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The Bargain Bin 1: Duke Nukem Forever

We interrupt your regularly scheduled podcast feed to bring you something new. Join hosts Andrew, PJ, and Aaron as they wade through video games forgotten to time to see if they deserve to be remembered. Welcome to The Bargain Bin: A Bad Videogame Podcast. Thank you to @RoccoW for the theme music.


15: The REAL Halloween Special

You're in a theatre. Looking in your hands you find a bucket of popcorn you don't remember paying for. No one around you seems to be missing their movie-going concessions. The trailers start and you see a woman. Her cell begins to ring. Face white, she frantically searches for the source. Before she can silence its tone, she's gutted by the psychopath you paid admission to see. Did you turn your cell phone off? Realizing your hands are full of ill-gotten snacks, you come to a haunting...


14: Tony's Paranormal Construction

In this extra long special episode, the boys play Who's on First, except with who played Elsa from Frozen, Aaron hosts the podcast by himself for a bit, and Andrew survived a haunted mansion and all he got was this lousy t-shirt. Due to technical issues, this episode is two separate recording spliced together so brace yourself for some nonlinear storytelling. (We missed you). \\ Things Discussed: Pulse (2006): | Frozen (2013): | Frozen (2010):...


13: spiderman hot coffee mod how

Aaron interrogates Andrew about his new pets, through which they discover the star studded cast of G-Force 2(?!). Andrew talks a lot about the new Spider-Man game. Things Discussed: Andrew's new children | G-Force (2009) ( | G-Force 2 (2019) ( | Marvel's Spider-Man (2018) | Various Spider-Man games | Holedown ( \\ Required Reading: Aaron: Teens of Denial by Car Seat Headrest. | Andrew: Paper...


12: All Feds are Cops

Longing. Rusted. Poopaye. Dawn. Gooba. Nine. Bum bum. Homecoming. Banana. Good morning, Soldier. You are ready to comply. Your targets are the hosts of the podcast Across the Lake. Aaron was last seen at an IKEA, browsing the store and praising it's cleanly capitalist design. Andrew has been home alone for the weekend, watching The Twilight Zone and listening to the Burger King Official Roleplaying Podcast. Actually, removing them from their pitiful existence would be a mercy we will not...


11: Michael Chiclets

11: Michael Chiclets by Aaron Hillsamer & Andrew Darling


10: Super Smash Bros. Dreams Collection

After a long, impromptu break, Aaron wrestles with the realization that even our heroes die, Andrew wonders if Nintendo is deliberately holding your nostalgia hostage, and both boys can't get enough Queer Eye (who can?). // Things Discussed: The Death of Luigi: | Nintendo of America on Twitter: | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: | Nintendo's disinterest in preserving video game history:...


9: Big Horse

The guys took a week off and are back! It feels like that phrase appears a lot, but alas, here we are. A lot of time is spent talking about horses in Breath of the Wild, but somehow, even more time is spent talking about IKEA. Podcasts, huh? // Things Discussed: Inexplicably, An Extremely Goofy Movie ( | IKEA, IKEA Meatballs:, (This wan't talked about...


8: Pac-Sun

This week the boys makes the yearly sacrifice: ignoring their loved ones and responsibilities, to consume the Electronic Entertainment Expo's offerings. Was it worth it? Is it ever? Tune in to find out. // Things Discussed: E3 | Jump Force: | Bethesda's Press Conference: | Fallout 76: | Sony's Press Conference:...


7: Bret Michaels: The Link Of Love

We're back! A lot has changed in the last month. Andrew moved. Everything broke. But it's all good now. We can finally deliver that mediocre content you all crave. This week the fellas wonder what would a Legend of Zelda dating show look like? Also, Watchmen's still kickin, huh? And they recommend a music podcast. And they recommend a music podcast. And they recommend a music podcast. Discussed: Nintendo Switch Online: everything we know: Damon Lindelof's letter:...


6: The Matrix Rap That Never Was

Aaron had computer troubles this week, so instead of your regularly scheduled program, we go back in time. The Big Sick has just come out, Aaron is watching GLOW, apparently, and Andrew isn't sure if he's in the right universe. // Things Discussed: The Matrix | Wild Wild West | John Wick | Hancock | GLOW | Maron | Sounds Dangerous | Star Tours // Required Reading: [Hasn't been invented yet] // And for the first time, again, thank you to George Mager ( for doing...


5: Captain American Chopper

It's a special sleepy episode. It could be ASMR if Andrew wasn't yelling the whole time. The boys stayed up way to late and try to talk about Nintendo's cardboard and Infinity War while maintaining coherent thought. Try. Listen to this one at 2 in the morning after watching a 3 hour movie with too many characters for an enhanced experience. // Things Discussed: Nintendo Labo | Nirvana the Band the Show | Avengers: Infinity War // No Required Reading this week :) // As always, thank you to...


4: Good Dad, Quiet Dad

Make sure to listen to this episode with headphones on, or the ear monsters will getcha! Aaron and Andrew discuss the recently released horror film A Quiet Place, which, naturally, devolves in to a discussion about the quality of the Tremors films. Andrew also talks shit about the new Han Solo while assuring everyone that he's not an Angry Star Wars Fan. // Things Discussed: Campo Santo's mischievous blog post: | A Quiet Place:...


3: Enough About Reggie's Lips

This week, the boys do a little spooky radio theatre to kick things off. Then talk about their adventures in the post apocalyptic worlds of Breath of the Wild (where Aaron is chased by bees) and Mad Max (where Andrew is doing some chasing of his own). Stick around and we might actually thank our listeners this time. // Things Discussed: Flight 180 by Jeffrey Riddick: | Breath of the Wild | Mad Max (2015): | Andrew rides eternal, shiny...


2: Anyway, Whatever, Fuck It

It's a vacation recap episode of Across the Lake. In our second episode, we talk shit about the cities we visited over the last few weeks. Aaron's car is destroyed for the sake of knowledge and Andrew eats at a Very Good Taco Bell. --- Required Reading: Aaron: Atlanta Andrew: Idle Thumbs ( --- Things Discussed: Joan Cornella comic: Ozark: Twin Peaks:...


1: Dry Rub Shampoo

Two friends. Separated by the second largest body of fresh water in North America. But not even that will stop them from asking stupid bullshit like: Did your mom write Black Sabbath's Iron Man? What is the dark connection between Buffalo Wild Wings and Sport(s)Clips? And, oh, shit, we actually just talked about the Buffalo Wild Wings thing for like 40 minutes. // Things discussed: Black Sabbath's Iron Man lyrics, featuring a legendary internet comment: | Every...