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America First Radio with Jim Daws airs on Talk America Radio network weeknights at 11pm EST & is available on-demand on Tune-In, iTunes, Stitcher & YouTube...

America First Radio with Jim Daws airs on Talk America Radio network weeknights at 11pm EST & is available on-demand on Tune-In, iTunes, Stitcher & YouTube...

America First Radio with Jim Daws airs on Talk America Radio network weeknights at 11pm EST & is available on-demand on Tune-In, iTunes, Stitcher & YouTube...
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America First Radio with Jim Daws airs on Talk America Radio network weeknights at 11pm EST & is available on-demand on Tune-In, iTunes, Stitcher & YouTube...






Episode 287 - Deep State run amok

As the outrage over the summit subsides, its becoming clear that those criticizing Trump for being too soft on Russia are rank hypocrites. The early signs are that the U.S. is winning the so-called trade war with China and that they are out of options. And a police shooting in Chicago has sparked riots, despite body cam video showing the fleeing perpetrator reaching a gun.


Episode 286 - A deadly case of Trump Derangement?

During yesterday’s summit, President Trump didn’t leap to the defense of the Deep State that was caught interfering in the U.S. elections, and the left dare call that treason. In a move timed to sabotage the effort to improve relations with Russia, Robert Mueller announced indictments of a dozen Russian spies for spying – the move had exactly the intended effect.


Episode 285 - Trump and Putin meet

Since the end of World War II the United States and Russia have held over 30 Summits, but the leftist media would have you believe that Trump meeting Putin is treasonous. With his indictments of Russian spies on the eve of the summit, Robert Mueller have removed all doubt that the special counsel is a political hit job.


Episode 284 - Mueller charges Russian spies with spying

Robert Mueller has charged a dozen Russian intel officers with hacking the DNC and John Podesta – we’ll take a look at the indictment. Rod Rosenstein is engaged in another political hit job, recruiting DOJ prosecutors to find dirt on the Supreme Court nominee. And President Trump played the much needed role of disruptor on NATO and Brexit, up next week - Vladimir Putin.


Episode 283 - Deep State lies to Congress

Peter Strzok appeared before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees today where he refused to answer many questions and lied in response to many others


Episode 282 - Trump takes NATO

Trump is creating major disruption at the NATO summit in Brussels, can an alliance that was founded to defend against the Soviet Union and the Warsaw survive. The leaders of the UK, France and Germany are have low approval ratings, are the globalist being routed from power in Western Europe. And on his way to Brussels, Trump ordered an additional $200b in tariffs on China.


Episode 281 - Kavanaugh for SCOTUS

President Trump nominated a mainstream conservative judge to the Supreme Court and the Resist movement is losing their minds. 25 years after the Soviet Union’s collapse and the end of the Cold War, Americans are still paying for the defense of Europe. And free traders promised economic Armageddon if tariffs were placed on China, but Monday the Dow rose another 150 points.


Episode 280 - Supreme conflict

Trump’s supreme court appointment promises to energize turnout to the midterm elections, but which side will be more energized. Political prisoner Paul Manafort is in solitary confinement for one reason and one reason only, because he was associated with the Trump campaign. And in a needed bit of good news, more of those trapped boys in Thailand have been brought out of the cave.


Episode 279 - America fights back on Trade

The first round of tariffs against China is scheduled to go into effect tomorrow and the Wall Street globalists are mobilized to defend - China. Our NATO allies are determined to keep American taxpayers on the hook for Europe's defense - Trump response to them is ‘No Deal’.


Episode 278 - Awan go home

The left has debated the issue of whether trump supporters are entitled to be treated civilly and decided that no, Trump supporters are Nazis and this is all out war. Imran Awan has been implicated in a huge data breach at the U.S. House of Representatives and the Democratic National Committee – now the DOJ has given him get out of jail free card. And, young Americans are leaving the Democrat party in droves, including minorities – what’s behind the Walk Away movement.


Episode 277 - Dems rage against America

Ahead of the midterm elections, Democrats are busy pushing for open borders, abolishing ICE and socialism – this is not your father’s Democrat Party. Avowed Marxists won the presidency of Mexico and a Democrat primary in New York City - both represent very anti-American agendas. And if Democrats weren’t unhinged enough, Trump’s upcoming nomination to the Supreme Court promises to drive them off the cliff.


Episode 276 - Dems rush to blame Trump for shootings

A mass shooting at a small newspaper in Maryland set off a chorus of attacks by the media on President Trump for calling them Fake News – ironically the attacks on Trump turned out to be, well you know. During questioning of Rod Rosenstein yesterday, the Republican members of the House Intel Committee made it clear that the obstruction and collusion in the Russia investigation is being conducted by the Deep State. And we’ll review the latest lunatic leftist meltdowns over the retirement of...


Episode 275 - The Resist Movement and the Supreme Court

The replacement of Justice Anthony Kennedy scrambles a midterm election that was shaping up as a sure win for the Republicans. The defeat of the Democrat’s forth ranking Congressman by a 28 year-old avowed socialist is a clear signal that the Democrats have become a fringe party. And faced with the consolidation of Republican control of all three branches of government, the Resist movement is morphing into a full fledged civil war against America.


Episode 274 - Dems vote for full-on Marxism

Leftists Democrats and celebrities continue their meltdown over yesterday’s Supreme Court’s ruling upholding Trump’s travel ban. In last night’s primary elections, the Democrat party continued down the road to full-fledged Marxism and in Utah, the Republican establishment struck back. And there is precedent for the U.S. military to defend America by building a wall on our southern border.


Episode 273 - SCOTUS upholds Trump's travel ban

In a rebuke to the liberal 9th circuit court of appeal, the Supreme Court has upheld Trump’s travel ban designed to protect America from Islamic terror attacks. The Democrat open borders zealots have forced the Administration back into the disastrous catch and release policy. And well turn our gaze away from the leftist lunatics and take a look at the good news for American worker.


Episode 272 - Dems promoting violence

President Trump has called for the deportation of illegal immigrants without a court hearing and despite Democrat’s howls of protest, he’s got the law on his side. We’ll look at the deranged Democrat’s continuing campaign of violence and harassment of Republicans. And North Korea is preparing to return the remains of American service members killed during the Korean War.


Episode 271 - Trump hammers open borders Democrats

I predicted yesterday that after President Trump signed his Executive Order keeping migrant families together that within a week the left would condemn him for jailing children – well I was wrong - it happened within a day. Trump held a massive overflow rally in Blue State Minnesota and pounded the Democrats on putting illegal immigrants before American citizens. And our Wall Street masters are doing all they can to prevent Trump from reforming out disastrous trade policies.


Episode 269 - What about American children?

The Russia hoax failed them, Obstruction failed them, even Stormy failed them, but now the left hopes to defeat Trump with tales of children separated from their mothers, lets take a look at their latest gambit. Another Deep State attempt to frame Trump campaign aides has come to light as yet another FBI informant offered to collude. And the Administration is responding to retaliatory tariffs by China by doubling down, going from $50b to $200b in tariffs on Chinese imports.


Episode 268 - Laws for us, not for them

Democrats are pretending that the IG report proves that Comey cost Clinton the election, completely ignoring that without Comey, she’d be in jail. The Democrats are outraged that illegal aliens arrested at the border are put in jail without their children, they show no such concern for American citizens who are arrested.


Episode 267 - Manafort unjustly jailed

If Robert Mueller is looking for interference in the 2016 presidential elections, he might want to pick up a copy of yesterday’s IG report and start indicting people at the FBI and Department of Justice. The Clinton Foundation took in hundreds of millions of dollars in return for access and favors from Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State, yesterday the New York attorney sued the Trump Charitable Foundation.