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Babies, Birth and Doulas

Dina Ghandour and Jane Rushworth are from Little Feather Collective, a group of licensed Doulas here in Dubai that help families throughout pregnancies and post birth by offering support and education on sleep, feeding, loss multiples and much more. Caroline and Keith talked babies, birth and what exactly Doulas do, and that's to make sure that parents and parents to be are informed of all of their options when considering how to birth their new born and the experience is as harmonious and...


Property or Stocks? Millionaire Catch Up

#45 is a catch up with Andrew Hallam, author of the Best Selling Book Millionaire Expat & Millionaire Teacher. Caroline & Keith met with Andrew for the second podcast during his recent time in the UAE delivering talks on the psychology behind being a good investor. Following their original conversation in episode #24, Andrew delves into comparisons between investing in property and investing in low cost index funds and discusses this concept of a successful investor's psychology on this...


Surgery or No Surgery

#44 is with David Johnson, a Sports Therapist, Doctor of Osteopathy and a Strength and Conditioning Coach. An educator and experienced practitioner, he spends his time primarily in his clinic with patients recovering from injuries and post surgery. In this episode of the podcast David, Caroline and Keith discuss some thought processes surrounding when surgery is necessary or unnecessary from both a medical and ethical standpoint and also how patient’s experience throughout the process can...


Pilates: from Teacher to Owner

#43: Cloe Sommadossi is a 20 year veteran in the pilates industry and has just opened her second pilates studio in the last four years with the Pilates Academy in Dubai. In this episode of the podcast Cloe describes the challenges she faced when making the jump from pilates teacher, the lessons she learned along the way, sometimes the hard way and she shares her knowledge and expertise for those people thinking about one day owning a s Pilates studio of their own.


Biotesting and Hydration

#42: Steve Cronin is the owner and director of Om Life, a physiological bio-testing company based in Dubai that do hyperbaric oxygen therapy, altitude chamber training, VO2 max testing and many more advanced physiological training and assessments. In this episode of the podcast Steve discusses the truth behind staying hydrated and when people need to really consider their hydration and take action to stay healthy. He also takes Caroline through her a sweat and electrolyte hydration test of...


Fun & Games Ultra Marathon Runnings - Lee Grantham

#41: Lee Grantham is a professional marathon and ultra marathon runner for Great Britain and England. With some of the fastest times in the world over 42k and 100k in 2017 Lee Grantham is currently eyeing up the 100k World Championships title in 2018. Lee's mission is to not only become World Champion and break the 100k world record, but also to bring character and charisma to the world of endurance sports. He spends his time training between Chiang Mai, Thailand and Granada, Spain and is...


Dream Your Life - Live Your Dream

#40: Cloe made the leap from her corporate job as a food engineer to follow her passion of pilates and left the security of her well paying salary to set up her own Pilates studio. In this episode of the podcast Cloe explains her inspirational story and talks about her dream of owning a Pilates studio and how her mindset and her belief in creating the future she wanted motivated her to the position of owning and running two successful studios in Dubai. We hope you enjoy.


Your next posture is your best posture

#39: Tom Waldron is a Biomechanics Master Trainer & Franklin Method Practitioner. Tom discusses how our body is represented in the brain with brain maps in the homunculus and many principles of the Franklin Method. He also discusses some ideas and myths that he sees circulating the health and fitness industry surrounding the knees, sitting, posture and movement. We hope you enjoy.


Dr. Jacob Harden - Prehab 101

#38: Dr. Jacob Harden is a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and movement and mobility specialist. He owns and operates his own sports medicine clinic out of Orlando, Florida and travels the world teaching his movement and rehabilitation system via his Prehab 101 seminars. Dr. Jacob joins Caroline and Keith for thoroughly enjoyable conversation on injury prevention and rehabilitation. He is enormously popular on social media regularly posting some of the highest level informative content on...


Training Cancer Patients Anja Taljaard

#37: Anja Taljaard is biokineticist and Iron Man competitor from South Africa. In her impressive career she has worked training patients undergoing chemotherapy and recovering from beating many different types of cancer. She also works week in week out as an injury rehabilitation expert helping post operative hip, knee and ankle reconstruction patients as well as lot of work with pre and post natal clients. In this episode of the podcast Anja delves into her experience training those...


The Strength and Conditioning Puzzle for Boxing

#36: Dan Lawrence owns and runs Perform365, a freelance elite level strength and conditioning coaching provider based in London, UK. Dan works primarily in the sport he is passionate about, boxing. He is Head of Performance at Matchroom boxing Gym where he trains some of the best young up and coming fighters. We caught up with Dan when he was on a recent vacation and got to pick his brain on how to best compliment boxing preparation with research based strength and conditioning best...


Pilates for Diastasis Recti

#35: Marianne Tafani is the creator of a pre and post natal pilates course and one of the educators at Pilates Academy. From Marianne's difficult experience with her first birth, she created this course to give pilates teachers more knowledge and confidence in helping clients through pre and post natal pilates routines. Mariane joins Caroline and Keith to discuss her experience and offers advise surrounding how to have a more comfortable birth and how to exercise post births that have both...


Effective Altruism Sebastien Aguilar

#34: Sebastien Aguile founded SimplyFI.org in 2015, a non-profit community of volunteers that empower each other to invest in a simple way to achieve financial independence. Sebastien went from being broke to being financially Independent within seven years. He joins Caroline and Keith to discuss the bigger picture with financial freedom and the question, how can somebody do the most good for the world, in the most effective way that still aligns with their values and passion? We hope you...


What it takes to be a Pro boxer Stefan Sanderson

#33: Stefan Sanderson is the Scottish Super Welterweight Champion since 2014. He also works alongside his professional boxing career as a boxing trainer taking clients as a boxing trainer and conditioning coach. Stefan joins Caroline & Keith to discuss his career as a boxer and the type of discipline it takes to become a champion and maintain his unbeaten record. In this episode we discuss mindset, discipline, diet and weight cutting as well as what it takes to juggle a professional boxing...


Dead Simple Saving Part 2 with Steve Cronin

#32: This is the second part of our conversation with Steve Cronin from Dead Simple Saving. In this episode of the podcast Steve takes us through steps five through 10 of his Ten Step Guide to Financial Independence. This podcast is perfect for you if you want your savings to go further and work hard to earn you more.


Differences in Running technique between heel striking and forefoot running

#31: Hannah is a physiotherapist and Taif is a Sports Therapist, both work together as part of the medical team at Valiant Clinic. In this episode the guys discuss differences in running technique between heel striking and forefoot running with shorter and longer distance running. They also discuss the effectiveness of MRI scans and the pros and cons of regularly sending patients for scans when sometimes it may be counterproductive, the language used when discussing things with clients and...


Animal Flow; the new fitness craze

#30: In this episode of the podcast, Allaoua delves into what animal flow is all about, the benefits of movements and breathing and how engaging in new movements and activities can have huge and long lasting health benefits.


Expand Your Mindset with Ultra marathoner Tom Otton

#29: In this episode of the podcast, Tom Otton tells the story that he kept quiet for nine years that fuelled his motivation and drive that he only revealed for the first time during his Ted Talk on grit, determination and fighting against the odds.


What is Fascia with Pilates practitioner Paul Thornley

#28: In this episode of the podcast, we meet Paul Thornley faculty teacher at Real Pilates, currently teaching instructors in STOTT Pilates Method, he is a qualified Neuromuscular Therapist originally from the UK. In this episode of the podcast, Paul talks about one of the hottest topics in the fitness industry at the moment, fascia. Dispelling some myths about fascia in general, how we understand fascia, how we do not understand fascia and how many fitness professional's basic understanding...


Sports Science and Military Training with Sports Scientist Alex Lee

#27: In this episode of the podcast, Sports Scientist Alex Lee talks about the importance of data across a large population and how it can be used to monitor health trends amongst a huge cross section of a population.