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Sequence 131: Adventure Club Holiday Special

Spend the holidays with our trio, some friends from The Swimcast, and special guest Widgett Walls, as everyone chats their favorite movies and tv shows as well as favorite, least favorite, and weirdest gifts.

Duration: 00:59:17

Sequence 130: Are You There, Guy?

The trio are back for a rather punchy and giddy episode full of whining about Press Rejections, the Ground Round, Photoshopping Naughty Pictures, Tom Carvel vs George Zimmer, Paul Blackthorne in Star Wars Battlefront, the Arrowverse, Infinity War, Guy Hutchinson's new book, audiobooks, and a whole lot more!

Duration: 01:12:22

Sequence 129: The Third (Potential) Man

John and Matt welcome (potential) 3rd show host, Jason Pollard of Well Adjusted Gamer. The trio discuss the newest members of the Outed Sex A-Holes Club, Nick Cage, Star Wars Battlefront II, Cannon Films, TV, movies, and more! Best part was, Jason actually stuck around (hopefully he continues to)!

Duration: 01:06:03

Sequence 128: Mike Brody

Matt and John discuss various subway lines as well as Thor: Ragnarok, What We Do in the Shadows, Disney possibly buying Fox, the last Fantastic Four movie, Half-Life, movie theater perks, and how tall David Harbour and Brett Gelman are, and mystery books in the mail (among many other random topics). Later, comedian Mike Brody stops by the discuss his brand new comedy album, writing jokes, keeping to deadlines, Ghost Hunters, meeting Justin Long at a UFO convention, working with Wesley...

Duration: 00:53:32

Sequence 127: Ken Reid

Matt and John discuss post-Halloween events, various sodas and energy drinks, as well as a potential new outsourcing scam for Mormonism. Later, the duo take a deep dive into TV nostalgia with comedian Ken Reid from the TV Guidance Counselor Podcast.

Duration: 01:12:48

Sequence 126: Halloween Spooktacular 2017

John and Matt host a cavalcade of ACPN podcast hosts (and Jason from the last episode) as they chat about the best (and worst) Halloween has to offer.

Duration: 01:32:39

Sequence 125: Boby Coma Estirameee

John and Matt are joined by Jason, host of the Well Adjusted Gamer Podcast. The trio try their hand at imitations, chat about childhood toys such as Crash Dummies, Transformers and Stretch Armstrong, Fallout 4, Wolfenstein, and more!

Duration: 01:12:52

Sequence 123: Edited For Content

Due to lack of guests (Thanks, John) an abbreviated episode where Matt discusses his new acting gigs and John preps for New York Comic Con.

Duration: 00:34:20

Sequence 122: Super Dude (Kurt Clopton)

Discussion regarding the various Ernest movies leads to a rabbit hole of Home Alone sequels, Macaulay Culkin's current health, Michael J. Pollard, and more. Later, John and Matt chat with Kurt Clopton about his comic, Super Guy which is soon to be it's own audio-play podcast!

Duration: 01:02:03

Sequence 121: Aaron Fever Returns

After a 5 year/108 episode absence... Aaron Fever has returned! Aaron chats with Matt and John about his new ventures in the comic book industry as well as teaches valuable lessons in improv and European pastries.

Duration: 01:09:04

Sequence 120: Son of a Pitch!

Our hosts return to discuss Matt's Dragon Con adventures at great lengths... because we lost our guest to a Hurricane (not literally). Also discussed: John's not-as-adventurous Labor Day, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, Weekend at Bernies, the country of Latvia, and much more.

Duration: 01:08:15

Sequence 119: Amazon, Ben Edlund, Lore, and More!

With Matt out and about at Dragon Con in Atlanta, John digs deep into his interview archives and presents his chat from New York Comic Con 2016's "Amazon Presents" press hour. Including chats with the Tick creator Ben Edlund, Lore's Aaron Mahnke, and super producer extraordinaire, Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead, and a kajillion other shows and movies).

Duration: 00:36:11

Sequence 118: Ryan Scott Weber (NJ Horror Con II)

Matt and John are back. John throws back to the last two episodes by wrapping up his adventures watching Problem Child 3 and Night Trap. Matt is gearing up for Dragon Con next week and tells us what he's most looking forward to. Later, guest Ryan Scott Weber stops by to discuss the next edition of NJ Horror Con in Woodbridge next month, as well as his upcoming movies and tv shows which are available for purchase on his website,

Duration: 01:14:44

Sequence 117: Kevin Gootee

John and Matt chat on the new remastered Night Trap and Sonic Mania. Matt reveals he's never seen Too Many Cooks, John takes umbrage with "Apple Podcasts." Later, guest Kevin Gootee stops by to chat about his show, "Comics Watching Comics," and its big move coming soon to Amazon Video.

Duration: 00:57:56

Sequence 116: Jonathan Katz

Jonathan Katz stops by the show to discuss his endeavors, including the brand new Audible Comedy series, Dr. Katz: The Audio Files. Jonathan also helps us come up with a foolproof plan to generate podcast revenue.

Duration: 00:56:46

Sequence 115: Dante the Comic

John and Matt welcome guest, Dante the Comic who chats about his experiences in Stand-Up, Last Comic Standing, USO Tours, being a warm-up comic for movie shoots, managing Ron Jeremy, and much more!

Duration: 00:49:47

Sequence 114: The Lindelof Procedure

John and Matt discuss an extraordinary amount of of topics (but not limited to) Pauly Shore, DC Comics TV, Bad Wigs, Pirates of the Caribbean, Javier Bardem, David Thewlis, Night Trap, Bethesda Games, Mega64, Watchmen, Damon Lindelof, Max Headroom, AtariBox, and more!

Duration: 01:15:04

Sequence 113: Batman and Bill

John gives the rest of the Club the week off and broadcasts a chat he had at New York Comic Con 2016, with the cast and crew of the new Hulu documentary, Batman and Bill.

Duration: 00:39:57

Sequence 112: Crack and Rum

John and Matt discuss various cons, fawn over better podcasts, and dispute alcoholic pronunciations.

Duration: 01:05:28

Sequence 111: Airplane: The Threequel

In this episode, John, Jim, and Matt discuss airline preferences, Alternate Reality comic books, Star Wars, conventions, and much more.

Duration: 01:23:11

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