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B.O.D POD: Western Conference Square Dance – 5, 6, 7, 8 Seeds Pt. 1

Who makes the final 4 sports in the Western Conference playoffs this year? JAMES HOLAS. CHRIS axmann and dave dufour. part 2 coming soon so stay TUNED

Duration: 00:57:47

Almighty Ballin NBA Show: Celtics Deep Dive w/ Michael Pina

The Boston Celtics have a new look this year: from Kyrie to Hayward and everyone in between – what’s the impact of their new players on the Celts’ play style and upside? Michael Pina of Vice Sports gives his take.

Duration: 00:56:42

B.O.D POD: Shivering with NBAnticipation

Dan Marange, Adam Mares, and Chris Axmann jump on the mic to discuss a bit of the denver nuggets, a bit of preseason expectations, and a bit of team chemistry and defense.

Duration: 00:46:14

The Almighty Ballin NBA Show: Raptors ReRun w/ Blake Murphy: 17-18 Toronto Preview

The Raptors are bringing the gang back (mostly), so Blake Murphy, site editor at joins the show to let the listeners know what changes happened behind the scenes and how Toronto’s new talent slides in alongside their veterans.

Duration: 01:01:27

Almighty Ballin: 17-18 Timberwolves preview w/ Dane Moore

Dane Moore of Canis Hoopus and the JM to DM podcast joins the show to discuss the Minnessota Timberwolves and their new star studded team as they battle to make the playoffs for the first time in over a decade. How does the Jimmy Butler addition change the odds, and why is Gorgui Dieng not that great? Tune in!

Duration: 01:11:33

Almighty Ballin: The Sacramento Kings’ Future w/ Leo Beas

Leo Beas, lead editor for ESPN’s Sacramento affiliate,, joins the show to discuss the up and coming Sacramento Kings and their new young core.

Duration: 01:05:19

Almighty Ballin: Indiana Pacers 17-18 Season Preview w/ Flavor Dave of The Miller Time Podcast

Thank God Nate McMillan is around to hold this Pacers team back, because this is a squad in need of a high draft pick. With the ability to spread the floor around Turner and Oladipo, a better coach might actually win some games – Flavor Dave of The Miller Time podcast joins me to discuss why the Pacers are headed for a crash.

Duration: 01:06:56

Almighty Ballin: What if Embiid plays 60 games? (Sixers Preview with Max Rappaport)

The oddsmakers are predicting a break out year for the young Philadelphia 76ers, headlined by Markelle Fultz and Ben Simmons as the rookies of the hour. But don’t sleep on Embiid: if he can make it to the court this season, Philly is going to win a lot of games in a soft Eastern Conference: Max Rappaport joins me once again to discuss.

Duration: 00:51:12

B.O.D POD: Nerlen’s contract status and oh yeah Kyrie was traded for Isaiah Thomas too

Even fellow NBA players are openly critical of Nerlens Noel’s petulance in the face of a generous contract offer from the Dallas Mavericks – CJ McCollum and Wilson Chandler have both tweeted about it. Oh yeah, there’s that Celtics Cavs trade too.

Duration: 00:53:00

Almighty Ballin: Nick Gelso on the Celtics and the aftermath of the Kyrie / Isaiah Thomas trade

The clash of the founders: CLNS Media Founder, Nick Gelso teams up with Almighty Ballers Founder, Chris Axmann. The duo discuss the Kyrie Irving – Isaiah Thomas trade and where it leave the Celtics and Cavs for the 2017-18 season.

Duration: 00:26:35

B.O.D POD: Christener Questions pt. 2

The Orlando Magic. The New Orleans Pelicans. The Toronto Raptors. The New York Knicks. The Oklahoma City Thunder. The Chicago Bulls. The Houston Rockets. The Dallas Mavericks. The Indiana Pacers. The Detroit Pistons. The Denver Nuggets. The Memphis Grizzlies. i love these shows. part 3 still to come!

Duration: 01:15:01

Almighty Ballin: Down to Dump Oladipo’s Contract for Paul George (’17-’18 Thunder Preview w/ Andrew Schlect)

Andrew Schlect, a member of the Down to Dunk Thunder podcast team, joins me to discuss the Thunder’s exciting new roster. From Paul George’s incredulous appearance, to underrated moves like Raymond Felton and Patrick Patterson, how does the new OKC compete in the West (and for PG’s heart?)

Duration: 02:05:46

B.O.D POD: Christener Q.s – Jazz, Suns, Lakers, Blazers, Bucks, Miami, Hornets

read the title! it’s pretty long!

Duration: 01:23:17

Almighty Ballin: The Doc Rivers Referendum w/ Josh Martin

Josh Martin, Clippers beat writer and one of the hosts of Almighty Baller’s own Hollywood Hoops podcast, joins the show to talk about the recent changes to the Clippers’ front office and roster.

Duration: 02:21:24

Almighty Ballin: ’17-’18 Lakers Preview w/ Corey Hansford

We’re talking LeBron, Lonzo, Luol & the Lakers today on Almighty Ballin NBA Show, and’s own Corey Hansford is joining us to do it. So, after brief shouts out to Almighty Baller Radio’s own great Lakers podcasts – Hollywood Hoops & the Lakers Legacy Podcasts – we get right in to LA’s great aspirations and the contracts that hold ...

Duration: 00:53:41

B.O.D POD: The East’s Elite Teams

JAMES HOLAS + CHRIS AXMANN + (VERIFIED) DAVE DUFOUR. Starts out with a discussion of Derrick Rose, then goes into a top 5 breakdown of the best teams in the Eastern Conference

Duration: 01:04:24

B.O.D POD: Kyrie Calamity Strikes in Cleveland!

2 MAN PODCAST WITH chris axmann and snottie drippen. KYRIE = bananas!!!

Duration: 00:57:34

Almighty Ballin Ep. 224 : Phoenix Suns w/ a side of Tompkins

Almighty Ballin Ep. 224 : Phoenix Suns w/ a side of Tompkins Almighty Ballin NBA ShowAlmighty Ballin Ep. 224 : Phoenix Suns w/ a side of TompkinsAlmighty Ballin NBA Show iTunes Android RSS TuneIn Stitcher Google Play Tim Tompkins of the Drive and Dish NBA Show & The Suns Solar Panel, joins me to discuss the young core of the Phoenix ...

Duration: 00:50:06

B.O.D POD Ep. 10: Trading Melo & Offseason Losers

B.O.D POD Ep. 10: Trading Melo & Offseason Losers B.O.D POD: An NBA ConversationB.O.D POD Ep. 10: Trading Melo & Offseason LosersB.O.D POD: An NBA Conversation iTunes Android RSS TuneIn Stitcher Google Play ADAM + JAMES + CHRIS. Here talking about the NBA offseason with the 3 of us NBA guys. Where do we trade Melo? Also, Lonzo Ball, right? Maybe!

Duration: 01:01:46

Almighty Ballin Ep. 223: Mining for Milsap in Denver w/ Adam Mares

The Denver Nuggets have reeled in their biggest free agent fish in franchise history, and his name is Paul Milsap. How does the addition change the future of the promising Denver Nuggets core, particularly Iokic?

Duration: 02:42:37

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