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Showcasing Strong Young Voices from Chicago and beyond. Thursdays at 12PM on WHPK 88.5FM in Chicago. Hosted by Daniel Kisslinger and Damon Williams.

Showcasing Strong Young Voices from Chicago and beyond. Thursdays at 12PM on WHPK 88.5FM in Chicago. Hosted by Daniel Kisslinger and Damon Williams.

Showcasing Strong Young Voices from Chicago and beyond. Thursdays at 12PM on WHPK 88.5FM in Chicago. Hosted by Daniel Kisslinger and Damon Williams.
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Showcasing Strong Young Voices from Chicago and beyond. Thursdays at 12PM on WHPK 88.5FM in Chicago. Hosted by Daniel Kisslinger and Damon Williams.




Ep 157 - Roy Kinsey

Roy Kinsey’s beginning to shine, and he knows what knocked the luster off. The rapper talks about his decision to quit drinking a year ago, the clarity it created, the opportunities that have emerged because of it, his work as a librarian at a Chicago Public Library branch out west, his queerness, and more! Make sure to listen to his full-length Blackie, as well as his new EP #MoreRoy! Recorded 10/2/18 in Chicago Music from this week's show: OMAR - @roykinsey Royparations - @roykinsey


Ep 156 - Elton

Elton’s exploring, and he’s got the tools for some new discoveries. The emcee swings by AirGo to talk his roots as a preacher’s kid, being on the brink, working with AirGo favorites Luke Titus, Brian Sanborn, and Phoelix, and much more. His most recent project Elevated is excellent, and available now. Recorded 9/25/18 in Chicago Music from this week's show: Hey You - @Eltonplusminus Demonz - @eltonplusminus


Ep 155 - SoloSam

SoloSam is a Chicago emcee and a thoughtful, generous soul. He recently dropped Itis, a 7-track introduction to his well-written, boisterous sound, and has been performing on all the stages a Chicago rapper performs on right before they're ready to jump to the next level. The smart money's on Solo making that jump. He also, incidentally, works as a cold-cutter in a glassblowing studio, which we barely mention. Recorded 9/25/18 in Chicago, IL Music from this week's show: FAST - @solosam...


Ep 154 - Iris Temple

Iris Temple is a dynamic duo with some of the most dynamic sounds in the city of Chicago. The two Kansas City natives went to high school together, and have been making music in the city for the last few years. They've collaborated with Xavier Omar and others, and they just tore down North Coast with a great performance. Recorded 8/29/18 in Chicago Music from this week's show: Ashes - @iristemple Tear You Down - @iristemple x @xvromar


Ep 153 - Amara Enyia

This week's guest is in the thick of a run for the mayoral seat in our unfair city. Amara Enyia is a policy-maker, innovator, entrepreneur, and candidate for the Mayor of Chicago whose vision and platform is grounded in a way rarely seen in our political climate. She is candid and thoughtful with the guys as they break down co-ops, political machines, Jay Electronica, and more. Recorded 9/11/18 in Chicago Music from this week's show: Good Times - Audiobinger


Ep 152 - Tatiana Hazel

Tatiana Hazel is ready to pop. The singer, songwriter, and Logan Square native is bringing vibrant, newly imagined pop music, with an intention of expending the "Latin music" lane to incorporate a wider range of experience and perspective. The former Youtube star just played her first headlining show with a full band at The Hideout, and dropped an album called Toxic. We talk youtubing, pop, family, and expand the realm of RnB beef. Recorded 8/31/18 in Chicago Music from this week's show: Por...


Ep 151 - Qari

Qari has bars and a smile on his face. He is, according to Kiss, "one of the city's best rappers," and his pretty constant flow is good raps over good beats shows no signs of slowing. A member of the now-defunct squad Hurt Everybody, Qari flows with an ease and dexterity that isn't common, even in the extraordinarily talented Chicago hip hop community. He talks his love of words, surviving, and trusting his choices in this honest, open conversation. Recorded live 8/30 at WHPK 88.5FM in...


Ep 150 - Vic Lloyd

Vic Lloyd is truly the big homie. The Fat Tiger Workshop owner and Operations Manager has been at the center of Chicago's creative community for over a decade. He was the Creative Director and GM of LDRS, the iconic streetwear company and store, and has designed apparel for Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and New Era. He's one of the city's sought-after DJs, and has spun at festivals across the country. His brand Big Homie Sensei is available at FTW and online. Recorded live 8/23/18 at WHPK 88.5FM in...


Ep 149 - Morgan Malone

Morgan Malone is an organizer, idea cultivator, and solutions engineer. Based in Englewood, she's a Commissioner with the Cook County Commission on Social Innovation, and is a Program Manager with Teamwork Englewood's Englewood Quality of Life Plan. She swings by to talk about reimagining on a block-by-block basis and much more. Recorded live 8/16/18 at WHPK 88.5FM in Chicago Music from this week's show: Son Shine - @fessgrandiose


Ep 147 - Kwynn Riley

As she puts it, Kwynn Riley isn't healed, but she's better. She is a poet, organizer, and blogger who hosts and runs the new In the Yard Open Mic series at Breathing Room, #LetUsBreathe's movement-building and healing hub on the South Side, which has brought folks out from all corners of the city. She has a second book on the way, and a play going up at Black Ensemble Theater. She stops by to talk about growing through the stillborn birth of her son this past winter, learning from family,...


Ep 146 - little bear

little bear is having a hell of a whirlwind week here in Chicago. Between Pitchfork pop-ins, studio sessions, press, a backyard release party for their new EP Needs on Thursday, and playing in the house band at the third annual Chicago Poetry Block Party, the Bronx-based electrabrasspop artist is on the run, and enjoying every minute. Their new EP features AirGo alums the Burns Twins and Sol Patches, and the Chicago connections run deep (their brother just happens to be AirGo cohost Kiss)....


Ep 145 - Loona Dae

This week's guest is Loona Dae, a vocalist, songwriter, and producer originally from St. Louis who has been a mainstay here in Chicago for a few years now. She recently dropped a fantastic new track produced by AirGo alum Eddie Burns called "Summertime (U Remind Me)," and has a new project called Moon Flower coming soon. In the meantime, peep her Phases EP from last year! Recorded live 7/1/18 at WHPK 88.5FM in Chicago Music from this week's show: Summertime (prod. Eddie Burns) - @loonadae


Ep 144 - Shawnee Dez

Shawnee Dez is a vocalist, songwriter, and joyous spirit. Living in the world of soul music, Shawnee's sound connects to a lineage, but can't be mistaken for anyone but her. She swings by AirGo to get nostalgic, wax rhapsodic, light us all up, and more. Recorded live 7/12/18 at WHPK 88.5FM in Chicago Music from this week's show: A Blues in Tyne - Alexis Lombre Wasted Time - @shawneedez x Matt Hines


Ep 143 - Kaleb Autman

None of us know the future–no matter how muscular our radical imagination. But we do know that as long as Kaleb Autman is in it, there will be at least one person bringing love, honesty, and courageous, quiet righteousness to our fights for liberation. The 16 year-old organizer, photographer and writer delves deep into his thoughts on student protest, building a life, Future Kaleb, and more. Recorded 6/22/18 in Chicago Music from this week's episode: The Kiss - Roulet


Ep 142 - Mani Jurdan

Mani Jurdan is finding balance. He's a rapper from out west, mentor at a youth program in Austin, and a happily-affiliated member of Chicago creative collective Huey Gang. He drops by to talk loss, mentorship, his music, and more. Recorded live 6/21/18 at WHPK 88.5FM in Chicago Music from this week's show: Venus, Mars (feat. @starkofhuey, John Renaissance) - @manijurdan Differentiation - @manijurdan


Ep 141 - Nikko Washington

Nikko Washington's contours and contrasts are something to behold. He's a painter, clothing designer, and Hyde Park native, whose work has covered the albums of many of Chicago's finest, including Kami, Noname, Joey Purp, Vic Mensa, Towkio and many more. He has a new exhibition, entitled Saturn, going up this friday at the Adidas Originals store in Wicker Park. Recorded live 6/14/18 at WHPK 88.5FM in Chicago Music from this week's show: Collect (Your Thoughts) - @harmonicsapien


Ep 140 - Hip-Hop Theater Fest

At the intersection of art, culture, social justice, and community building, Kuumba Lynx produces The Chicago Hip Hop Theater Fest (CHHTF). The fest features nine different performing artists/companies presenting 12 different shows over five days. CHHTF is curated by Kuumba Lynx Co-Founders Jaquanda Villegas and Jacinda Bullie in an effort to reclaim public space, and cultivate a community building & performance space that reflects the communities we represent. The fest utilizes critical Hip...


Ep 139 - Brendan Shiller

Brendan Shiller is fighting. He is one of the founders of the West Side Justice Center, and is a co-partner in the law firm Shiller Preyar LLC, serving the needs and legal battles of the divested from and disenfranchised across the city. He is the lead attorney for the #NoCopAcademy Campaign, which was rumbling through City Hall last week in opposition to the $95 million proposed project to be built in West Garfield Park. Recorded live 6/31/18 at WHPK 88.5FM in Chicago Music from this week's...


Ep 138 - Matt Muse

Matt Muse is a rapper, producer and YCA teaching artist who's working hard. Constantly performing on stages across the city and on the road, his work ethic and confident baritone has opened doors as he continues to push his craft and career. His new project, Nappy Talk, is coming ASAP–he had a listening party this past week at YCA. Recorded live 5/24/18 at WHPK 88.5FM in Chicago Music on this week's show: Six Flags - Roger Plexico


Ep 137 - In the Loop, Out the Blue

This week's episode is the product of a partnership between your friendly neighborhood producers here at AirGo and Real Chi Youth, the newsroom at Free Spirit Media, a nonprofit organization based in North Lawndale. We worked with this wonderful squad of reporters between 20 and 25 years old to build a new, humanizing, deep dive into the stories they were covering, bringing subject-to-subject dialogue into a traditional news space. The result is In the Loop, Out the Blue, a new podcast....