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Episode 6 - Underwater Lot, House Hunting Challenges, & Salad Dressing Secrets

Brian and Jami recall the "bargain" riverfront property that had one major problem. Jami talks about why their house hunt has taken so long, and what we've learned are fixable and what are deal-killers when thinking about buying a house that needs work. Jami then explains why she hardly ever buys salad dressing at the store anymore. Plus, what we're excited about in our "This Is Really Cool" segment, and much, much more.

Duration: 00:28:01

Episode 5 - Dog Owner Fail, 1950s Vintage Trailer, & Planning Great Camping Food

Brian describes a camping story where a small food disaster almost turned into a big one. Jami talks about finding and fixing up a 1957 Dalton vintage camping trailer. We both discuss how to have good, simple meals while camping. Plus, we introduce a "This Is Really Cool" segment about things we've recently discovered that we think are "really cool."

Duration: 00:31:51

Episode 4 - Weed Killing Fails, Success With Plastic, & Spice Rubs

Jami tells where she got her crazy idea to try to use old carpet as a weed killing barrier. And Brian describes his embarrassment at having to scrounge the many square yards of wall-to-wall to try it. We go through what we've learned about making successful garden paths. And Jami talks about spice rubs and the ingredients in her go-to favorites.

Duration: 00:23:42

Episode 3 - Tree Planting Fails, Backyard Makeover & Canning Secrets

We share how we learned that transplanting a tree from the forest is a lot harder than it seems. Jami takes us through her thinking on one of her favorite out door projects: The Backyard Makeover. And then we discuss canning and why it's actually a lot easier than you think.

Duration: 00:27:27

Episode 2 - Castoffs, The Salvaged French Bench & Chef's Salads

Somehow, Jami has agreed to come back for a SECOND episode, where we go through our favorite things we've made with cast-offs and reclaimed materials. Brian tells the story behind one of our favorite salvage projects - the French style bench we made from old dining chairs. In the food segment, Jami describes why she loves Chef's Salads so much when it's hot out.

Duration: 00:25:49

Episode 1 - Dogs, Floors & Grilling

In our first podcast episode ever we start off talking about all the different kinds of flooring we've done and which has worked best for dogs. We discuss one of Jami's most popular projects, Brown Paper Flooring. And then we end up discussing Jami's favorite grilling recipes and how Brian has learned to quit burning them.

Duration: 00:31:43