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Welcome to our Russian podcasts A Taste of Russian?. If you wish to improve your listening and speaking skills in Russian, we are glad to help you. Be sure, it isn't a boring Grammar course, it is a real chat on different topics which can be heard in everyday life. It is a chance to listen to the native speakers talking at home, at work, at the shop, at the party, etc. Also you can listen to Russian Slang! If you are interested in, you can download both MP3 files and full transcripts of any podcast on the site www.tasteofrussian.com Its absolutely free. We plan to post our podcasts once a week. You can put them onto your iPod and enjoy them whenever you like and wherever you want. If you have any questions, comments or topics you would like to hear, please, send email to tasteofrussian@gmail.com We will be glad to hear from you soon.



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