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Music, chat and entertainment with Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish

Music, chat and entertainment with Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish
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London, United Kingdom




Music, chat and entertainment with Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish




6 Music Broadcasting House 1 Portland Place London W1A 1AA


Fond Farewell

Adam and Edith say a fond farewell with presents, made up jokes and some sensual voiceovers to ease you into the New Year.

Duration: 01:01:51

Bonus Bobbles

A&E welcome in the Christmas spirit with today's Memory Bank about Christmas traditions & Adam’s festive Bob Dylan release! Adam also reveals his most intimate moments with the service industries & there’s more made up jokes

Duration: 00:53:17

Cheese Nuts!

Entrepreneur Mrs. Bowman pitches her favourite nut flavour…cheese, to the Dragons! There’s a crash course on the Irish accent accompanied by a helpful guide and useful phrases. Find out who is the winner of the inaugural A&E Song Wars with 73% of the votes! By popular demand more bad jokes & this week’s Memory Bank is tales of TV appearances

Duration: 01:00:29

Cornball's Special Appearance

The inaugural Song Wars on the A&E show, Hollywood director David O. Russell launches this week’s Memory Bank topic on airline flight with a story not for the faint hearted! Joe Cornish makes a special appearance. There’s more made up jokes, with four and half year old Rudy making his stand up debut live on air. Adam welcomes the Christmas spirit by desperate searches on the internet for inspiration for his good lady wife & Edith confesses her hate of our feline friends

Duration: 01:01:01

Rex The Dumpling Egg!!

“Rex the dumpling egg!” listen up for more punch lines in the bad kids jokes! Adam is brutally honest, some may think rude, to Edith about her attempt at a jingle and her offerings of a mix tape for him! Coincidently intolerable rudeness is this week's Memory Bank topic, with thoughts from British treasure Michael Palin, comedian Tony Law & the discerning listeners.

Duration: 01:00:32

The SHOUTY bumper edition

A&E learn lessons in passive aggressive behaviour from Christian Bale & Louis Theroux, Adam's domestic war of attrition continues with, broccoli...and discover what makes Dr. Buckles & Ediatrician cry! Plus the hot topic of how to deal with irresponsible songs taught to our children!

Duration: 01:00:10

Getting To Know Each Other

In their journey to discover more about each other there are cathartic moments describing domestic wars of attrition, dairy preferences and career ambitions! This was also aided by media entrepreneur Ken Korda interviewing Edith. Big decisions were also made, it was named The A&E Show and Dr. Buckles continues with his medical moniker whist Edith got christened! The new listener content led feature Memory Bank got its debut asking what it was meeting your heroes, and listen up to hear how...

Duration: 00:34:42

Best of 2011 - Part 2

Part 2 of the best of Adam and Joe's BBC 6 Music shows form 2011. Re-live the 2011 Glastonbury Fetival in all it's glory!

Duration: 00:36:36

Best of 2011 Part 1

It's the highlights of the highlights - sit back and enjoy some further Points of View, a bit of Brian Cox and lovely Lou Reed's encounter with Lauren Laverne.

Duration: 00:54:51

Glastonbury 3

Adam & Joe depart Glastonbury in a burst of sweaty confetti as the sun finally brings a smile to the Great Unwashed. Boggins leaves a stinky song and will someone please tell Grandpa Weird that feet on seats is no emergency? There’s also Travellin’ Tales, Taffin, Popropriation and Made Up Jokes so IN YOUR FACE TV PEOPLE!

Duration: 00:50:27

Glastonbury 2

Adam & Joe are drunk with power as Black Squadron (Glastonbury Division) wade through the mud to make a rare podcast appearance. Robin from the Fleet Foxes tells us what it's like to be 'Stephened' on tour and there are some revelations about Coldplay in Glastonbury Bandfax. Have a look at some lovely photos at

Duration: 00:55:49

Glastonbury 1

It’s Mission Impossiballs here at the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset – rain, mud a crucial crotch split. One of our listeners is left holding the fork and did you know The Edge has a ledge on which he grows veg?

Duration: 00:49:59

Looks Like A Bombsy-Tit

Someone’s done a secret stinky on Desert Island Discs – can you help us get to the bottom of it? Text The Nation charts the revenge of the tree in Nature Wars and the mighty Glastonbury Festival is once again on the horizon. If you don’t like this podcast then sorry but you’ve completely missed the wrong end of the stick. Have a look at our blog –

Duration: 01:09:38

Go On Byker Grove!

An old friend returns in the shape of the Points Of View theme tune but somehow it seems to have lost its sparkle. Its confession time as we hear stories of shouting at young children and spitting at old ladies. Text The Nation draws on domestic decorating differences and has anyone else heard rumour that Boggins has somehow scavenged tickets for Glastonbury? Fingers crossed for the timing of the pop effect in the Noon Barrier song…There are some lovely bits at our blog for your perusal –...

Duration: 00:58:32

Rock Tortoise

Love is in the air as grumpy old Lou Reed takes a shine to a fellow 6 Music presenter. The lovely Fleet Foxes attempt to resurrect ‘Stephen!’ after a two year hiatus and Text The Nation looks at why sorry seems to be the hardest word. Catch up on some bits n bobs at our blog – and email us any time during the week at

Duration: 01:20:42

Cheesecake Bobby

Bass, how low can you go? Actually, pretty low as we are joined by none other than movie trail voice-over supremo Redd Pepper. Can he reach a lower pitch than Yoda with a cold, taking a poo? Joe passes through the Super Ponce Hole, Adam picks a fight with some bees and there’s been an outbreak of Taffin fever. Plus the regular Travellin’ Tales, we're murdering time in Text the Nation and an extremely vocal dose of Popropriation.

Duration: 01:19:42

The Bin That Never Gets Full

Hey Podcats! Adam Buxton & Garth Jennings are your hosts as this week we encounter an unusual method of litter disposal in Travellin’ Tales. Song Wars plays with the notion of Toys & Games – you can hear the home made tracks again and vote for your favourite at Text The Nation finally sticks it to the man and there’s the usual Nonsense Nonsense Nonsense.

Duration: 01:05:15

The One Handed Chef

Welcome back to Casa Stretch & Furry where The Queen finally gets her own TV cookery show. Do women really like their men to be vegetarian, under-cover Black Squadron member Sgt Mark Brown saves the day in Travellin’ Tales and there’s a rumour going round about the return of a stinky yet ever-so sweet jazz tinged dog.

Duration: 00:53:18

Text the Nation mini-special!

Der! This week's podcast somehow launched without the essential ingredient of Text the Nation! So here it is in all its 4 minute 39 second glory. Do send your public pretence stories to

Duration: 00:04:39

Attack the Buck

Jump up and down, clap your hands repeatedly, pull a silly face, open your mouth and stick your tongue out. Only then can you truly appreciate the Adam & Joe podcast. Prepare for stories from a hot film premiere, a rumble in Joe’s garden jungle and an emotional visit from Pierce Brosnan. Have a look at all the lovely things on our blog –

Duration: 00:56:45

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