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Question: How much sex do you want? Answer: ALL the sex! Grab a drink & laugh along with your fun hosts, Mark & Rebecca! Want to be a part of our show? Email us to learn how to connect with Skype & join us on the air!

Question: How much sex do you want? Answer: ALL the sex! Grab a drink & laugh along with your fun hosts, Mark & Rebecca! Want to be a part of our show? Email us to learn how to connect with Skype & join us on the air!
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Question: How much sex do you want? Answer: ALL the sex! Grab a drink & laugh along with your fun hosts, Mark & Rebecca! Want to be a part of our show? Email us to learn how to connect with Skype & join us on the air!






BDSM- Mistress Couple / La Domaine Esemar

We chat with Mistress Couple, the head mistress at La Domaine Esemar... the world's oldest running BDSM chateau. Let's get kinky!!

Duration: 01:03:47

Porn Star, Raven Hart

Mark & Rebecca chat with Porn Star, Raven Hart. Learn some fun factoids about her, including favorite movies & non-porn stars she'd like to hook up with!

Duration: 01:05:16

Whores On Film - Director: Juliana Piccillo

We chat with Juliana Piccillo, movie director of "Whores On Film". This documentary is about the life of sex workers. Juliana is a smart, well-spoken lady & this was a great interview!

Duration: 01:02:38

Lisey Sweet and Brenna Sparks

Mark & Rebecca have Lisey Sweet & Brenna Sparks on the show. We're talking about their favorite things in the world of porn... as well as their own personal lives. It gets dirty & FUN!

Duration: 02:14:06

Sex Injuries are back!!

We're talkin' sex injuries with our friend, Dewaine Harley. But, if you're gonna get hurt in life, THIS is the way to do it!

Duration: 01:01:58

Dr. Dawn Michael - "My Husband Won't Have Sex With Me"

We have Dr. Dawn Michael with us, from & author of the book "My Husband Won't Have Sex With Me." We're gonna find out reasons why men may stop being intimate with their partners, and why some men turn to porn... it may not be what you think...

Duration: 00:58:23

Sex With Ghosts - Halloween Edition

It's Halloween! So we're talking about Scaaaaaary stuff. (Well, more humorous, but it's fitting for this festive occasion). :o) Sex with Ghosts, and Halloween date ideas!

Duration: 01:05:33

Adam Lewis / Hot Octopuss

Mark & Rebecca have Adam Lewis, CEO of Hot Octopuss as their guest for the Demonseed Radio Show. We're talking Oscillating Technology in sex toys with the Queen Bee & the Pulse III Duo. We also get the scoop on the "Orgasm Salon!" How fun is THAT!?

Duration: 00:42:41

The Sex Mechanic- LIVE with Mark & Rebecca

Jeanson Benoit (AKA The Sex Mechanic) is a sexologist, relationship coach & more. We're chatting about his services, as well as "pampering"... So listen in & find out what else we can learn.

Duration: 01:01:15

Bondassage - With Jaeleen Bennis

Want to learn more about Bondassage! We are talking with the creator of Bondassage Jaeleen Bennis! It's an erotic form of play that will change the way you play!

Duration: 01:00:34

Sex Confessions! With special guest, Dewaine Harley

We're talking Sex Confessions!! We're joined in studio by our friend, Dewaine Harley, and once again the conversation is NSFW. But, that's the way we like it!

Duration: 01:30:32

Couple's Play Things

We have Liam & Robin from the online store, Couple's Playthings. We're talking about toys, sex, communication, & SOOOO much more. We're also gonna get them back again in the near future & get a better connection, because they were awesome & had such great information to share.

Duration: 00:45:08

Ricky Johnson, Award winning Porn Star

Mark & Rebecca talk to porn star Ricky Johnson & discover some interesting facts. It's a fun time as usual! Pour a drink & join the party!

Duration: 01:12:12

Realdoll / Abyss Creations

We have the man himself, Matt McMullen talking about RealDoll & the A.I robotics (Realbotix) with "Harmony". YAY!

Duration: 00:25:47

Answer It Bro... Funny Sex Questions Worth Answering. With guest Dewaine Harley

Mark, Rebecca, and special guest Dewaine, read & answer some of the weirdest, wackiest sex questions submitted to the internet. Who knew life was so confusing?? Tune in & laugh until you cry!

Duration: 01:12:59

Lexis Steel LIVE on All The Sex

We're talking with Lexis Steel; Photographer, Videographer, Production Manager, Porn Star & 1/3 of "The Totally Inappropriate Radio Show" on Demonseed Radio Network. Listen in to find out what it's like living with 2 Trans Girls, and all the craziness that ensues.

Duration: 01:06:52

Demonseed Radio Debut with Matt Bellassai

Mark & Rebecca's debut show on Demonseed Radio Network, included a chat with Matt Bellassai, a People's Choice Award Winner, Author, Comedian, Podcast host, & Viral Video personality! We talked about his upcoming book "Everything Is Awful, and Other Observations" as well as his shows "Whine About It" ... "To Be Honest"... and "Unhappy Hour". Mark & Rebecca also talked about Celebrity kinks & fetishes. Because EVERYBODY has a kinky side!!!

Duration: 02:12:57

Screw You & Your Unicorn Too! - With Split Peaches

Andy from Split Peaches is hangin with us, & we're talking about Grenade Biutt Plugs, Giant Screws, Unicorn Horns, & a whole lot more goodies you can stick up your ... Listen in & find out about all the cool stuff!

Duration: 01:00:16

Freaky Friday the 13th - Tinder Profiles and other Fuckery!

For Friday the 13th, Mark & Rebecca had a case of "Freaky Friday" (Mark & Rebecca must have switched bodies)! Rebecca was the cynic & Mark was the voice of reason. They tackle their top 50 worst, best, well just plain Fuckery, of Tinder Profiles. Listen here but see the profiles with us on YouTube. This show was a blast, don't miss out.

Duration: 01:21:16

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