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First, on the Adam Ruins Everything TV show, Adam Conover broke down widespread misconceptions about everything we take for granted. Now, join Adam as he sits down with the experts and stars from the show to go into even more detail.






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Duration: 00:00:22

Ep 34: Dr. Joann Elmore and Dr. Janie Lee on Why Mammogram Screenings are More Complex Than We Imagined

For decades women have been told that they should start getting yearly mammograms at age 35. We think of it as a no-brainer, and mammograms do save lives. But their effects are much more complicated than we originally anticipated. Dr. Joann Elmore, who appeared on Adam Ruins Hospitals, explains how doctors can do a better job communicating the facts with their patients about mammograms. One in ten women who receive their annual screenings are routinely called back for additional testing....

Duration: 00:59:08

Ep 33: Anne Curzan Talks Grammar and the Flexibility of Language

We've all done it. Corrected someone for saying 'literally' when they weren't being literal or for saying 'good' instead of 'well'. Professor Anne Curzan, who is this week's podcast guest, says it's normal to notice dialectical differences between different communities but we shouldn't shame people for talking as they do. Anne, who appeared on Adam Ruins What We Learned in School, explains how grammar rules are not fixed in the English language. Language is constantly evolving and we’re...

Duration: 01:08:13

Ep 32: Kevin Hall Gives Us the Skinny - Losing Weight and Keeping it Off is Hard

It's rare to hear about a researcher from the National Institute of Health collaborating with a reality TV show. But that's exactly what Dr. Kevin Hall, a clinical researcher at the NIH, did after watching episodes of The Biggest Loser. Kevin's lab investigates how metabolism and the brain adapt in response to a variety of interventions to diet and physical activity. After watching the cast lose dramatic amounts of weight over the show's season, he wondered how that affected their...

Duration: 00:52:48

Ep 31: Courtney Jung on the History of Formula Feeding and Why It Gets a Bad Rap

One of the most controversial topics is whether mothers breastfeed their babies versus formula feed. In a society that is so obsessed with being natural and organic, formula feeding is seen as unhealthy and irresponsible. In fact, the benefits of breastfeeding as compared to formula feeding are pretty marginal. Courtney Jung, who appeared on Adam Ruins Having a Baby, discussed the myths behind breastfeeding and formula feeding on the TV show. Now she's on the podcast to get rid of...

Duration: 00:59:22

Ep 30: Jackie Stevens Exposes the Bizarre World of Immigrations Courts and Detention Centers

Jackie Stevens, a Political Theory Professor at Northwestern University, has seen first-hand how detention centers and immigration courts violate every assumption we have about how a fair justice system is supposed to work. Contrary to many people's assumptions, immigration courts are part of the executive branch, instead of the judicial branch like our other courts. That means they're not subject to the same due process, like having a jury and requiring public defenders. On the podcast...

Duration: 01:19:35

Ep 29: Pete Hammond Pulls Back the Curtain on Awards Shows

On Adam Ruins Hollywood, Pete Hammond explained how behind every award show is a whole lot of campaigning. TV networks can spend between two to four million dollars on 'For Your Consideration' shipping costs alone. Pete now joins us on the podcast today to tell us how far TV networks go to campaign for their shows and how on-demand networks like Netflix and Amazon are flushing the Academies with cash and changing the entertainment industry. Pete is the Awards Columnist for Deadline...

Duration: 00:56:38

Ep 28: Jean Twenge and Adam Discuss Their Differences on Generational Differences

Professor Jean Twenge appears on the upcoming season two premiere of the Adam Ruins Everything TV show called Adam Ruins Having a Baby. But the reason Jean's on this week's podcast is to talk about something very different: generations. Last year Adam gave a talk called 'Millenials Don't Exist', which sought to prove generational narratives can be inaccurate and reductive. The presentation actually referred to Jean's career-long work on the subject matter and may have made some jokes at...

Duration: 01:02:59

Ep 27: Hayley Marie Norman Gets Existential After her TV Death

On season one of the Adam Ruins Everything TV show, Hayley Marie Norman played Adam's foil and budding love interest until she faced her untimely TV death in the season finale. But on this week's podcast, Hayley is back! And she's just as charming in person as she is on the show. On the episode, the two talk about Hayley's successful career, from getting discovered by Cindy Crawford to her stint on Deal or No Deal, and how Hayley's TV death made her consider her mortality. Adam is...

Duration: 00:47:55

EP 26: Dr. Josh Sharfstein on Why Health Regulation is Important

Dr. Josh Sharfstein has been working for decades to keep Americans safe - he's the guy who took Four Loko off the market and ensured transparency at the FDA. He also appeared on Adam Ruins Shopping Malls and told us all about the shadiness of herbal supplements. Josh is the Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Previously, Josh served as the Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the...

Duration: 00:51:48

Ep 25: Bud Hammes on Why Talking About Death Is Life-Changing

Death is one of the hardest things to talk about, but our guest today encourages us to get real about the end. Executive Director of Respecting Choices Bud Hammes joins us on today's episode to discuss his work with advanced care planning - the idea that as we get older, we should have discussions with our doctors and our loved ones on how we want to end our lives. Having such systems in place not only gives us control over our deaths but it also clarifies our final wishes for our family...

Duration: 01:03:53

Ep 24: Roy Samaan on Why Airbnb is Bad for Housing Markets

As our country is mired in a nation-wide housing crisis right now, we decided to dive into one of the many causes of this crisis: vacation home rental companies like Airbnb. On this week's podcast, Roy Samaan of LAANE, the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, tells us how shady landlords can use Airbnb to buy up multiple housing units in neighborhoods and lease them at much higher prices on the website, which drives up the prices of entire neighborhoods. And because these rentals are so...

Duration: 01:03:06

Ep 23: Susan Crawford On Investing in Internet Infrastructure

Today's Adam Ruins Everything podcast guest is the go-to person when it comes to internet infrastructure: Susan Crawford. Susan is a professor at Harvard Law School and the author of Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age and the co-author of The Responsive City: Engaging Communities Through Data-Smart Governance. On the podcast Susan tells us why the internet in the U.S. isn't as good as it should be; it's much slower than many other countries...

Duration: 00:54:34

Ep 22: Why Fast Fashion Fails Us

If you wear clothes, you're going to love this Adam Ruins Everything podcast. Our guest, Professor Laura McAndrews, appeared on Adam Ruins Shopping Malls where she discussed the deceptions surrounding outlets malls. But on the podcast, Laura really goes into depth about the inner-workings of fast fashion. And she would know - she lived it! Laura worked in retail for years, primarily for Gap and Urban Outfitters. She traveled to factories all over the world to oversee fashion...

Duration: 00:54:10

Ep 21: Jan MacKell Collins On How Prostitution Built The Wild West

So much of what we've seen on TV and film about the Wild West depicts the rugged cowboy who is always ready for a showdown. But the Wild West was much more nuanced than that. In fact, many of the towns in the Wild West thrived because of the women who ran the towns - specifically women in the prostitution industry. While prostitution was at times extremely dangerous, it also gave women economic agency which was rare for the period. It allowed them to build brothels, schools, and stores and...

Duration: 00:51:28

Ep 20: Doug Massey Gives Us the Facts on Immigration

From the push to build a border wall to the recent executive order temporarily banning immigrants from Muslim-majority countries, there are so many emotions associated with the current immigration policy proposals. But what are the real facts regarding immigration history in this country? And what are immigrants' actual impacts on our society? Today we try to answer those questions with our guest Professor Doug Massey. Doug is a Princeton Sociology Professor who appeared on Adam Ruins...

Duration: 00:58:42

Ep 19: Rachel Bloom On Why Awards Shows and Red Carpets Aren't As Glamorous As You Think

On Adam Ruins Hollywood, Adam shattered the facade of awards shows, red carpets, and reality TV. So now that we're steeped in the awards show season, we brought Rachel Bloom onto the podcast, who appeared on the TV show, and is a red carpet expert! She is the Star and Co-Creator of the fantastic CW show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which actually won her a Golden Globe last year. Rachel tells us what really goes on at the Golden Globes and Academy Awards - how red carpets are really a marketing...

Duration: 00:45:28

Game Designer Jonathan Blow Unpacks 'The Witness'

On the Adam Ruins Everything podcast, Adam typically brings experts who appeared on the TV show to further expand on the arguments they make on the show. But during the off-season of the TV show, we thought we'd try something new. We are going to start bringing guests onto the show who may or may not have appeared on the show, but who are just as thoughtful and groundbreaking in their work. Today's guest is Jonathan Blow, the indie game developer who is best known as the creator of...

Duration: 01:35:50

Episode 17: Dale Jamieson Tells Us Why 'Going Green' Won't Stop Global Warming (And Why He Still Has Hope for Our Planet)

On the season finale of Adam Ruins Everything, Adam ruins 'going green', the idea that individual choices such as recycling, driving hybrid cars, or reusing plastic bags are not enough to combat climate change. Today's podcast guest, Dale Jamieson, who appeared on Adam Ruins Going Green, says those choices on their own will not stop global warming and instead we need to make larger, systemic changes and work together with other countries to curb our carbon emissions. Dale is a Professor...

Duration: 00:56:23

The Failure of the War on Drugs

Just say the War on Drugs! On this week's Adam Ruins Everything, we talk to Sheriff John Urquhart who appeared on the Drugs episode of the TV show. John is the sheriff for all of Kings County, Washington, which includes Seattle. He has seen the War on Drugs' failures firsthand as an undercover narcotics investigator and has since developed views on the drug crisis that are refreshing for a law enforcement officer. On this week's episode, Adam and Sheriff Urquhart discuss the...

Duration: 00:47:31

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