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Climate change is here but few are thinking about adapting to it. Join Doug Parsons as he talks with adaptation experts, filmmakers, planners and just about anyone who has something useful, interesting and even funny to say about adapting to climate change. America Adapts is not a doom and gloom climate change's a place to learn what's getting done. You adapt, we adapt, America Adapts!








Free Market Adaptation at the Cato Institute – Dr. Pat Michaels

In episode 50 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons talks with Dr. Pat Michaels, Director of the Center for the Study of Science at the libertarian Cato Institute. Doug and Pat discuss free market approaches to adaptation and the potential role of the Cato Institute in this emerging field. In this Episode: NATURAL ADAPTATION – Dr. Michaels shares examples of how society, across the planet, have already adapted to extreme weather. GDP ADAPTATOIN – Dr. Michaels shares his belief that as the...

Duration: 00:48:56

Harvard Adapts East Boston to Climate Change

In episode 49 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons is invited to Harvard University to cover the Graduate School of Design’s end of semester studio seminar. In the spring semester, graduate students collaborated with the East Boston community to develop an adaptation action plan. The results of those efforts were presented during the spring seminar. Doug spoke with students, Harvard professors and members of the East Boston community to talk about the recommendations presented and what’s next....

Duration: 01:08:30

Climate Gentrification – Reporting on the Front Lines of Adaptation

In episode 48 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons talks with adaptation reporter Erika Bolstad. Doug and Erika discuss her role at E & E News as their first adaptation reporter. They talk about the state of adaptation reporting before they dig into her story on the emerging issue of ‘climate gentrification’, a topic that touches real estate, environmental justice and migration. Subscribe to podcast on Itunes Donate to America Adapts, we are now a tax deductible charitable organization! In...

Duration: 00:55:07

Deconstructing a Climate Skeptic: The Marc Morano Podcast

In episode 47 of America Adapts, Doug talks with noted climate change skeptic, Marc Morano of Climate Depot. Doug and Marc discuss his motivation to be a contrarian voice on climate change and his history working on environmental issues, from being a reporter for Rush Limbaugh, to being chief spokesman for noted climate skeptic Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma. We also talk about the current state of climate affairs. In the second part of the episode, Dr. Randy Olson joins Doug to...

Duration: 01:09:35

Teens Adapt to Climate Change plus ep. 3 of Australia Adapts!

In episode 46 of America Adapts , it’s a two segment show. First, Doug talks with Charlie Abrams and Jeremy Clark, two 13 year olds from Portland, Oregon about their amazing climate change activism. The second segment is our third edition of Australia Adapts with Dr. Johanna Nalua, where she talks with Dr. Jean Palutikof, the Director and Founder of the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility based in Queensland, Australia. Subscribe to podcast on Itunes Donate to America...

Duration: 00:49:57

Community Based Adaptation – Under African Skies

In episode 45 of America Adapts - in a first - host Doug Parsons travels to Kampala, Uganda to cover the CBA11 (Community Based Adaptation). This podcast consists of multiple conversations with conference attendees representing countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States. If you want to learn how the rest of the world approaches adaptation, this podcast is for you! Subscribe to podcast on Itunes Donate to America Adapts, we are now a tax deductible charitable...

Duration: 01:46:00

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe: Evangelicals Adapt to Climate Change

In episode 44 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons talks with world famous climatologist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, professor in the Dept. of Political Science and director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University! Katharine and Doug dig deep into the issue of religion and what are some solutions in reaching out to skeptical audiences on the issue of climate change. Subscribe to America Adapts on Itunes Donate to America Adapts, we are now a tax deductible charitable...

Duration: 00:57:05

Bloomberg News: Climate & Adaptation Reporter Christopher Flavelle

Subscribe to America Adapts on Itunes In episode 43 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons talks with the Climate and Adaptation Reporter at Bloomberg News, Christopher Flavelle. Also in this episode, Doug announces that America Adapts Media is now a 501(c) 3 tax deductible charitable organization! Dan Ackerstein guest hosts a segment asking Doug what this means and how people can support ‘building a community of adapters.’ Also, Michael Pace, Executive Director of the Social Good Fund,...

Duration: 01:14:35

RAND Corporation Adapts to Climate Change

In episode 42 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons talks with Dr. Benjamin Preston, the Senior Director of the Infrastructure Resilience and Environmental Policy Program at the RAND Corporation. Donate to America Adapts (We are now a tax deductible charitable organization!) WHAT IS RAND? Doug and Ben discuss RAND and its background as a military think tank and its evolution as a key player in adaptation and resilience research and planning. FROM OZ TO OAK RIDGE – Ben discusses his...

Duration: 01:07:09

Climate Change Impacts on Tourism in Australia

In episode 41 of America Adapts, Australia Adapts is back! Dr. Johanna Nalau from Griffith University interviews a fellow adaptation researcher, Dr. Susanne Becken, Director of the Griffith Institute for Tourism at Griffith University, in Queensland, Australia. Professor Becken is an expert in Sustainable Tourism, specifically the impacts of climate change on tourism. Also in this episode, I wrap up my coverage of the National Adaptation Forum in St. Paul, Minnesota. I talk with a few...

Duration: 00:46:02

2017 National Adaptation Forum Daily Digest

In episode 40 of America Adapts, I’m on location in St. Paul, Minnesota, on the banks of the Mississippi River attending the National Adaptation Forum! This daily digest - a partnership with the American Society of Adaptation Professionals - I go around talking to forum attendees about why they are attending and discuss some of the exciting developments in the field of adaptation. Listen to some of the best minds on adaptation as they all congregate to share stories and exchange...

Duration: 00:41:52

Adaptation Law and Tribal Translocation

In episode 39 of America Adapts, I talk with Barrett Ristroph, an adaptation and environmental lawyer based in Alaska. Barrett is also a PhD candidate studying adaptation planning. Also in this segment, Doug reports back from the massive climate change march in Washington, DC. Subscribe to America Adapts on Itunes Listen here. On Google Play here. Please share on Facebook! On Twitter:...

Duration: 01:11:56

Speak up for Science and for Oceans: Podcaster Andrew Lewin from Speak Up for Blue visits America Adapts

In episode 38 of America Adapts, I talk with fellow podcaster Andrew Lewin of Speak Up For Blue! Andrew’s podcast focuses on all things related to ocean conservation – he’s ‘speaking up’ for the oceans! Andrew and I talk about the multitude of topics he covers and the diverse set of ocean experts he gets on the show. In the second half of the episode, Andrew, who’s Canadian, walks us through their own War on Science that occurred under their previous Prime Minister. The timing is perfect,...

Duration: 00:50:16

Australia Adapts: Climate Change Adaptation Down Under with Dr. Johanna Nalau and Climate Adaptation Expert Donovan Burton

In episode 37 of America Adapts, we kick off the premiere episode of Australia Adapts! Adaptation researcher Dr. Johanna Nalau, Research Fellow from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia joins the show for a semi-recurring segment where we interviews experts in Australia. On the inaugural episode, Doug interviews Johanna, which is followed by a segment where Johanna interviews local government adaptation expert Donovan Burton. Learn what adaptation means down under and some of the...

Duration: 00:49:01

Judge Alice Hill: National Security and Climate Change – The Ultimate Threat Multiplier

“It is beyond a reasonable doubt, humans are contributing to climate change.” In episode 36 of America Adapts, host Doug Parsons talks to Judge Alice Hill of the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. Judge Hill shares her experiences as the Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Resilience Policy on the National Security Council within the White House under the Obama administration. In the podcast, Judge Hill also discusses her journey from practicing law in Paris,...

Duration: 01:08:39

Bill McKibben and Denis Hayes Podcast: Earth Day, President Trump and the Future of Climate Change Activism.

It’s an Earth Day extravaganza! Earth Day Co-Founder Denis Hayes and climate change icon Bill McKibben visit America Adapts. This episode is coming out on the same day that President Trump rescinded the climate change rules established under President Obama. Take action by listening to Bill and Denis share their experiences, as they offer advice on what to do next. Subscribe to America Adapts on ...

Duration: 00:56:14

The March for Science and Earth Optimism: Science for the People

In an Earth Day 2017 special episode of America Adapts, Doug Parsons talks with Valorie Aquino, Co-Director on the Organizing Committee for the March for Science; Dr. Nancy Knowlton, organizer of the April 21-23rd Earth Optimism Summit; and Dr. Randy Olson, scientist-turned-filmmaker. Subscribe to America Adapts on Itunes Listen here. On Google Play here. Please share on Facebook! On Twitter:...

Duration: 01:11:43

Behind the Scenes at the IPCC: A Podcast with Dr. Katharine Mach - Stanford Woods Institute

Subscribe to America Adapts on Itunes Listen here. On Google Play here. Please share on Facebook! On Twitter: @usaadapts In episode 33 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons talks with Dr. Katharine Mach, Director of Stanford Environment Assessment Facility - Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and former Co-Director of the Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)....

Duration: 01:17:31

The Rise of Cli-Fi: Climate Change Science Fiction – A podcast with Art Critic Dr. Amy Brady

Subscribe to America Adapts on Itunes Listen here. On Google Play here. Please share on Facebook! On Twitter: @usaadapts In episode 32 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons talks “Cli-Fi” with Dr. Amy Brady, Senior Editor with the Chicago Review of Books. Amy just debuted a monthly column dedicated specifically to cli-fi called "Burning Worlds." Doug and Amy cover such diverse topics as: Additional...

Duration: 01:15:24

CNN’s John Sutter talks Climate Change: A Podcast talking Adaptation, Climate Skepticism in Oklahoma, Rising Seas in the South Pacific with an award winning journalist!

Subscribe to America Adapts on Itunes Write a Review! Listen here. On Google Play here. Please share on Facebook! In episode 31 of America Adapts, Doug Parsons talks with CNN’s John Sutter! John is an award winning opinion journalist at CNN who focuses on climate change with his program Two Degrees. Doug and John cover such diverse topics as: Paris Climate AgreementMichael Mann’s hockey stick research Woodward, OklahomaSpringdale, Arkansas Tim Watkins comes on for a brief...

Duration: 01:28:29

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