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David Aladdin from Amz Secrets - focused Amazon Podcast is on advanced selling strategies on Amazon, including retail Arbitrage, Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon Private Labeling, and Amazon White Labeling. Discover how you can apply and use these secrets to create a business that will allow you to love what you do, wherever you are. The show will discuss topics like Amazon Sea Shipping, product selection, sourcing, private labeling, promotions, advertising, marketing, list building, Facebook PPC, and everything that works and doesn’t work within the Amazon Eco-System. My overall goal is to make us wildly successful within Amazon.




AS 8: Protecting Your Brand on Amazon, Brand Registration, Trademarks and Patents

Protecting your Brand on Amazon Amazon is a jungle out there and there are poachers. The ones who kill animals, and rare species. Except on Amazon, these are your busiensses. It’s important that you take as many steps as possible to protect your business and in this episode we go through it all. Hijackers, highjackers and highjackers. Highjacking is probably worth a discussion in itself, for another episode, but basically highjackers are typically from China, see your product, source it,...

Duration: 00:10:26

AS 7: How to Improve Amazon PPC – Secrets and Tips

This podcast will give you the advantage to sell better than your competittors and ultimately and potentially make you earn more money passively every month through secrets, tips, and advice on selling on Amazon. Today’s topic is on Amazon PPC. The ever evolving, competitive, and most-always expensive platform for advertising your amazon product(s). I’m going to explain the most common strategy, but then also give you a very effective strategy that is barely talked about, and almost kept...

Duration: 00:07:26

AS 6: How to avoid Amazon Suspension

How to avoid Amazon Suspension? Episodes 6 focus is on Amazon Suspension is the number 1 fear held by amazon sellers. According to 61% of Amazon sellers surveyed, they fear that Amazon will take away their seller privileges. This fear ripples across podcasts, to Facebook groups, to blogs and beyond. What is the cause of this suspensions? In this episode we go deep into the investigation. The story sounds all to familiar. It goes as such… “ I’ve been on Amazon for 2 years, and have had good...

Duration: 00:10:29

AS 5: Private Label on Amazon – Success Pointers That Every Seller Should Know

Podcast 5: Private Label on Amazon Success Pointers That Every Seller Should Know As always before we talk strategy your daily amazon news: Amazon founders reused rocket successful launches and lands Now back to the podcast: One of the major factors in my private label success was taking an existing product and making it better. I search used Alibaba and was looking for my product, but a variation of it that did not yet exist on Amazon. I find it absolutely pointless to take a product that...

Duration: 00:13:59

AS 4: I Got a 1 Star Review on Amazon & What I Did

What up Guys, its’ David Aladdin and this is the 4th Amz Secrets .com Podcast, where we gain the advantage over other sellers and ultimately become KINGS in life. Today’s topic is “What I did when I got a 1-star review” But before we start - As always, your morning amazon news DE-briefing: According to Quartz - http://qz.com/601084/amazons-strategy-for-europe-expansion-includes-armchair-grocery-shopping/ So you’re wondering, how do you overcome the outlier reviewers. Those rouge reviews,...

Duration: 00:11:42

AS 3: Sending to Amazon using Sea Shipping

Podcast 3: 1st quarter madness analysis on Amazon and Sea Shipping Woes It’s 1st quarter baby and its January 22nd, and you guys are listening to AmzSecrets. Forget intros, because WE’RE here to get to the point. Down and gritty. Analytical and sciency. News segment on - bad Private Labeling practices. Now time for 1st quarter analysis. 5 Things That have been going on in my mind: I must be ready for 4th quarter come next year. It feels like 4th quarter is tomorrow. That when I calculate...

Duration: 00:16:24

AS 2: How to choose the perfect private label item for Amazon

The number one goal is to understand profit vs revenue. Profit is the amount you make after it *costs to make product *costs to ship product from manufacture to your house or to amazon *costs of inspection *costs of labeling, boxing *costs of keeping it on amazon,keeping it The perfect product must be perfect. Let me say that again. The perfect product must be perfect. Get 10-15 different samples of your product from different manufacturers. If you are truly serious about building a solid...

Duration: 00:17:36

AS 1: When Should I Start Amazon Private Label

What’s up guys, Its’ David Aladdin, the host of AmzSecrets. A new podcast, that I believe needs to happen, in which we delve deep into the analytics of Amazon, we not only discuss fundamental concepts, but we push hard proven science and facts behind amazons search algorithms, review algorithms, and data driven techniques that we can use to boost our sales. This is AmzSecrets. GET READY. GET SET. Lets go. So because this is the intro, I’d like to tell you about myself. At heart, I’m an...

Duration: 00:14:06