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Every other week, a group of friends record a podcast about anime, manga, visual novels, and more.




Episode 024: Euphoria (part 7)

... and you thought that we would stop there...

Duration: 00:59:45

Episode 024: Euphoria (Part 2)

It's going to take a lot more then having Euphoria crash on us to stop our mission!

Duration: 01:36:09

Episode 024: Euphoria (part 1)

I can not stress this enough but this episode is VERY EXPLICIT!!!!!!!!! Principles of Sociology Due: 11/1 Total Points: 100 Deviance Paper Assignment Guidelines Purpose of the Paper I contend that Sociology is everywhere; this exercise is designed to put this theory to the test. Students will engage in a deviant act and use their knowledge of deviance to explain what happened. Choose a deviant act. Remember that deviant does not necessarily mean bad, just “a violation of a norm”. The act...

Duration: 00:38:24

Episode 023: The Secret Lives of Teenage Anime Fans

To the Anime Amino Community, Wow! The last five days have been quite incredible! Five days ago, I was sitting on a couch, watching the Olympics, when a bizarre idea came to me. What’s it like to be a teenage anime fan? I never really was an anime fan back in my teen years, and I never had a “weeaboo” phase in my life. So I decided to find an anime community and do some in depth investigating. And that was how I discovered Anime Amino. What started off as a silly concept for a podcast,...

Duration: 01:01:48

Episode 022: Arachnid

Heres the new episode kthx by! Music is by Silver Justice

Duration: 00:27:05

Episode 020: Summer Anime 2016

It may be a bit early, but here's the Will finnish updating description and stuff later today

Duration: 00:43:39

Episode 019: From Ponies To Soulja Boy

Mailbag episode! Sort of... This weeks episodes intro and outro is Take Care of You by Tory Williams

Duration: 00:18:16

Episode 016: B0X0R's Winter Anime Monologue

Pull out your Anime Charts because we're going to be talking about the winter anime season.

Episode 014: Studio Jiggly

We attempt to talk about fanservice.

Episode 011: Attack On Rat's Army

This is it! We saw the live action Attack on Titan Movie. Journey and Bunny play with the One Punch Man App, The Brigade becomes a Musical, we continue our long standing tradition of judging Steam Users , Generic and Bunny have a lengthy discussion about the Tails of series. We receive a grim reminder, we take a brief course in Spanish, and finally, we tear the live action Attack on Titan Movie a new one! Intro/Outro Music: Can I Be a Star by Burnsee Thornside Show notes are on our site.

Episode 010.66: The Mystery Of The Gray Faces

Due to reasons beyond our control, the Attack on Titan Sitrep will be delayed until next week. In the meantime, enjoy Bunny discovering the secrets of Skype. For more context on what we were looking at, go to our show notes on the site.

Episode 010: Thou Shalt Have Vic Mignogna Dub Thy Waifu

Welcome to episode 2 of the Journey and Bunny Show! Not really, but B0X0R did fall asleep while recording this one! Regardless, enjoy the show!

Episode 09.5: Never Forget

Just to be clear. We respect the the dead, it's just that we suck at staying silent.

Episode 007: We Do Not Support (Recording Yourself While) Watching Porn (HD)

Wow! The summer anime season is getting close to wrapping up! You know what that means? Time for our mandatory summer anime episode!

Episode 006: Professional (HD)

Come one! Come all! Welcome to the Anime Brigade Podcast! In this episode, we pull out all the spots and provide you with the best that The Brigade has to offer! In celebration of this monuments occasion, we will be introducing three new segments, followed by our main topic. And What is said main topic? It's about our least favorite Anime's and visual novels! Also, did you guys know that this is episode 6?

Sitrep 004: B0X0R Watches Pupa

Forgive me...

Episode 005: Do Not Watch Pupa (HD But Still Missing The Ending)

We talk about the overused template used in anime. (Blank) is an ordinary highschool student until (blank) Unfortunatly the program that records the podcast didn't record the last 20 minuets. Very sorry about that. The next episode we recorde will be our most "professional" episode yet! (Don't wory, we are not selling out and becoming corporate a holes *coughfinaldraftcough*).

Sitrep 003: Simoun (HD)

New Sitrep. B0X0R actualy talks about something that isn't a visual novel!

Sitrep 002: Utawarerumono (HD)

Attention! The new Sitrep Review is live! Sorry about the delay. It was raining like hell here in the Midwest and our internet is currently being held together by an orange juice bottle cap and lots of painters tape (which is a huge improvement from a plastic fork)! Anyway, next week we are going to be talking about different types of dere. It should be a pretty fun episode. Enjoy the Sitrep and we will see you next week!

Episode 004: Baby Hitmen (HD)

With everyone having fun at Anime Midwest, B0X0R, and Generic are the only two Brigade members guarding the fort. Welcome to the first AWOL! Shownotes are going to be late due to the fact that my freetime has been cut down very much. Other then that, enjoy!
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