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The Fear of Plan B | Episode 33

Abstract Square pulls up to the studio to chat about Plan B as it relates to the grind of Corporate America. We chat through adulthood and how things have changed from when we were immersed in entrepreneurship. Nowadays it’s more like we have a couple damp toes in the game. We discuss Vice’s new web series, “Hustle” and how it is a depiction of our reality. We think this is one of our better conversations and hope you enjoy. Holla!


Spits Hot Fyre | Episode 32

Abstract Square Podcast pulls up again after a week off. We discuss the Fyre Festival and our never ending conversation about finances in the the Black Community. We speak for a short second about Trigger Warning and the implications of having a couple of dollars for your family (selfish) or moving our community forward with a focus on ownership (progressive). Turns out that Thomas is Selfish and Chad is progressive, you be the judge. Holla!


Black Burnout - Episode 31

An article surfaced on the web by the NYT showcasing a common feeling, Black Burnout. We’re talking all of those feelings that come along with code switching and trying to fit into a work culture that may not align with your sensibilities. Special invited guest @grayrizzy pulls up to @crtvestudios and talks about his ascension and how black burnout may or may not have been a part of his reality. We’re back in 2019 folks and talking about the things we care about, leveling up.


Are Black Men the Biggest Threat to Equality? | Ep. 30

Happy New Year and we're back with a new and improved format for 2019. Owww, new year, new us. In this episode we have special guest Julius pull up and debate on topics of concern in the community. We start off rather early discussing a tweet that says, black men and white women are the biggest threats to equality in our nation. Some of the crew agrees and other are like no way! Take a listen and let us know how you feel about this on @abstractsquarepodcast on instagram. **Chad Voice** Holla!


You Tryna to Slide? | Ep. 29

Abstract Square Podcast engages in conversation and tries to determine if it is quiet for casual sex in 2019? Are we still using dating apps in 2019? "We still gamifying these heaux"? We dive into the pressure to "have fun" as an adult and how those that are not single try to live vicariously through their single adult friends. During this episode Abstract Square celebrates "being free" in ourJay-Z voice as we open up CRTVE studios and record within our own professional quarters for the...


Curve Your Enthusiasm | Ep. 28

The Abstract Square crew has special never invited again guess Jose Rodriguez to chat about communication with business partners, clients and associates but the episode takes so many turns that were unexpected. We talk Bermuda, love, politics and address survivors remorse in a complicated way.


Corporate Exit Strategy | Ep. 27

Abstract Square Podcast is back in the building talking to their passions. Firstly, Chad is no longer fun-employed and Brian is nasty and sipping tea but we're all still taking new clients! We speak about working with entrepreneurs, being entrepreneurs , patronizing businesses, pricing, billing and the general ups and downs. Thomas gives perspective as a former minority entrepreneur coach in the startup tech space and dispels some of the rumors. Listen and share these jewels if you care...


Vote for the "D" | Ep. 26

Vote for the "D" | Ep. 26 by Abstract Square


Darkness in Corporate America | Ep 25

In this edition of the Abstract Square Podcast the crew pulls up to ask each other to assimilate or not assimilate. We speak about the first time we had to assimilate and how conflicted we are by the difference between growth and assimilation. Join the conversation. Like, subscribe, share and follow us on Instagram @abstractsquarepodcast. Chad voice - Holla!


Social Media Situationships | Ep 24

Social Media Situationships | Ep 24 by Abstract Square


Diversion and Delusion | Ep. 23

Chad, Thomas, and Brian sit down and discuss Chad's untimely resignation from his current job. They discuss red flags, challenges, and how to overcome the inevitable of being laid off. We excused all the soliloquy's on this episode.


Bill Bosby Bickin Back Being Bool | Ep. 22

Bill Bosby behind bars is the latest news. The gang (pun intended) shoots the sh*t during their round table discussion. Discussing the Bosby trail, their passions, Tiger Woods in Atlanta, of course Brian's dating life, oh and the impact of sleep. We hope you enjoy and look forward to unveiling a new venture!


The Genius & The Asshole | Ep. 21

Abstract Square! Back after a bit of travel and a lot of work discuss the popular Elon Musk interview, popularized by his quick two pulls from a blunt, but full of questions for the inquisitive about the future. The crew discusses child addiction to technology, artificial intelligence and most importantly if Brian can find his "flame thrower".


The Colin KaeperNIKE Effect | Ep. 19

Abstract Square Podcast returns at an interesting and convenient time in sports! The crew dives into the Colin Kapernik Nike commercial and its implications to the league and beyond. **Chad Voice** Holla!


Smart Brown Girls Deny Emotional Access| Ep. 18

Smart Brown Girls Deny Emotional Access| Ep. 18 by Abstract Square


Burning Bridges for Success 101 | Ep. 17

Abstract Square Podcast is back! We record in a new studio in the lower east side with a friend to the show Jose Rodriguez. We discuss entrepreneurship and the impacts of family and friends. We ask Jose exactly how he burned bridges throughout his career, shamelessly, and still has achieved success as an investor, creative director, clothing designer and all in all visionary of popular culture. If you have not heard of Jose, that is by design. We are glad that we could introduce you to a...


Henny at the Work Happy Hour | Ep. 16

Henny at the Work Happy Hour | Ep. 16 by Abstract Square


What's Beef | Ep. 15

Yes Chad still has bone's to pick but on this episode it is not with a guest. The crew discusses issues in the corporate setting yet again but begins picking apart the discussion of the meat ban at co-working juggernaut WeWork enforced by CEO Adam Neumann. The Australian business man has an interesting take on the world's air quality problem and is attempting to make the world a slighly better place by asking his staff, "What's Beef" as it is no longer allowed on the premises. The team goes...


Square Table: The Art of the DM | Ep. 14

The Abstract Square squad has a Square Table Discussion with a couple members of the Abstract Square family. Jesse Mills aka Champagne Jesse and Kareem pull up on us to talk life, liberty and the pursuit of real conversation without emojis. If you ever wanted to know what the fellas talk about, this might be the insight into what professional, flavorful brothers talk about around the water (Woodford Reserve) cooler.


Corporate Cannabis - The Science Behind the Smoke in Mirrors | Ep. 13

Abstract Square Podcast digs into a social issue plaguing the United States. Guest Dasheeda Dawson describes her journey as an Ivy League standout and corporate leader into her new business in which she is an advocate, marketer, and consultant to a much more controversial Ivy industry. Business associate and sister Ice joins us as well as expert botanist David Kellman with their unique perspectives. We speak on science and business in this budding industry and hope you enjoy this episode as...