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Wine on One- Perfect Holiday Parties

Holiday parties and office traditions are a key indicator of the culture of a nonprofit. Do you have a big to-do out on the town, a lunch at a local restaurant, or cocktails at the boss’s house? Every nonprofit is different, so on today’s Wine on One, Marjorie and Natalie chat about parties they’ve loved and loathed in the nonprofit sector and how to really have a great party. If you’re looking for ideas on how to be sure everyone is included in your holiday celebrations, check out...

Duration: 00:15:09

Mentor the Kid and the CEO with Ty Vanatta

It’s the little things in life that can make a huge impact. Ty Vanatta knows that first hand. After a rough childhood, being actively against reading, getting in trouble, and nearly landing in jail, he turned his life around with the help of a mentor. Today, Ty is sharing the wisdom of his mentor, Tom Pace, author of Mentor the Kid and the CEO-A Simple Story of Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Significance. From the little things you can do everyday to make your life better to the list...

Duration: 00:23:59

Wine on One- It’s the Little Things

Sometimes it seems like things at nonprofits happen just like magic. The trash gets taken out, the towels get cleaned, gift bags are just taken care of, the list goes on. Today, Marjorie and Natalie give a BIG thank you to the unsung heros in nonprofit life who take care of the little things that really make a difference in a nonprofit culture. From the volunteer that donates a suitcase for all the event materials to the staff member who always makes sure the tea cabinet is stocked, we...

Duration: 00:15:41

Secrets of a Major Gifts Officer with David Gonzalez

Raising the big money can be mystifying so we brought David Gonzalez who has been in the fundraising business for 16 years working with health and human services organizations, hospitals, and universities. He pulls back the curtain to share what to talk about in a meeting with a donor, get a long term game plan together for stewarding big donors at events, and what to put together in the proposal. To get in touch with David, find him on LinkedIn or email him at...

Duration: 00:34:44

Wine on One- Would You Rather?

Would you rather write a grant or give a speech? Take a 5 hour flight with a board member to a meeting or drive for 5 hours with the same board member? Call a disgruntled donor or email them? Empty the trash after the staff potluck or empty the bugs out of the light fixture? Today, Marjorie and Natalie tackle all the choices nonprofit staff have to make everyday in a game of Would You Rather? By the way, if you were listening… Zachary got in! Connect with Us! Natalie on LinkedIn-...

Duration: 00:20:11

Dealing with a Difficult Coworker with Pamela King of Our Community Listens

A difficult coworker or boss is the main reason people move on from organizations. But there’s always that one person that makes our life difficult. Pam King from Our Community Listens asked, “What if we tried to change the way we deal with people before we change jobs?” According to Pam, “It starts with the person who wants the change…and that’s us!” That doesn’t mean we need to become a doormat for difficult people. Pamela walks us step by step through how to create transparency, mend...

Duration: 00:32:37

Wine on One- Repping the Brand

When was the last time a car cut you off, only for you to realize it was wrapped in your favorite charity’s logo. Or you witnessed someone being rude to a store employee while wearing (gulp) the tee shirt from YOUR fundraiser? There’s a lot to think about when it comes to nonprofit branding and not all of it is under our control… especially if you give out a lot of swag. Marjorie and Natalie grabbed some wine to talk about the ramifications of boarish employees on social media, rude...

Duration: 00:13:58

Creating Accessible Events with Christy Herzing and Sandy Jones of Paraquad

If you don’t work at an organization that doesn’t specifically work with people with disabilities, you don’t have to worry about making your fundraising events accessible, right? Wrong. So wrong. As our guest Christy Herzing from Paraquad says, “Making your event accessible speaks to a level of inclusion that can increase your donor base.” That’s something we all want, right? Christy was joined by her colleague Sandy Jones also from Paraquad to talk to Marjorie about what basic...

Duration: 00:36:01

Wine on One- Silent Auction Do’s and Don’ts

It’s silent auction time! Marjorie and Natalie grabbed some wine (a great silent auction item by the way!) From what to do with items you don’t think you can sell, what’s an “Own It Now,” how big to make your auction, and so much more, we give our opinions about how to make your silent auction awesome! Be sure to head over to our Facebook page and give us yours! Connect with Us! Natalie on LinkedIn- Marjorie on LinkedIn-...

Duration: 00:20:37

Building Relationships with Local Media with Elaine McNamara

What nonprofits say: The media is big and scary, they don’t have time for my little thing. What the media says: We want to help! Building a relationship with your local TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers doesn’t have to be rocket science, but you don’t have to be a stalker either. All it takes is getting to know what journalists and hosts need to do their jobs so they can help promote you! What’s a PSA? Should I have a volunteer record a spot and send it to everyone? Who should...

Duration: 00:27:15

Wine on One- Celebrating Holidays in the Nonprofit Office

Yep, it’s that time of year. Now that it’s officially ok to put a pumpkin spice shot of rum in your pumpkin spice latte, it’s also time to plan the office holiday party, figure out year end donor stewardship, send the holiday card, and figure out who has to work the week between Christmas and New Years. Do you make that holiday card a donor ask? Can the homeless shelter close on Christmas? Do you let your Jewish staff members take off their holidays instead of the Christian holidays...

Duration: 00:16:16

A Life in Development with Scott Lange of Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners Live from AFP St. Louis

Scott R. Lange has done it all… university and hospital major gifts, capital campaigns, consulting, creating a CRM, and now as CEO and Executive Partner of Jerold Panas, Linzy, and Partners charged with maintain the legacy of the granddaddy of professional fundraising, Jerold Panas. Marjorie sat down with him at AFP St. Louis’s Annual Conference to for a talk as wide ranging as his 30 year career. You’ll hear his two biggest fundraising lessons, what AFP means to him, the future of...

Duration: 00:27:31

Wine on One- Passive Income Streams for Your Nonprofit

Sometimes it can be tough to raise money, but you need cashflow all the time. That’s the time that a nonprofit can lean back on its passive revenue streams. From bonus money from Amazon Smile, Facebook donations (start here to do that!, and shopping cards to real money from recurring donors, Marjorie and Natalie pop open a bottle of wine to make sure your nonprofit stays in the black. Connect with Us! Natalie on LinkedIn-...

Duration: 00:12:56

Make Your Nonprofit Happy and Healthy with Beth Kanter On Location from AFP St. Louis

This week, 501Crossroads is on location at the AFP St. Louis Conference on Philanthrophy. Beth Kanter, Master Trainer, Author, Blogger, Speaker Extrodinaire sat down with Marjorie to talk about everything in the nonprofit and tech world, mindfulness, the best conferences out there, and how to plan the best meetings. You can get Beth’s latest book (and Marjorie’s bible) Happy Healthy Nonprofit on Amazon or any great book seller. Check out the Emerging Leaders Playbook at...

Duration: 00:24:25

Wine on One- Three Ways to Partner with Businesses without Asking for Money

Do the seas of people part when you walk through a Chamber event because no one wants to be asked for money by you and your organization again? The Nonprofit Ninja, Natalie Jablonski, shares her three tricks to partner with businesses to benefit your nonprofit without yet again asking them for money. Learn the best way to do a donation drive and tell your story at the same time, share outreach resources, and develop your own think tank. Connect with Us! Natalie on LinkedIn-...

Duration: 00:15:47

Growth of Giving Circles with Maranda Richardson

One in eight donors have given a gift through a giving circle and they’re on the rise. Giving circles are groups where each person in the group puts money in a pot and collectively decide where the money goes. For years, the image most people had of giving circles was of rich, white women, but that’s changing. According to a study by Connected to Give, nearly half of all giving circles are under 40 and Americans of African, Asian, and Hispanic descent are joining giving circles at twice...

Duration: 00:29:50

Wine on One- What’s All This Talk about Unlimited PTO?

More and more people are talking about Unlimited PTO… what does it mean? Who should be eligible? How does it work? And most importantly… How do you make sure that everything still gets done? After a 6 month experiment, Marjorie shares what she’s learned while trying Unlimited PTO in her office. Connect with Us! Natalie on LinkedIn- Marjorie on LinkedIn- 501Crossroads on Facebook-...

Duration: 00:13:32

Advertising 101 for Nonprofits with Lisa Adams of Marketplace Magazine

A man who stops advertising is like a man who stops a clock to save time - Henry Ford Advertising can be a stumbling block for nonprofits. From being too expensive, to not having a good handle on strategy and what the ROI is, the thought of paying to get the message out can be daunting. Lisa Adams from Marketplace Magazine stopped by to talk about cost efficient ways to spread the word and get a better understanding of just how fast that word spreads. To find out more about Lisa and...

Duration: 00:33:55

Wine on One- Is it Fundraising or Development?

Is what you’re doing everyday really development or are you just fundraising? Semantics is important! Natalie turns into the Nonprofit Grammar Ninja to break down exactly what the difference between the two is and how knowing the difference will lead to a stronger nonprofit. Connect with Us! Natalie on LinkedIn- Marjorie on LinkedIn- 501Crossroads on Facebook-...

Duration: 00:09:22

Tips for Higher Education Selection for Nonprofit Leaders with Cindy Manjounes

Finishing a bachelors, taking on a masters, or going for that doctorate can be a daunting use of a nonprofit professional’s time and money. Dr. Cindy K. Manjounes knows… she has two doctorates! Marjorie and Natalie talk to Dr. Cindy about how to choose the right school and program for you, your future, and your organization, ways to pay for it, selling it to a nonprofit board, and take a look at the long term ROI of getting to the next level. Get in contact with Dr. Cindy by emailing...

Duration: 00:35:05

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