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Episode 42: Carolyn Witte, Tia

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -The opportunity Tia sees in the market for women’s health, and why the company is focused on millennial women -Carolyn’s perspective on raising funding as a female founder of a women’s healthcare company -How Tia is a hybrid of both her parents, particularly her mother, whom she grew up attending Planned Parenthood meetings with -Where the name “Tia” comes from, and how Carolyn and her team thought of the entire persona behind “her” -The grand vision...

Duration: 00:24:03

Episode 41: Jonathan Baker, Simudyne

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -Why simulations have advanced in recent years, and why enterprises should utilize them for more scenarios than ever before -How Simudyne plans to first go after the financial services market while other sectors’ technology catches up -Why London has the best ecosystem for startups with a financial focus, even over New York, and why it’s not just due to the close proximity to banks -Jonathan’s experience teaching math after attending Cambridge, and why he...

Duration: 00:30:17

Episode 40 - Jack Altman, Lattice

Episode 40 - Jack Altman, Lattice by Crissy Costa

Duration: 00:26:30

Episode 39: Mantas Gribulis, Accelerated Dynamics

Episode 39: Mantas Gribulis, Accelerated Dynamics by Crissy Costa

Duration: 00:19:56

Episode 38: Mostafa ElSayed, Automata Technologies

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -Automata’s product progression and the early surprises Mostafa and his cofounder uncovered when Eva was first introduced -The most common use cases Automata sees and how companies evaluate whether a robot could be useful for its business -Why London is the ideal location to create a company, particularly for highly technical startups -Mostafa’s experience growing up in Dubai, and how living there inspired him to pursue architecture -The software...

Duration: 00:26:55

Episode 37: Fred Stevens-Smith, Rainforest QA

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -Why Fred and his cofounder Russell decided to leave Europe and come to San Francisco to create their company -Fred’s family tradition that inspired him to think creatively about problems, even when he was a child -How Rainforest tries to incorporate diversity in its culture, and why it’s important not to reward office politics -Why working weekends doesn’t translate to more success, and why you have to always believe in your own approach -Why the main...

Duration: 00:40:12

Episode 36: Kim & Ale, Ezza

Episode 36: Kim & Ale, Ezza by Crissy Costa

Duration: 00:26:22

Episode 35: Charlie Osborn, Merlin Guides

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -How Charlie’s own experience trying to put in vacation time at Google inspired Merlin Guides -The value Charlie sees in the New York startup scene, and why the American market is extremely attractive to founders -How Charlie is really the perfect blend of both of his parents’ backgrounds, and why he always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur -Why Clark Kent, the journalist, not necessarily as Superman, was one of Charlie’s heroes growing up -Why...

Duration: 00:29:50

Episode 34: Alexandr Wang, Scale API

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -The opportunity Alex saw for humans to amplify the results of machines, and how Scale API plans to act on it -Growing up in Los Alamos, New Mexico, the birthplace of the Atomic bomb, and how its emphasis on science impacted Alex’s childhood -How working at Addepar and Quora before college influenced Alex’s career, and how that led to his taking a leave of absence from MIT -The thought process behind starting Scale API, and why Alex and his cofounder...

Duration: 00:26:09

Episode 33: Katherine Power, CMG

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -CMG’s evolution from its initial site, Who What Wear, to the conglomerate it’s become today -How Katherine ensures CMG remains close to the consumer, and why its critical to the company’s success in light of fashion’s globalization -Katherine’s early entrepreneurial endeavors that included putting on (paid) shows for the neighborhood and creating faux restaurants with her toy kitchen -Her previous aspiration to be a film producer, and why she doesn’t...

Duration: 00:28:02

Episode 32: Sean Chou, Catalytic

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -The state of innovation in Chicago, and how the startup ecosystem has changed since Sean built his first company -Sean’s transient childhood, and the hardships he saw his parents endure as Taiwanese immigrants who tried to be restauranteurs -Why hard work is not enough to be successful, and why it’s important to spend time thinking about business dynamics in any industry -How Sean views mentorship, and the relationship that guided him to a career in...

Duration: 00:29:28

Episode 31: Jason Fried, Basecamp

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -Why constant work chatter is actually detrimental to progress, and how to avoid the FOMO that comes from not immediately responding to messages -How Basecamp’s maintained steady growth over the past 13 years, and why rapid growth is not necessarily synonymous with success -Ideas for creating connections amongst remote workers, and the benefits that come with having a diverse set of employees -The words of wisdom Jason took from his father, and the ones...

Duration: 00:33:57

Episode 30: Kevin Wang, Fossa

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -Who the ideal Fossa customer is, and why enterprise companies are not the only ones who care about code quality and security -The evolution from TLDRLegal to Fossa, and the opportunity Kevin saw to create a sustainable business -How attending the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy boarding school shaped Kevin’s childhood and led to his early independence -How Kevin’s parents, who emigrated from China, were the driving force behind his technical...

Duration: 00:28:29

Episode 29: Erica Brescia, Bitnami

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -How Bitnami evolved from a side project in 2008 to become a full fledged company in 2013 when the founders saw an opportunity surrounding the deployment experience -The pros and cons to raising outside funding, and why the Bitnami team choose to wait until the point where not raising would impede the business -Growing up in the Bay area, and how having an entrepreneurial father inspired Erica’s own ventures from a young age -How Erica views the idea of...

Duration: 00:31:27

Episode 28: Scott Norton, Sir Kensington's

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -Critical advice on how to bring new products to market, and how to find your ideal customer -Why business is fundamentally creative versus competitive -The strategy and decision making process as to why Sir Kensington’s is headquartered in New York City -How Scott’s childhood growing up in the Bay area influenced his idea of entrepreneurship -How living in Japan shaped Scott’s thinking on Sir Kensington’s flavor profiles, brand marketing, packaging, and...

Duration: 00:27:58

Episode 27: Luke Bonney, Redox

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -100 State, the largest coworking space in Wisconsin, and how it aims to be the center of gravity for the budding Madison entrepreneurial scene -How creating seven healthcare startups made the founders realize the need for Redox, and how the team solved the classic “chicken-and-egg” platform problem -Why his parents’ jobs instilled a deep ethical compass for Luke, and why you have to do what’s right even when it’s hard -Luke’s experience bringing iSAC ,...

Duration: 00:30:34

Episode 26: Max Lynch & Ben Sperry, Ionic

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -The beginnings of Ionic, which originated from Codiqa, a drag-and-drop tool for jQuery mobile that stemmed from the desire (and frustration) to quickly build great apps -Why the pair feels so strongly about building Ionic from Madison, and the cabin (aka garage) phase of the company -The private messaging forum / blog they created among their friends in high school (before the days of Facebook) to share poetry, stories, and updates (and gossip) -The...

Duration: 00:47:30

Episode 25: Chieh Huang, Boxed

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -Why Boxed surprisingly has very little customer overlap with the traditional brick-and-mortar discount clubs -Why seasoned entrepreneurs go after different markets than first-timers, and how to look beyond just solving a problem -The culture behind Boxed that has made it such a publicly lauded company (see here and here), and why these values actually do positively affect your bottom line -How Chieh’s parents, who emigrated from Taiwan, managed to...

Duration: 00:32:47

Episode 24: Vijen Patel, Pressbox

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -How the idea for Pressbox started from Vijen’s aim to simply make life easier, and the other ideas he entertained before settling on dry cleaning -Vijen’s experience in high school reselling Cubs tickets at a lofty margin, and how that sparked his urge to be an entrepreneur -Why math was the center of Vijen’s life, and how this logical framework showed him how to create change (including how to lose weight) -How attending Notre Dame shaped Vijen’s...

Duration: 00:28:23

Episode 23: Tracy DiNunzio, Tradesy

In this episode, you’ll hear about: -Tradesy’s beginnings, and the little hacks Tracy did to build up both sides of the marketplace -Tracy’s transition from artist to entrepreneur and how she dealt with all of the responsibility that came with it -Why it’s important to pick activities that force you to learn-as-you-do them, and how Tracy took that to heart while living in Mexico -What it’s like being a female entrepreneur running a female-centric business pitching to mainly male venture...

Duration: 00:33:08

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