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The Animal Voices show is Vancouver’s only program dedicated solely to animal advocacy and compassionate living. Each week, your hosts, Alison Cole and Alissa Raye, delve into various animal rights issues, provide tips on making cruelty-free choices, offer updates on animal related news & events, as well as interview guests who are at the forefront of animal activism and vegan outreach.




Vancouver Co-operative Radio 110 - 360 Columbia Street Vancouver, BC V6A 4J1 (604) 684-7561


Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue, & Activist Profile: Natalie Zaracko

A feature interview with the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA), plus an activist profile of local animal advocate Natalie Zaracko.

Duration: 00:59:49

How To Create A Vegan World: A Pragmatic Approach, with Tobias Leenaert

A feature interview author Tobias Leenaert on "How To Create A Vegan World: A Pragmatic Approach". Plus, a discussion on how to put theory into action by effectively communicating the vegan message.

Duration: 01:03:24

Japan Dolphins Day: The Connections Between Vancouver Aquarium’s Dolphins and Japan, plus Vegan Nutritionist Nikki Hurst

September 1st is Japan Dolphins Day. Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered's Gary Charbonneau speaks about the Japanese origins of the Vancouver Aquarium's dolphins, plus nutritionist Nikki Hurst answers all your vegan nutrition questions!

Duration: 01:00:57

The Bat Show: Austin Bat Refuge, & Community Bat Programs of BC

The Bat Show, featuring interviews with Dianne Odegard of Austin Bat Refuge, and Mandy Kellner of Community Bat Programs of BC.

Duration: 00:58:10

Invertebrates: The Invisible Majority

Invertebrates (such as crustaceans and insects) make up roughly 97% of all animals on Earth, but they are often overlooked in animal rights advocacy. Featuring an interview with ant expert Dr. James Traniello.

Duration: 01:00:36

Canuck and I: A Human’s Special Friendship with A Crow; and Dr. Jennifer Verdolin on The New Science of Animal Family Dynamics

An interview with Vancouverite Shawn Bergman on his best friend, Canuck the Crow. Plus an interview with animal behaviourist Dr. Jennifer Verdolin on The Surprising New Science of Animal Family Dynamics. And a discussion on Canada's new food guide, which eliminates dairy and favours plant foods!

Duration: 00:59:43

Encore show: Animal Rights Issues in Mexico, and Speciesism and Language: Exploring How Violence is Embedded in Our Words

Television host and animal rights activist Marco Antonio Regil tells us about animal rights issue in Mexico and in the Latino community. Plus, we discuss Speciesism and Language. And Alison tells us about her animal adventures in Hawaii!

Duration: 01:00:00

Cow Appreciation Day with RASTA Sanctuary & Toronto Cow Save

For Cow Appreciation Day, we feature interviews with Toronto Cow Save & RASTA Sanctuary of Chemainus, BC.

Duration: 00:52:39

Freedom, Compassion and Co-Existence in the Human Age: The Animals’ Agenda, with Marc Bekoff, and Roaring Silence Vancouver

A feature interview with renowned animal behaviour expert Dr. Marc Bekoff on his latest book "The Animals' Agenda", plus an interview with local activist Daphna Kedem on Roaring Silence Vancouver. Also, a discussion on the cruelty of the rodeo.

Duration: 00:59:22

Another Cetacean Dead at the Vancouver Aquarium, and Phillip Wollen’s “Animals Should Be Off the Menu” Debate

Latest news at the Vancouver Aquarium, the Vancouver March to Close All Slaughterhouses, and Phillip Wollen's "Animals Should Be Off the Menu" Debate.

Duration: 00:58:55

World Oceans Day: Sounds in the Sea, & Direct Action with Sea Shepherd

To honour World Oceans Day, we feature interviews with Sue Waters of Sea Shepherd, and marine biologist Dr. Abby Schwarz, on the importance of sound in the sea.

Duration: 00:57:59

Vegan Outreach in the Food Service Industry: Reaching out to Institutions, with Kristie Middleton, HSUS, and Lila Copeland, Earth Peace Foundation

This show is dedicated to vegan outreach efforts being made nation-wide to encourage institutions such as schools and hospitals to offer healthy, compassionate, plant-based options! We have interviews with 15 year old Lila Copeland of Earth Peace Foundation, and Kristie Middleton, Senior Director of Food Policy of the HSUS. Plus, and update on Bill S-203 to have whales and dolphins in captivity banned in Canada.

Duration: 00:56:37

Making Change for Companion Animals: Pets OK BC on Rental Housing Policy, & Paws for Hope on the Harmful Existence of Breeding Mills

Paws for Hope on the harmful existence of breeding mills, and Pets OK BC on companion animal restrictions in rental housing. Plus, what's at stake for animals in BC's general election on May 9th.

Duration: 00:49:34

The Cheese Show: Escaping The Cheese Trap with Dr. Neal Barnard, and Karen McAthy on The Art of Plant-based Cheesemaking

We present to you The Cheese Show! Learn all about the impacts that the dairy (and cheese) industry has on our health and the welfare of animals with Dr. Neal Barnard, author of "The Cheese Trap". Plus, local vegan chef and cheese maker Karen McAthy tells us about "The Art of Plant-based Cheesemaking".

Duration: 00:59:19

Exposing Hidden Cruelty: Vancouver Chicken Save, & World Day for Animals in Laboratories

Featured interviews with Vancouver Chicken Save, as well as Laura-Leah Shaw of the Animal Defense & Anti-Vivisection Society of BC. We also discuss how animals are impacted by some common Easter traditions.

Duration: 00:52:35

Bill S-203 Senate Hearings and Using Humour and Creativity For Animal Rights Advocacy

Creative ways to spread messages of compassion and senate hearings for Bill S-203

Duration: 01:42:05

The Rat Appreciation Show, for World Rat Day 2017

It's World Rat Day on April 4th, and we present to you The Rat Appreciation Show, featuring a discussion with rat enthusiasts and companions Gerald Rennie, Magda Romanow and Veronicka Salixx. Plus, an interview with rat rescuer Lizzy O'Sullivan, and an interview with Dr. Joanna Makowska on her findings on rat behavior in laboratory settings.

Duration: 01:09:22

The Great Animal Orchestra: Sound and Animals

All about how sound affects animals, and how animals create and use sound themselves.

Duration: 00:59:39

The Meatout Show: Latest Updates in the Meat(less) Industry with HSUS’ Paul Shapiro, and Everyday Ways to Eat Vegan

Our annual show for Meatout Day, which takes place on March 20th! We feature an interview on the latest updates in the meat(less) industry with Paul Shapiro, Vice-President of Policy Engagement of the Humane Society of the United States, plus we discuss Everyday Ways to Eat Vegan.

Duration: 00:58:48

‘Meat The Future’ with Film Maker Liz Marshall

Listen to this show here! Lab-Grown Meat as a Solution to Cruel Animal Agriculture Our much-loved, award-winning Canadian film maker, Liz Marshall has brought us eye-opening and transformational films such as ‘The Ghosts in Our Machine’ and ‘Water On The Table’. In keeping with her theme of animal rights and environmental films, Liz is currently working on her latest documentary which explores the future of “clean meat.” “Meat The Future” feature-length documentary showcases Memphis Meat...

Duration: 00:59:56

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