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"Happiness: Where to Find It - III"

When life brings us trouble, can we still find joy? That's a question so many ask eventually. Pastor Greg Laurie points to the Apostle Paul's best counsel on happiness . . . words written while he himself was under house arrest.

Duration: 00:30:57

"Happiness: Where to Find It - II"

Pastor Greg Laurie says, the more we put on the mind of Christ, the more we'll experience the joy of the Lord! Pastor Greg helps us find the happiness that so many people are searching for.

Duration: 00:30:30

"Happiness: Where to Find It - I"

So many who search for happiness never seem to find it. Is it really that elusive? Pastor Greg Laurie points out what Scripture says. We'll see happiness and joy are direct by-products of a genuine relationship with God.

Duration: 00:27:48

"The Biblical Worldview of the Afterlife - II"

If we want to know how to get to heaven, it's best to ask the God of heaven! Pastor Greg Laurie does just that. We'll look to God's Word for the real truth about what lies beyond the grave. It's a candid discussion of the afterlife, and how to make sure we're heaven bound.

Duration: 00:31:01

"The Biblical Worldview of the Afterlife - I"

Most of us go through each day thinking very little about death. Unfortunately, many people go through their whole lives not considering what happens after death. Pastor Greg Laurie brings the straight truth from God's Word. It's the Biblical Worldview of the Afterlife.

Duration: 00:29:36

"The Biblical Worldview on Finding Contentment - II"

Some of the Apostle Paul's strongest words about contentment were written under the worst of circumstances! Pastor Greg Laurie helps us learn from Paul's perspective. We'll see we can be truly content, no matter what!

Duration: 00:32:40

"The Biblical Worldview on Finding Contentment - I"

It's a challenge to be content when a multi-billion dollar advertising industry points out all the things you still need. Pastor Greg Laurie explains the Apostle Paul's prescription for contentment.

Duration: 00:28:56

"The Biblical Worldview on Overcoming Fear & Worry - II"

How can we find real peace in a world full of chaos, confusion and calamity? Pastor Greg Laurie points out, when we have peace with God, we can enjoy the peace of God! Pastor Greg points out how to find that perfect peace.

Duration: 00:31:33

"The Biblical Worldview on Overcoming Fear and Worry - I"

Worry is a waste of time. Have you ever worried yourself into a BETTER situation? Pastor Greg Laurie opens God's Word for some important counsel on fear and worry. We'll learn to develop a more biblical worldview.

Duration: 00:28:40

"The Biblical Worldview on Salvation - II"

Pastor Greg Laurie says we each need to have a personal relationship with the Lord. We don't relate to God through a spouse, or a parent. In that sense, God has no grandchildren. It's an important discussion of salvation.

Duration: 00:30:52

"The Biblical Worldview on Salvation - I"

Our worldly culture has its own agenda . . . and it can be very persuasive! Pastor Greg Laurie begins a series that'll help us anchor our perspective in the truth of God's Word. And we'll first see what the Bible says about sin and salvation.

Duration: 00:29:12

"Hurried, Worried, Buried (How to Overcome Fear, Worry & Anxiety) - II"

Pastor Greg Laurie is concerned that many people spend their whole lives chasing after a dream they'll never reach. On their tombstone it could be written: "hurried, worried, buried." He'll help us avoid that trap! It's a lesson on seeking God's Kingdom first.

Duration: 00:32:54

"Hurried, Worried, Buried (How to Overcome Fear, Worry & Anxiety) - I"

What part should worry play in our lives? Pastor Greg Laurie points out the Lord's answer: it should have NO place in the life of the believer. Learn how to follow the Lord's prescription for a worry-free life.

Duration: 00:30:07

"How Eternity Brings Focus to What Really Matters - II"

So many people are consumed with the search for happiness. But Pastor Greg Laurie says they often look in the wrong places. He points out where real joy is found . . . in fulfilling God's purpose for our lives.

Duration: 00:28:43

"How Eternity Brings Focus to What Really Matters - I"

Pastor Greg Laurie says we should keep our feet firmly planted on the ground, but our minds focused on heaven! He points out the value of keeping our sights set on eternity. It's an inspirational challenge from God's Word.

Duration: 00:25:42

"Steve McQueen: American Icon - II"

Movies can move us in a way few other forms of communication can. And on September 28th, Pastor Greg Laurie's new documentary Steve McQueen: American Icon comes to theaters. It's the inspiring story of how Hollywood's biggest movie star came to Christ.

Duration: 00:25:33

"Steve McQueen: American Icon - I"

It's almost here! The new documentary film on the spiritual journey of Hollywood actor Steve McQueen. Pastor Greg Laurie speaks with the film's director about how to use this movie as a tool to help us reach others for Christ.

Duration: 00:25:24

"You da Man! - II"

When we repent, God will forgive our sin. But that doesn't mean He'll erase all of sin's consequences. Pastor Greg Laurie points out that we reap what we sow. It's a lesson brought home through a look at the life of King David.

Duration: 00:33:23

"You da Man! - I"

"We reap what we sow." Some of us know that all too well. Pastor Greg Laurie calls that the law of sowing and reaping, and we'll study its biblical origins. It's a discussion of our actions and their consequences.

Duration: 00:28:51

"Greg Laurie interviews Randy Alcorn - II"

There are certain bedrock precepts every Christian ought to know. What are they? Pastor Greg Laurie and his guest, author Randy Alcorn, discuss them. It's a fast-paced, question & answer session you don't want to miss.

Duration: 00:26:43

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