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Episode 21 - All About The Farmhouse Fixer

Jami and Brian tell more of the story of how and why they're buying a nearly hundred year old farmhouse out in the country--that's going to need a lot of work. They talk about why they sold their converted ranch, why it took them 15 months to find this new property, and what their plans are. Plus some wonderful, classic holiday films they've added to their must-watch list. And more!

Duration: 00:25:39

Episode 20 - Budgeting Tips: How We Think About Money

Jami and Brian talk about their life before they were serious budgeters. What was the event that caused them to get really serious about tracking their finances and saving for things. And now having made it a habit, what have been the benefits of keeping to a budget and planning for the future. Since neither of us are spreadsheet-nerds, we found a system that's doable and sustainable for us.

Duration: 00:29:58

Episode 19 - Use Goals To Make This Year Your Best

It's time to look forward to the New Year and make a fresh start with your finances, personal development, weight, and everything else. Brian and Jami talk about the remarkable effectiveness of setting goals--and actually writing them down. Of course, it's not always that easy to change. Brian tells about the time he thought a handheld PDA was going to keep track of their checkbook. And Jami recalls the diet where she could eat all the papaya and mango she wanted, and that was it. They...

Duration: 00:25:30

Episode 18: Christmas Movies, Wrapping Tips, Quick & Healthy Dinners

Jami and Brian talk about their favorite Christmas movies and TV specials. Brian really likes Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" of which there are about two dozen versions. Among her many other favorites, Jami explains why she likes "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" but not "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer." Then they discuss the time-saving gift-wrapping system Jami discovered. And Jami talks about how to offset holiday treats with simple, healthy dinners. Plus a hot sauce favorite and healthy...

Duration: 00:28:49

Episode - 17 - 10 Best Gift Ideas For Kids

Jami and Brian discuss their top 10 best gifts to give kids. They don't have to be expensive to be enjoyed. Brian recalls the year he got walkie-talkies and Jami remembers how much she loved Barbies, but somehow that gene didn't get passed down to the next generation. They go through each category of toys, books, games, and other kinds of gifts that have stood the test of time. Then they discuss recipes that were their favorites growing up and are still loved by kids today--like Dutch Baby...

Duration: 00:30:24

Episode 16 - Our Favorite Gift Ideas For Adults

Brian and Jami talk about the best gifts to give grown-ups. They share a couple of funny stories involving gifts of clothing (and one sweater that wasn't supposed to be a gift). Then they go down the list of items either they've given or received that were helpful, fun, thoughtful, and most importantly enjoyable. Great gifts don't have to be expensive! Jami discusses some of the easy dinners we've been enjoying lately--of course, the recipes are on the blog (see the show notes for links)....

Duration: 00:31:06

Episode - 15 Holiday Traditions

Jami and Brian discuss their favorite Christmas traditions, from childhood on. Things like food, gifts, events, cutting down your own tree. Jami explains why she never wanted to actively fool the kids into believing in Santa. They talk about all kinds of things that have made the holiday special--things that are so great, they keep doing them year after year. They discuss what would go into the ultimate Christmas goodie bag and why they always have fish and chips on Christmas afternoon....

Duration: 00:35:56

Episode 14 - Easy Baking

Brian and Jami discuss how she got her reputation as a baker in high school and how she has used plates of cookies to get on people's good side. (It works!) They tell the (funny now) disaster story of when the dog got into the cake Jami was making for a catered event. And then discuss the easiest, most popular baked goods from the blog. Plus, Brian shares why he like the British Paddington Bear movie so much, and Jami shares an Anne Bogel book on reading people that's she's really enjoyed.

Duration: 00:28:57

Episode 13 - The Coffee Show

Brian and Jami talk about how they got into drinking coffee and then into drinking better coffee. (We both grew up in the age of canned.) They discuss how they figured out how to use their countertop, home cappuccino maker, and how every morning Brian makes latte/macchiatos. They talk about how to put together a gift basket that will impress and delight the coffee lover in your life. Plus Jami shares an excerise program she loves and Brian shares lightning maps.

Duration: 00:28:37

Episode 12 - Cutting the Cord & TV Appetizers

Brian and Jami tell how they became "cord cutters" (people who give up cable/satellite TV) before it was cool. They talk about alternative ways they've tried to get TV over the years, mostly streaming over the internet and through-the-air. Then they discuss what's worked best: laptop with HDMI cable to TV, Google Chromecast, and Amazon Fire Stick. If you're going to be hosting a big TV event--like movie night or a football bowl game--you need to serve some fun food. So they disuss their...

Duration: 00:30:12

Episode 11: Our Backstory

Brian and Jami discuss the jobs they had before doing what they're doing now. Brian describes how he once got a metal desk up on waterskis behind a boat for a photo shoot. Jami has some funny memories of being a preschool teacher. They share the life events that led to doing so many DIY projects, and why Jami decided to start a blog. Plus, their favorite app for fan noise, and a really good quality bluetooth speaker.

Duration: 00:27:42

Episode 10 - Homemade Bread

Brian tells about the time his Mom decided to go all-out for natural bread making, including a 1,500 mile trip and grinding the wheat herself. Jami recalls how she got interested in making her own bread and all the mistakes she made as she tried to get the best artisan loaf with the easiest steps. She also tells you about the ONE countertop appliance you should have if you want to make your own bread. Plus, good blue-tooth earbuds and a "brand-less" way to order great quality food.

Duration: 00:30:25

Episode 9 - Homemade Gifts: Special To Receive & Give

Brian tells the story of the hat-and-scarf combo that almost changed his mind about marrying Jami. Jami talks about some of the homemade gifts that she's received that have meant the most. Then we both discuss how to plan and make homemade gifts that are better than anything you can buy at the store. Jami dives into her most popular food gifts (that are so easy to make) and where to find ideas and instructions. Plus, they reveal why there are so many strange noises on this recording and...

Duration: 00:36:30

Episode 8 - Wood Countertops & Pantry Basics

Jami reveals why she's always loved wood countertops in kitchens and bathrooms and how they made and installed them in their first home, even though Brian had less-than-average woodworking skills. Brian talks about how they bought IKEA hardwood counters for their second house and lists some simple tricks he learned for a successful installation. Then Jami discusses her regret over using a water-based stain and what she SHOULD HAVE done instead. In the food segment, she defines "Pantry...

Duration: 00:35:36

Episode 7 - Misadventures With Moles & Voles, Reader Mole Remedies, & Fun With Fermenting

Brian tells the story of the field mouse funeral gone wrong. Jami tells her pitchfork story. Brian lists all 9 (or 10?) methods they've tried to get rid of moles. Jami then shares a number of promising mole remedies from her readers. In the food segment, Jami talks about what finally got her to even think about trying fermenting food, and why it's now a family favorite. Plus, what's cool in "This Is Really Cool" and many entertaining and awkward moments between the hosts.

Duration: 00:36:47

Episode 6 - Underwater Lot, House Hunting Challenges, & Salad Dressing Secrets

Brian and Jami recall the "bargain" riverfront property that had one major problem. Jami talks about why their house hunt has taken so long, and what we've learned are fixable and what are deal-killers when thinking about buying a house that needs work. Jami then explains why she hardly ever buys salad dressing at the store anymore. Plus, what we're excited about in our "This Is Really Cool" segment, and much, much more.

Duration: 00:28:01

Episode 5 - Dog Owner Fail, 1950s Vintage Trailer, & Planning Great Camping Food

Brian describes a camping story where a small food disaster almost turned into a big one. Jami talks about finding and fixing up a 1957 Dalton vintage camping trailer. We both discuss how to have good, simple meals while camping. Plus, we introduce a "This Is Really Cool" segment about things we've recently discovered that we think are "really cool."

Duration: 00:31:51

Episode 4 - Weed Killing Fails, Success With Plastic, & Spice Rubs

Jami tells where she got her crazy idea to try to use old carpet as a weed killing barrier. And Brian describes his embarrassment at having to scrounge the many square yards of wall-to-wall to try it. We go through what we've learned about making successful garden paths. And Jami talks about spice rubs and the ingredients in her go-to favorites.

Duration: 00:23:42

Episode 3 - Tree Planting Fails, Backyard Makeover & Canning Secrets

We share how we learned that transplanting a tree from the forest is a lot harder than it seems. Jami takes us through her thinking on one of her favorite out door projects: The Backyard Makeover. And then we discuss canning and why it's actually a lot easier than you think.

Duration: 00:27:27

Episode 2 - Castoffs, The Salvaged French Bench & Chef's Salads

Somehow, Jami has agreed to come back for a SECOND episode, where we go through our favorite things we've made with cast-offs and reclaimed materials. Brian tells the story behind one of our favorite salvage projects - the French style bench we made from old dining chairs. In the food segment, Jami describes why she loves Chef's Salads so much when it's hot out.

Duration: 00:25:49

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