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Need someone to share the joy, pain, and shoulder pads of your Beverly Hills, 90210 rewatch? The editors of Previously.TV are here for you!

Need someone to share the joy, pain, and shoulder pads of your Beverly Hills, 90210 rewatch? The editors of Previously.TV are here for you!
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Need someone to share the joy, pain, and shoulder pads of your Beverly Hills, 90210 rewatch? The editors of Previously.TV are here for you!






🌱 Traveled Down N. Palm And Back Again

Crossing over Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place is old and busted. New hotness? Crossing over Beverly Hills, 90210 and The Golden Girls. We're each choosing one of the lanai enjoyers to join the gang in Beverly Hills for this week's Again With This Mini! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


🌴 S08.E13: Comic Relief

Kelly has so much going on, you guys! She's still 50% of the workforce at the Clinic Clinic, still fending off advances and innuendoes from Dr. Creep -- and now, on top of all that, she's also coming out of retirement to model for Donna! She's just so busy that she doesn't notice how much Brandon and Emma are flirting with each other, and how little they're bothering to hide it! Oh well. One of Val's new initiatives for the club turns out to be a comedy night, and apparently the venue has...


🌱 A Most Sensational, Inspirational, Celebrational, Muppetational Thought Experiment

The human cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 are fine, but is that the only way things could work? For this Again With This Mini, we're replacing them all with Muppets. Obviously. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


🌴 S08.E12: Friends in Deed

David having stomped out of the club in a fit of pique and left Noah to deal with it, Noah gives himself a one-night trial run and decides that he sucks and hates it and that despite his differences with Val, he should take her up on her offer to return as manager. This complicates things for him and Donna, since Donna's not trying to get into another relationship with someone Val will be constantly needling her about -- though she's also sick of David's trifling ass freeloading all over...


🌱 Rate And Review Them On iTunes

We've had to watch their antics all these years, but would the characters of Beverly Hills, 90210 be any less unbearable if we only have to listen to them? With that question in mind, we're each choosing one to book on the podcast of our choosing: who is it, which podcast is it, and how do they do? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


🌴 S08.E11: Deadline

David's mood dramatically improves as soon as he decides that his mysterious loan shark angel must be Donna...and predictably darkens when Val returns from her low-cut sweater-clad recon mission to tell David that the person he actually owes his fingers to is Noah. Then he tosses one of his hobo rags onto a space heater in his office and starts a fire, so things are bound to get better from there. Somewhere in the midst of his ongoing crisis, he finds time to try to drive a wedge between...


🌱 Oscar Gamble

Improbable though it is, Hilary Swank got her start on Beverly Hills, 90210 before going on to win two Oscars. For acting! @fulhammom wants to us to pretend that another actual Oscar winner followed a similar career trajectory. Which Oscar winner would we insert into Beverly Hills, 90210 and what would his/her role and plot arc be? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


🌴 S08.E10: Child of the Night

Donna having kicked his ass out of the beach apartment over his cheque fraud, David decides he might as well also confess his financial idiocy to his father. Or, rather, to confess most of it: while Mel swiftly recommends filing bankruptcy for the sake of David's creditors and even gives David the money to replace what he stole from Donna, there's no line item in Mel's plan for paying back David's loan shark. And yet David is extremely blasΓ© about keeping all his fingers intact, finding...


🌱 Double Your Fun

Beverly Hills, 90210 has a habit of bringing actors back to play other roles: Cousin Bobby/Danny 5; multi-print blazer school board member/Shadowcaster's owner's dinner party guest; Stoner Dude from the House of 1000 Stairs/Devin the Bigot Musician; Pam from "Friends, Lovers And Children," who returns in S10 to play "Dr. Nicki Long." Cliff Dorfman actually appeared in both the date-rapey Hallowe'en episode from Season 2, and as a photographer in the Season 4 finale, before returning in...


🌴 S08.E09: Friends, Lovers & Children

The show that not only can't get back the opening-credits cast members for very occasional cameos but can barely even remember the characters they played ever existed is, in its eighth season, reallyimposing on the viewer's patience by bringing back Dylan............'s sister Eric for the first time since Season 5. And she's gone through some changes! Like, she's changed into a completely different actor! Also she's a streetwalker now. (Did Noley "Original Erica" Thornton quit the biz? Did...


🌱 Plotting Mom & Dad

For countless viewers (and...maybe one of us), Beverly Hills, 90210 is the ultimate teen TV drama. But surely its producers could have taken a break or two from the kids and turned their attention to the parents? In this Mini, we're suggesting the parent plotlines we'd most like to see! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


🌴 S08.E08: Toil and Trouble

You know how David's been having money issues all season? Well, it turns out solutions like closing down the club for a week and trying to make a racist band happen haven't actually helped, and now shit's really dire: he's at immediate risk of eviction, which somehow doesn't induce a bank to give him the loan he's applied for! Noticing the corner he's painted himself into, David gets really desperate, and makes a decision that's really dumb. He also skips a big fundraising ball Kelly's...


🌱 Unlucky Seven

We all know the gang is dangerously low on virtue: our task today is to match each of the seven deadly sins to the Beverly Hills, 90210 that best embody them. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


🌴 S08.E07: Pride and Prejudice

As Kelly heads out to start her job at the Foundation Foundation instead of taking several more weeks off to think about how she betrayed Brandon by failing to corroborate his pick at the police lineup, Brandon continues riding Detective Woods about the single biggest crime in Los Angeles for which justice has yet to be served: the case of no one making Brandon feel better. And when he's not on the phone, he's having more flashbacks about his failure to prevent Kelly from getting shot....


🌱 Mutual Of Wilshire's Wild Kingdom

We all know the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 is made up of human performers. What this Mini topic asks us to consider is, which character would we recast with an animal actor and why? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


🌴 S08.E06: The Right Thing

When Brandon, the august editor of the Beverly Beat, finds out that his developing story on sweatshop labour at a local apparel company implicates the former owner of his publication and its current publisher's father, he reaches out to a colleague at another publication to cover it without being accused of a conflict of interest. Just kidding! He sends Steve, not a journalist, to get the truth out of Rush. Fortunately for everyone, Donna's source is able to stop by the office to speak to...


🌱 What Happens When People Never Start Being Polite

We've had to suffer through the many extremely unreal situations in which Beverly Hills, 90210's writers have thrust their characters. But what would happen if they ended up on reality shows instead? In this Mini, we're matching up characters with the unscripted series we'd like to see them participate in/suffer through. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


🌴 S08.E05: Coming Home

Donna's publicist David will be the first to tell you that Donna graduated at the top of her class at CU with a degree in Fashion Marketing. And yet at no point in her four years of college did it ever come up, in any of her classes, that the fashion industry is built on unethical -- indeed, immoral -- labour practices...or so we must surmise based on her naΓ―ve reactions to everything going on at Soho Mix & Match. Did the non-native English speaker protecting her boss from accusations...


🌱 Beverly Hills Helping Hands

If we were charged to pick members of the gang to be our surgeon, therapist, personal stylist, podcast co-host, life coach, and BFF -- and we couldn't use the same one in multiple gigs -- how would each of us staff our personal entourages? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


🌴 S08.E04: The Way We Weren't

As Kelly starts the slow and agonizing process of trying to recover her memory after suddenly developing amnesia, Brandon does his part by being extremely territorial about a woman who remembers zero things about him. Helpful! Elsewhere, Steve seems to think his ill-conceived plan to become a sports agent is going to impress Carly so much she drops her objections and starts dating him; and when Donna starts her job as a fashion executive's personal assistant, said executive's pooch Goliath...


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