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Programa emitido desde todos los martes de 21 a 22h de la noche dedicado a lo mejor del AOR / Hard Rock Melódico. Intentaremos que descubras nuevos grupos y rescataremos del olvido bandas menos conocidos. Seguro que os sorprende !

Programa emitido desde todos los martes de 21 a 22h de la noche dedicado a lo mejor del AOR / Hard Rock Melódico. Intentaremos que descubras nuevos grupos y rescataremos del olvido bandas menos conocidos. Seguro que os sorprende !
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Madrid, Spain




Programa emitido desde todos los martes de 21 a 22h de la noche dedicado a lo mejor del AOR / Hard Rock Melódico. Intentaremos que descubras nuevos grupos y rescataremos del olvido bandas menos conocidos. Seguro que os sorprende !




AORLAND 254 Edición: 11/03/2018

Hoy han sonado.. Kiss- Reason To Live Clannad- White Fool ( 6) Feat Steve Perry on chorus Heartwind-Ready for the Moonlight Glen Hughes-The only one Michael Bolton- Don't Tell Me It's Over David Foster-Who? Gonna love you tonight First Signal- Goodbye To The Good Times Glen Burtnick-Little Red House FM- Too much is a good thing + Killed by love Van Stephenson- Modern day Delilah WET-Calling out your name + Elegantly wasted Steven Santoro- I `ve been thinking WET- Dangerous Mandy Gonzalez-...


AORLAND 253ª Edición: 04/03/18

Hoy han sonado Kerry Ellis- I not that girl Issa - Come Back Again Gowan-Innocence Art Nation – Infected On the Rise- Beat of your Heart Maverick- MYRMIDON Tradia-Never gonna go FM - Black Magic Torstein Flakne- All and Everything State Cows - Challenges -I Got The Message Clayaiken- Right here waiting. Keva-On Your Way Michael English-I wanna Know Michael Thompson Band - 72 Camaro Joe Scarbury- Believe it or not Richied Dews-HOLOGRAM Jamie Walters- The comfort of strangers Bryan Adams-...


AORLAND 252 Edición: 18/02/18

Los temas de hoy Michael Sembello- What you really want Maverick-Goodbye Giuffria-Do me right Reach - One Life Anthony Tullo- Wrong side of love Jani Tiura- London Beckett- ( feat Rachael Jones)- Spend the summer Signal Red- Emotions. MTB- Can’t Miss State Cows - Challenges - Borrowed Time LeBrock-Real Thing No Hot Ashes - Boulders Billy Ray Cyrus-Time for letting go. WET - Watch The Fire Haywire-Standing in line FM - Make The Best Of What You Got The Law- Come Save Me ( Julianne) Charlie...


AORLAND 251 Edicion: Bon Jovi History

Hoy le ha tocado el turno a una banda mítica. Seguro que os trae muy buenos recuerdos.


AORLAND 250ª Edición: Women in Rock (Living In a Man's World)

Dedicado a todas las mujeres que nos han regalado momentos inolvidables con su música... Saraya-Love Has Taken It's Toll T-Pau-Arns of Love Annica- What's Your Game Jane Bogaert-Fifth dimension Aina - I must be in love Gigi Worth-Kiss me Annette Ducharme - Sanctuary-Will Of The Gun Maggie Belle-Crimes of the heart Belinda Carlisle- Nobody Owns Me Tina Arena-Heaven help my heart Cindy Cruse Ratcliff- The Promise Hanne Boel- What have we got to lose The Val- No digas Adios. Nexx- After the...


Aorland 249 edicion: def leppard history

Esta noche con la visita de Lolo hemos repasado la extensa discografía de esta fantástica banda inglesa que tantos éxitos cosecharon en la década de los 80 y principios de los 90. Hemos recorrido todos sus lanzamientos recordando anécdotas y datos interesantes sobre esta mítica formación. Espero que os guste. Disfrutarlo ! Antonio & Manuel y Juan Antonio.


AORLAND 248ª Edición: 21/01/18

INFIDELS-100 WATT BULB BON JOVI-COME UP TO OUR HOUSE DAVID VICTOR- TO THE TOP ROBIN BECK-Coming Back For More Leslie Philips-Hourglass Mystic Healer-Standin' in the Line of Fire Harlan Cage- Turn on the radio Tower City- Surrender WORK FORCE- IM A MESS FIRE TIGER-Sailing to Neverland REO SPEEDWAGON-DANGEROUS CONBINATIONS Shannon Noll- My Place In The Line DAVID HALLYDAY-LISTENING Luke Bryan- Land Of A Million Songs Brett Walker-so happy Im crying Sencelled- Carry on Survivor-Backstreet...


AORLAND 247ª Edición: 14/01/2018

Hemos vuelto ! Nuevos estudios para Radio Carcoma. Nos espera un año 2018 apasionante. 01-Pandora Box- -Original Sin ( the Natives Are Restless Tonight) 02.Marcello Vestry- Live Life 03.Fastway-The world waits for you 04.Def Leppard - Photograph 05.Terranova- Come on 06.Fair Warning- without you 07-Troy Newman- I love gets rough 08.The distance - on the tail of hurricane 09-Ian Thomas- Back to square one 10-Darby Mills and the Unsung heroes - Cry to me 11.Bethane Bishop-Simply believe...


AORLAND 246ª Edición: 17/12/17. "Magnum & End of season"

1.-7th heaven-Home 2.-King King- Se dont gimme no lovin` 3.-Brother Firetribe-Strangled 4,- Age of Reflection- Youre my light 5.-Zhenx-Break away 6.-Eclipse.- Killing Me 7.-Beast in Black- Eternal fire 8.-David Bradley-Slow September rain 9.-Walk on Fire.-The Price Of Love. 10.-Pinnacle Point- Part of me 11.-Heaven Earth- Bleed me dry 12.-Steve Walsh-Now Until Forever. 13.-Midnite City- We belong 14.-Barry Goudreaus's Engine Room- Why 15.-Blood Red Saints - Exit Wounds 16.-kee of...


AORLAND 245ª Edición: The Best of 2017

Hemos repasado los mejores lanzamientos de 2017 en estas casi 3h de programa. Seguro que nos hemos dejado discos fuera pero muchos de los que han sonado formarán parte de nuestros TOP que pronto revelaremos. Mindi Abair and the BonesShakers- Play to win Stefanie- The Song I Was Meant To Write Sean Webster Band- You can Say Tokyo Motor Fist-LOVE Ben Poole-Just when you thought it was safe Bonfire.-Without You Rusty Young- Heaven Tonigh TEN-Travellers Mike and the Mechanics- Wonder One...


AORLAND 244ª Edición: 03/12/2017

Encaramos el final de 2017 con la mejor música que podéis escuchar en la radio.. OUTLAWS_&_MOONSHINE- Devil in the Moonshine Justin Cody Fox- Ordinary Town Brian Spence-Will You Ever Be My Friend John Warren- Tell me now Jimmy Harnen- For All The Wrong Reasons QuarterFlash-Talk to me Blood Red Saints - Arms Wide Open FM-84 ( Feat Ollie Wride)- Running in the night Mark Allen Band-I Will Be There Bernie Labarge- Overnight sensation Faith Nation. When God Came Down Restless Heart- When She...


AORLAND 243ª Edición: 26/11/2017

Hoy con las prisas nos hemos dejado en la emisora los temas que hemos ido poniendo jajajaja. Durante la semana iremos poniendo la selección pero ya os decimos que es sublime :) En cuanto podamos os lo ponemos.... Ir preguntando sobre las dudas :)


AORLAND 242ª Edición: 19/11/2017

Welcome to the AOR ! Peabo Bryson-Take no prisioner (in the game of love ) One an d Future King-Avalon John Oanion- Love is blind Airkraft-. Heaven Smokie-No rest for the wounded heart Paul Pesco- I'm Hypnotized Jay Gruska-Desperate Eyes Trace Balin- If I Don't Have Love Mendes-Olimpia Raintimes- I need tonight Chris Eaton-Love for the common man Ailafar-My heart belongs to you Dan Hill-Am I Fooling Myself Pulse- Inspiration Toto- Melanie Baileys comet- one love one life


AORLAND 241ª Edición: 12/11/2017

Hoy han sonado Dreamtide-what you believe in Chrysilia- The Menalon Trail Revolution Road-Hold on Whitesnake-Don't Turn Away Halo-Saved By grace From The fire- Hold On- Starbreaker-lies Danger Danger-Turn It On Refugee-Thunder of another Night Jaded Heart-Inside Out Urban Tale-Open your heart HeartLand-Carrie Ann Pride of Lions-Naked Rick Price - Church On Fire Crystal Blue-A little bit of paradise Mindfeels - These Words


AORLAND 240ª Edición: 05/11/2017

Hoy han sonado. Warp Drive- Bang the Drum Michael Bolton- You're All That I Need Michael Oakley-California ( novedad) Alias-True Emotion Glen Burtnick-Perfect World Street Talk- Need Someone Bam Bam Boys- Feat. Matti Alfonzetti- Let me touch your skin Heartbreak Radio-Love on fire Intelligent Music Project- Feat John Payne & Joseph William- Stay up Outlasted- Living A Lie Joe Lamont-Secrets you keep Wickman Road-I Can't Wait Anymore Alliance-Don't tell me about itSky of Forever-One Of...


AORLAND 239ª Edición: 29/10/2017

Hoy han sonado 1- Opus-Somewhere Somehow 2-Talk of the Town-Strange Love 3-Kenny Logging- Nobothy fool 4-Crown Of Thorn-The Healer 5.-Nick Lachey-I'll do it for 6-Dion Bayman - Over to You 7-Lisa Hartman-I can't get you out on my system 8-Tami Show- Cry Blue 9-Liberty N Justice ( Feat Donnie Vie)- Throwing stones 10-Satin- Look Up In The Sky 11-Lou Gram-Lost in the shadow ( lost boys BSO) 12-Steve Perry- Captured By The Moment 13-Fourplay-( feat Phill Collins)- Why can't it wait till...


AORLAND 238ª Edición: 22/10/2017

Hoy han sonado Daryl Hall/ John Oates-Romeos is bleeding. House of Lords- Call my name Mark Spiro- Better with a broken heart The Brave- Big World Skagarack- Anytime Anywhere Steve Walsh- Now Until Forever Hughes & Thrall- The look in your eye Houston-Amazing ( New 2017) O,Ryan-Stronger than love Satin-I'll Never Let You Down ( new album 2017) Pete Sandberg-Cold hearted woman Wildness- Alibi ( New 2017) Tindrum-Horoscope Harem Scarem- Saviors never cry ( 28th Octubre en Madrid con...


AORLAND 237º Edición: 15/11/2017

Hoy han sonado Beckett-I told you so John Norum- Back On The Streets Jojo-Running thru the nig Lita Ford-Shot of Poison southern sons-Heart in danger Code RED-My hollywood ending ( New) Sahara Snow- Modern world Houston-Everlasting ( New) Loverboy-Notorious Wildness- Highlands ( New) Drive She Said- Its gonna take it a miracle Steve Walls- Winds of War ( overland chorus) ( New) Shooting Star- Touch me tonight Heart- Nothin' at All Rio-I dont wanna be the fool Dante Fox- How Do We Learn...


AORLAND 236ª Edición: 08/10/2017

Hoy han sonado Von Grooove-one is not enough Art Nation - A Thousand Charades Chalice-Opera Burns One Desire-Turn Back Time Lillian AXE- Body Trouble Degreed-Save Me The Cult-Wild hearted son Heavens Edge-Hold On Tonight Slaughter-up all night Wildness- Your Last Romance Queensryche-Beat I Can Oz Osukaru's Rendezvous-Never Be Dominoe-Lonely nights First Night-Dangerous WASP-Forever Free Dante-Fox-Still Remember Love


AORLAND 235ª Edición_ 01/10/2017

Hoy han sonado John Parr- Time Gary Hughes-.I won't break your heart Peter Cetera-dip your wings deacon street-the promise of forever Richard Marx- keep comming back Mike Tramp- Time and Place Michael Obrien-Miracle of grace Bonfire- Goodnight Amanda Fergie Frederiksen-Died in the midst of a dream China- So long Robert Hart-a little love is over you SPARKLANDS -The Game Roxus-where are you now Art Nation -- Take Me Home Rick Springfield- honeymoon in Beiru ShererBatten- All Roads


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