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Question: How much sex do you want? Answer: ALL the sex! Grab a drink & laugh along with your fun hosts, Mark & Rebecca! Want to be a part of our show? Email us to learn how to connect with Skype & join us on the air!

Question: How much sex do you want? Answer: ALL the sex! Grab a drink & laugh along with your fun hosts, Mark & Rebecca! Want to be a part of our show? Email us to learn how to connect with Skype & join us on the air!
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Question: How much sex do you want? Answer: ALL the sex! Grab a drink & laugh along with your fun hosts, Mark & Rebecca! Want to be a part of our show? Email us to learn how to connect with Skype & join us on the air!






Alix Lovell, LIVE!!

We're joined by Alix Lovell in this hour. We discover what her favorite horror movie is, along with her favorite porn stars to work with. Our friend, Dewaine Harley is also in-house!

Duration: 01:01:54

Della Dane

Mark & Rebecca chat with Porn newcomer, Della Dane!! It's too much fun!!

Duration: 00:49:28

The Return Of Dr. Darkhole

Dr. Darkhole returns, as we talk about dirty sex terms, straight from Urban Dictionary. Keep your vomit bag nearby!!!

Duration: 01:14:40

Pickup Lines... the guaranteed failure!!

Mark & Rebecca kicked off the start of 2018 by discussing the horrors & epic fails of pickup lines & online dating intro messages. Do pickup lines really work? or are they a surefire way to solidify that you're going home alone???

Duration: 01:59:58

New Years Eve LIVE

Join us LIVE to celebrate the New Year! Skype call at The Flirting Fox or This is going to be fun!

Duration: 01:32:58

Christmas Eve with Porn Newcomers, Sonia Harcourt & Erik Todd

We spend Christmas Eve with Sonia Harcourt & Erik Todd, our personal friends who are a married couple & newcomers in the porn scene. Special guest Dewaine Harley joins us for the first hour as well. It's a naughty Christmas to remember!!!

Duration: 02:01:00

Special Guest, Taylor Lianne Chandler

Our special guest was Taylor Lianne Chandler, who is most famous (or perhaps INFAMOUS) for her relationship with Olympic Gold Medalist, Michael Phelps. Chandler, born Intersex, having both male & female parts was scrutinized for her claims of that relationship. We get intimate here & find out what she's been through.

Duration: 00:57:23

Special Guest Billy Procida, host of The MANWHORE Podcast

Mark & Rebecca chat with Billy Procida, the host of "The MANWHORE Podcast" about his life as a comedian & podcaster, and the fact that he often talks to girls he slept with as his guests. We get into his take on male sex toys & his opinion about sex education... and so much more.

Duration: 01:00:51

August Ames, Men's Sex Toys, and Craigslist Ads

Mark & Rebecca talk about the suicide of porn star, August Ames... Then we move on to great sex toys for guys!!! Wanna know some of Mark's faves? Craigslist ads? Yep... we read some interesting ones & give our take. It's a fun time for all!!

Duration: 02:01:06

Sex & Other Fuckery

Sex & Other Fuckery!! Mark and Rebecca are joined by guests Dr. Dark Hole and Sam Hall for a chat about Embarrassing Sex Stories, Mishaps and Porn Moments the stars would rather forget. Get ready to laugh!!

Duration: 01:09:34

Adam & Eve's PR Director, Katy Zvolerin

Katy Zvolerin is chatting with us about Adam & Eve stores, and all the wonderful goodies available.

Duration: 00:47:14

The Hand Pilot - Fun boxes for dudes!!!

We have Dee Bertino on the line, talking about her company "The Hand Pilot"... a subscription service where fun boxes of special things for guys is sent every month. Special Delivery time!!!!

Duration: 00:56:51

Mark, Rebecca are joined by special guest, Dewaine Harley in the studio.

Mark & Rebecca had special guest Dewaine Harley in studio... First, we talked Threesome stories, and the mishaps that sometimes ensue. The good, the bad & the ugly. Then the topic turned to "Blowjobs, and whether or not we agree with Cosmo's list of tricks guys wish their girls knew". Anti-Masturbations ads & weird things people do when they're horny rounded out the show, as well as a couple rounds of of the game, "What the fuck?"

Duration: 01:59:44

Couple's Choice- Adult Lifestyles Club

We're talking with Couple's Choice, Chicago's premiere On-Premises Lifestyles Club. Let's find out what sort of adventure you can have by visiting!

Duration: 00:50:36

Neil Broadbent- YouTube Mega Star

We chat with Neil Broadbent, the man with the most epic breakup video of all time!!! Over 200 Million views... AND his book, "From Yeadon To YouTube". Get the whole story behind the video right here!!!! This is Neil's WORLD PREMIERE, first-ever interview!! So tune in & get the scoop!!!

Duration: 02:00:59

Caught Having Sex

Have you ever been caught having sex? or Caught Someone else? These are some of the funniest stories we have had to date. Every parent will definitely relate to this episode.

Duration: 01:15:24

Sexy Gifts / Black Friday - Deals We Love

As you are driving or cooking this Thanksgiving tune in to hear Black Friday deals we freakin LOVE!! This is going to be fun!

Duration: 00:44:31

Zumio: The most incredible clitoral toy ever!

Chief Revenue Officer, Steve Traplin joins Mark & Rebecca to talk about this AMAZING toy!

Duration: 00:46:50

Briana Banks is IN THE HOUSE!

Briana Banks joins Mark & Rebecca to talk about what she's been up to, and some more personal stuff than the 'typical" porn interview. And we play "Who's the biggest pervert?" You gotta listen!!

Duration: 01:13:04


Savana Styles joins Mark & Rebecca in between shooting scenes for a new movie... and all the while, wearing her "Poison Ivy" costume! (HOT!!)

Duration: 00:48:46

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