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Join KAren Swain, teacher of Deliberate Creations, as she shares stories of LOVE, Success, Transformation, Enlightenment and Making a Difference on Accentuate The Positive Radio. Accentuate the Positive is not just a name, it's a way to live your life. Want to create an impact and attract the life you want? ATP!

Join KAren Swain, teacher of Deliberate Creations, as she shares stories of LOVE, Success, Transformation, Enlightenment and Making a Difference on Accentuate The Positive Radio. Accentuate the Positive is not just a name, it's a way to live your life. Want to create an impact and attract the life you want? ATP!
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Sydney, Australia


Join KAren Swain, teacher of Deliberate Creations, as she shares stories of LOVE, Success, Transformation, Enlightenment and Making a Difference on Accentuate The Positive Radio. Accentuate the Positive is not just a name, it's a way to live your life. Want to create an impact and attract the life you want? ATP!




Ollin Morales The Angel Collective

Find out more here Ollin Morales is an Angel translator and spiritual teacher. He shares his awakening journey and how he connected with the Angels to help heal people with us and also channels a message from them about how we create our desires, both for ourselves and this world. He says he translates messages from your guardian Angel and he also speaks with the Angel Collective, a collective stream of infinitely intelligent energy overseeing our world...

Duration: 01:08:05

Robert Tremblay NDE

See more and get his BOOK here Author Robert Tremblay tells his humbling tale with truth and courage that will change the way you think about death, healing, and love. Twenty-Seconds isn’t just another NDE story. It’s a story of remarkable survival and a love story that redefines hope. This story has been shared around the world, but the most remarkable parts were missing until now. Twenty-Seconds details the real reason the author survived and...

Duration: 01:28:04

Avis Mulhall

More The Sydney Morning Herald called her a ‘super connector,’ an activist, changemaker, social entrepreneur, thought leader and a woman of Spirit. But she says she’s also just a regular human, intent on finding a better way of living and being in this world. One where we and our planet are free to flourish. Avis created one of the biggest change-makers communities in Sydney called Think Act Change, but had to take a two year break because of illness. Taken...

Duration: 01:07:16

Robyn Collins Awakening to the Void

Death, Grief, Confusion, Awakening and Bliss. How do you overcome the death of your baby child? Listen to Robyn’s powerful story of awakening through the death of her baby daughter. We chat about what it means to awaken and then to reach out to others, to teach what you have come to know. ‘Don’t Avoid the Void, Allow Space for Grace.’ Robyn Collins is a self realised spiritual teacher who assists humanity in the simple discovery of Presence and Awakening.

Duration: 01:19:39

Howard Storm

Howard Storm by KAren Swain

Duration: 01:41:49

Tracey Ash

More Have a listen to our fascinating conversation with Tracey Ash, a researcher, lecturer and gifted, wisdom keeper on ATP Media while she was in Karnak Egypt in September 2017. We do a Sacred Site 5D Activation Meditation at the End, so stay all the way through. Tracey is the Creator and Innovator of Awareness School, Life Vision School, Mystery School & 5D Training, since 1999. This is a revolutionary approach for cutting-edge in HEALING & AWAKENING. Tracy...

Duration: 01:19:02

Suntara Sound Session

More Daniel Coates; Suntara Sound Session Posted on 01/09/2017 by KAren • 0 Comments Suntara SoundSuntara Sound Medicine and Music to soothe your soul. Daniel Coates ‘Suntara’, is a musician, sound practitioner and sound healer bringing through the new octaves of the higher realms to facilitate a shift for the people of this world. He travels the world with his family, inspiring and illuminating his audiences to let go of the old paradigms, and...

Duration: 01:05:22

Teresa de Grosbois Mass Influence

More Have a listen to my fascinating and powerful conversation with powerhouse mover and shaker, Teresa de Grosbois. Her work supports some of the most influential changemakers and lightworkers on the planet today. Teresa is all about helping YOU help others, and moving our world forward into a new dawn for humanity and mother Gaia. Teresa is a 4x Bestselling Author and an International Speaker sought by entrepreneurs and large corporations wanting to...

Duration: 01:10:35

Bill McKenna Manifstation in the fourth dimention

Bill McKenna Manifstation in the fourth dimention by KAren Swain

Duration: 01:22:12

Kevin Moore Going Beyong Where We've Been Before

Kevin Moore Going Beyong Where We've Been Before by KAren Swain

Duration: 01:12:39


LightStar by KAren Swain

Duration: 01:42:19

Marina Jacobi

More How much can you let go of the 3D paradigm and trust your are supported, loved and provided for abundantly? Can you trust in the quantum field of all possibility and its structure to bring you all you wish to create without having to make it happen with your effort? Simply by knowing how to be a vibrational match to the reality you wish to bring in to your current awareness. This is what we discuss with Marina Jacobi and the Council of 9 and Blissful...

Duration: 01:17:41

Brad Thornton A Secret Life Revealed

More A Secret Life Revealed Brad Thornton has had ET contact and involved in MILAB programs from an early age, this has continued throughout his life. From 2009 Brad would wake up and be in two locations at the one time, these experiences have brought greater awareness of our multiple realities and abilities of human beings. Listen to Brad’s fascinating story on ATP Media

Duration: 01:21:32

Michael Goorjian

More KAren chats with Michael Goorjian, an Emmy Award–winning actor, filmmaker, and writer about his spiritual journey, his first movie Illusion with Kirk Douglas, and his first novel; What Lies Beyond The Stars. Which has an important message for all conscious seekers and indeed all humanity at this time in our evolution.. Michael’s acting credits include Party of Five, Leaving Las Vegas, and SLC Punk. As a filmmaker, he achieved widespread recognition...

Duration: 01:01:28

The Bosnian Pyramids with Julia Smith

More Transformational Energy Sound Healer and Earth Grid Light-worker Julia Smith was called to go to the Bosnian Pyramids earlier this year. This was a galactic activation which had a profound effect on her life and her daughters. Listen below to her story visiting the pyramids. Julia speaks highly of Dr Semir Osmanagić, Dr Semir Osmanagich, known as Dr Sam, the inspiration behind revealing these extraordinary structures. The pyramids...

Duration: 01:31:40

Inner Sanctum with Robbie Holz

Join our little tribe here Oh boy was this a powerful discussion.. So much wisdom here for the new world teacher and one who is on a spiritual and healing journey and evolution. Robbie so just so generous with her knowledge and sharing her journey with Gary and being a teacher who is out there in the world making a difference. We had a lota fun as usual! 😄 🙏 Join us online each month for support and activation for the New World Teachers

Duration: 01:31:09

Clayton John Ainsler

More I chat with spiritual teacher, corporate coach, psychic medium and international speaker Clayton John Ainger about ‘the Magic Shop of Creation’. We hear about his journey going from an accountant to Spiritual teacher and hear about his spiritual download in a meditation at Stonehenge and how this changed his life and gave him the material for his Book. We explore how to shift physical reality by molding our energy flow, and discuss what a soul...

Duration: 01:22:08

A parallel reality of earth in 2016 with Allison Gee

More Allison Gee is a preschool teacher and a manifestation coach. On October 18, 2016 Allison was taken from her bed in Seattle Washington to a parallel universe/timeline which existed in 2016 in Anaheim California. There she experienced a three day stay in a facility which looked like a hospital, and encountered two people, or beings who taught her about her surroundings and spoke to her about how our timelines are colliding. This reality had a different...

Duration: 01:23:36

Roberta Grimes Liberating Jesus

More Listen to my lively and controversial conversation with Roberta Grimes, a Lawyer, author of many wonderful books, afterlife researcher and a passionate advocate for giving voice to Jesus’s true teaching, as we hear some of Roberta’s fascinating life journey discovering the spiritual world, and how she left behind many years of dedication to religious studies and the church, to pursue the real teachings of Jesus.

Duration: 01:06:24

Tarrin Lupo - Mandela Effect

See more here.. Promised links ; Connect to your spirit guides Tarrin Lupo, or the Doc, as some call him, has been a chiropractor, is a spiritual seeker and health practitioner, and now talks about The Mandela Effect on his show on youtube. Learn more about his journey and find out about his views on the Mandela Effect. We invited a couple of people to join us towards the end to ask questions and...

Duration: 01:35:11

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