranted at all. Hyperthetical answers the question of whether we feel the need to link intelligence to our entertainment. Sorry about that last sentence, but the discussion and question are not as sophisticated as that sounded. We finish the show with "what you have been playing" or translation, Destiny 2 talk. Hit that play button and thanks for listening!

Duration: 01:27:03

Episode 127: Arcade Guardians

Dak and Kev make their return in the episode everyone has been waiting for. The crew start with talking about the good ole days with their love and fond memories of the arcade. Hyperthetical questions if we’d rather create art or take in art. Then we jump into all of the Destiny 2 talk. Our findings, what we like, our concerns, and simply does it do Destiny better than Destiny 1. Strap on the seatbelts because this is a long one and we don’t want to lose any of you on our way to...

Duration: 01:53:19

Episode 126: PC Double Dragons

Matt and Jack have a sit down with two of 410wned's best friends, Andy and Lucky, for a 101 session on the streaming and competitive gaming scene. Between the two, their knowledge on the topic is top notch. The guys finish the show with a hyperthetical on how believable an irrational spouse is, well atleast for her sake. Oh yeah, by the way, when you get done with this episode don't forget to check outAndyconda88andluckyluke11con Twitch. Andy is a madman (he madeTwitch Failsrecently) and...

Duration: 01:04:41

Episode 125: I Just Can't Quit You

We discuss the post release treatment of games with troubled starts, namely Mass Effect: Andromeda and No Man's Sky. Recently one game received a new lease on life and the other received its death sentence (that might be a little hyperbolic). Is it ever too late for a game with issues to turn the tide and garner some favor with gamers? Afterward we think about the stage fright involved with a speaking gig to our collective exes. We finish the show with a locked and loaded edition of "What...

Duration: 01:14:52

Episode 124: Michael Tyson

This week's discussion topic is a hot button one for most gamers. Micro transactions in gaming! It is a thing and it is not going away. We tackle whether or not it is a deal breaker on games and if there is a tasteful way of dropping this into a game and not forcing a gamer to further open their wallet. Hypertheticals lead us down a road whether or not to bang that clay. We end the show with listener "What Have You Been Playing." Hellblade: Sensua's Sacrifice, Agents of Mayhem, and No...

Duration: 01:33:28

Episode 123: Women Are Ballers!!

EA made a big splash last week with announcing the addition of the WNBA to their next NBA Live game. We discuss how we feel about this and also tackle other areas in gaming whereas minorities are or are not represented properly. This week’s hyperthetical answers whether big foot or the president is bigger news. We finish off an electric episode with a "what you have been playing" segment staring our Facebook community. Hit play and join us!

Duration: 01:14:21

Episode 122: It is Either Me or Aquaman

After Walmart’s SNES Classic preorder debacle, the NG crew dig into some of our preordering experiences and how we were able to attain that much sought after item if preordering fell through. This week’s hyperthetical throws us into a Lost/Cast Away situation featuring Jason Momoa. I feel like I should say Jason Momoa is not on the show. We finish the show with everyone’s favorite segment “What have YOU been playing?” Another good one for the books.

Duration: 01:32:57

Episode 121: Ed-ible Arrangements

We are here for a another bang up show! Tom is back and we talk about what's the deal betas. Are all betas betas or glorified demos? We answer our own questions and offer an odd level of clarity on the matter. Destiny 2 comes up because a) it's a beta and b) Tom's here. We finish the show with a healthy serving of "what you have been playing".

Duration: 01:25:00

Episode 120: Who Keeps Giving Them Money

This week we go into the depths of the Atari Box. All the ins and outs. We really do not have any more info on it than you, which is very little, but we try our best to speculate what could be the angle on this. This week, hyperthetically, we are murderous assassins with a set of terrible pricing negotiation skills. "What have you been playing" goes into a bit of the Destiny 2 Beta, Prey, and Tom Clany's Rainbow Six Siege. Btw, our man Tony is here this week, so that's even more reason to...

Duration: 01:32:16

Episode 119: Let's Play a Game

Do you remember CRT TVs? Do you remember sitting literally feet from the living room floor model set to get that optimal view of those beautiful pixels? Remember that tv encased in a wood cabinet sitting on the living room floor? Bonus points if you ever saw one of those with a working smaller TV set on top. We chat about those days and compare the present with yesteryear. Afterward we ponder whether it is best to look smart versus actually being smarter. We finish up the show with a...

Duration: 01:35:05

Episode 118: That Backlog Tho

The guys are back at it! That backlog is a serious thing and with this nice little lull in releases, the guys decide to discuss some of the games that they want to get to before the fall releases hit. This week's hyperthetical delves into whether or not we could or would even try to fit in during a crisis. We finish the show with a solid "what you've been playing" segment. Happy belated July 4th and we hope you are enjoying your summer!

Duration: 01:46:49

Episode 117: Half GOTY 2017 - The John Episode

We are officially at the halfway point of the year. It is time to reflect on the the biggest titles of 2017, thus far, and which games in the latter half we are looking forward to. Before we get into that, we discuss the news of the SNES Classic and our thoughts on the device that will have every gamer from the casual to the hardcore lining up months in advance to get their hands on one.

Duration: 01:36:31

Episode 116: Adult Education

Modern Warfare has been released and we all talk about Actiivision's double dipping money grubbing ways. Atari is talking about making another console. The hyperthetical and the final segment of the show is all about the dirty deed called sex. All of this and talk about the latest Injustice 2 game. Enjoy the show!

Duration: 01:27:02

Episode 115: E3 Out!

Jack, Dak, and Kevin get together and talk about their favorite moments of E3! If you missed E3 or experienced E3 info overload, we're here to sort it all out for you. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:45:30

Episode 114: Don't Be a Martin Lawrence

Before E3, we got together to talk about a couple of the little announcments that dropped just before E3 like Hellblade: Senua's Sacrafice and Need for Speed: Payback. Sony again slaps backwards compatibilty in the face and Nintendo Switch's Online service finish off the show. Take a quick trip with us to simpler time, just before E3 2017. Enjoy the listen.

Duration: 01:41:49

Episode 113: E3 Predictions - The 2017 Edition

For the second year, 410wned gathered together to take guesstimates on what we will see during the E3 pressers of next week. Check and it out and come back next week to tell us how wrong and right we were. Let the games begin.!

Duration: 01:38:14

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