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ASK La Juana - 0018 - with Sarah Moe Founder of Sleep Health Specialists!

Sleep Health Specialists is a passionate group of professionals dedicated to improving the health and productivity of your teams through sleep health education. Together, they have over 20 years of experience practicing sleep medicine, education, and service to the community. LEARN MORE ABOUT Sleep Health Specialists - http://sleephs.comhttps://www.facebook.com/SleepHealthSpecialists/ There are several ways to ask your small business questions! And, I may feature it on the show this...

Duration: 01:00:09

ASK La Juana - 0017 - with Marsha Haygood of StepWise Associates!

This week’s guest is Marsha Haygood, president and founder of StepWise Associates, LLC, a career and personal development consultancy. She was formerly the executive vice president of human resources and administration at New Line Cinema and Orion Pictures. StepWise Associates is is a full-service Career and Personal Development consulting firm. LEARN MORE ABOUT STEPWISE ASSOCIATES - http://www.stepwiseassociates.com https://www.facebook.com/StepWiseAssociatesLLC/ There are...

Duration: 00:59:36

ASK La Juana - 0016 - with The Black Tech Guy!

This week’s guest is Mondo Davison, AKA THE BLACK TECH GUY, Startup Founder of the MyBarJar Mobile App, Motivator, Self-Proclaimed Nerd, Influencer & Leader. MyBarJar is the simplest way to gift and receive drinks. ‘Going out?’ Get a BarJar! LEARN MORE ABOUT Drop n’ Shop - http://www.mybarjar.comhttps://www.facebook.com/TheBlackTechGuyhttps://www.facebook.com/MyBarJar/ There are several ways to ask your small business questions! And, I may feature it on the show this weekend! 1....

Duration: 00:59:33

ASK La Juana - 0014 - Sheffie Robinson + How to Pick the Right Partner and MORE!

This week’s guest is Sheffie Robison, Founder and President of Bantunium Labs, an Afrocentric Startup Accelerator based in Atlanta, GA. We also answer the following #ASKLaJuana questions from Twitter! .@LaJuanaWhitmore How do you know if you will be compatible with a potential business partner? #ASKlaJuana — Mary Hamel (@maryhamel) November 26, 2016 .@LaJuanaWhitmore When should you begin to think about succession planning for your small business #ASKLaJuana ? — Mary Hamel (@maryhamel)

Duration: 00:59:26

ASK La Juana - 0008 - Thank You! Plus, I Need a Vacation!

listeners and a heads-up that I’m going on VACATION, woohoo! LISTEN & Go To

Duration: 00:01:42

ASK La Juana - 0005 - How do I start and grow a black-owned (or niche) business directory?

Episode 5 of the ASK La Juana Podcast answers a question about starting and growing a niche business directory. In this episode, I help a San Francisco submitter explore his potential customer groups to start and grow his niche directory business. Also, I introduce my Tool You Can Use: Google T [...]

Duration: 00:13:39

ASK La Juana - 0003 - HELP, I’m Overwhelmed! How Do I Get Started With Outsourcing?

Episode 3 of the ASK La Juana Podcast answers an outsourcing question from a new entrepreneur who’s already overwhelmed. Links: MY favorite stuff -LaJuanaWhitmore.com/resources - http://LaJuanaWhitmore.com/resources Fiverr -

Duration: 00:11:29

ASK La Juana - 0002 - I’m looking for bookkeeping aids with no clue where to start.

Episode 2 of the ASK La Juana Podcast answers a bookkeeping / accounting question from G. Morgan in Minnesota. In this episode I talk about Wave Accounting aka Wave Apps. As well, I announce the RESOURCES page of my website. And remind you to ask your questions at ASKLaJuana.com Links: resources.ASKLaJuana.com - http://resources.ASKLaJuana.com LaJuanaWhitmore.com/resources - http://LaJuanaWhitmore.com/resources

Duration: 00:06:07