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Animal Village NM is the longtime dream- now operational- of AVNM founders Sunny Aris & Nancy Berg. AVNM is a NO-KILL pet adoption center & animal-welfare facility. When we have an open space, and with the aid of partnering animal control facilities we rescue friendly, adoptable death-row dogs and cats who have run out of time in shelters. Our mission is to stop the killing of thousands of friendly, adoptable dogs and cats abandoned at AC facilities. These pets die usually because guardians do not keep the lifetime commitment made initially to their pets. Because of the enormous number of pets being abandoned, New Mexico's under-staffed and under-funded animal control facilities don’t have enough space or funding to keep them alive until committed homes are found. The vast majority of abandoned pets in New Mexico and in the United States as a whole never make it out of the shelters alive.



This show will be available on Mon, Apr 6 at 10AM.