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Featuring interviews and profiles of nationally recognized comedians as well as up-and-coming Atlanta comics.




Another Comedy Podcast: Marc Maron


Another Comedy Podcast: Clayton English and Andy Sandford

Two of Atlanta's best comics, Clayton English and Andy Sandford, are back from the road, and we brought them in for a special edition of Another Comedy Podcast to start the week. Download now, or listen after the jump.…

Another Comedy Podcast: Tommy Blaze

Today's Another Comedy Podcast is a special Valentine's edition with comedian and relationship expert Tommy Blaze. We discuss the current state of relationships and he even predicts the next trend in porn.…

Another Comedy Podcast: Keenan Burton

Today, Another Comedy Podcast is joined by Atlanta favorite, Keenan Burton. He shares his thoughts on working at Starbucks and really not wanting to suck at comedy, and then he shows off his singing skills at the end with the chorus from his hit song, "Do it!…

Another Comedy Podcast: Huggy Lowdown and Chris Paul

Huggy Lowdown and Chris Paul, from the Tom Joyner Morning Show, are in Atlanta all week playing the Punchline. This morning they joined Another Comedy Podcast to discuss their journey from the radio to the stage, and how alcohol affects their performances.…

Another Comedy Podcast: Andy Sandford, Matt O'Meara and James Parkinson

Snow shut Atlanta and its comedy scene down this week, so Another Comedy Podcast brought in local favorites, Andy Sandford and Matt O'Meara, and the visiting James Parkinson, to come in and get weird. Host Noah Gardenswartz also pays a sentimental tribute to the show's producer, Alejandro Leal, who is no longer with us; he didn't die, he just found a fancy, new job.…

Another Comedy Podcast: Bil Dwyer

Today things got silly on Another Comedy Podcast with comedian and game-show host, Bil Dwyer. In town to perform at the Funny Farm all weekend, he came in this morning to promote the shows, ended up discussing his career path to professional game-show hosting, and left having agreed to use his hosting duties as a platform to bring back the lip kiss as a greeting.…

Another Comedy Podcast with comedian and impersonator James Adomian

Comedian and impersonator James Adomian is in town to headline Comedy Gold this weekend. He stopped by Another Comedy Podcast today to discuss his days as a gay, all-city high-school football player, the comic's poverty he got out of this year, and of course, give us impressions of Danny DeVito and Jesse the Body Ventura.…

Another Comedy Podcast with Godfrey, of 7UP fame

Godfrey is in town headlining the Laughing Skull Lounge all weekend. This morning he joined us on Another Comedy Podcast to talk about joke thiefs, the benefits of being the 7UP guy, and the difficulty of being a black comic, but not a hood comic.…

Another Comedy Podcast: Natasha Leggero and Duncan Trussell

Comedians Natasha Leggero and Duncan Trussell, of the Lavender Hour, are in Atlanta performing at the Laughing Skull Lounge all weekend. Today they stopped by Another Comedy Podcast to get political, philosophical, and silly.…

Another Comedy Podcast: Greg Proops

Today's guest on Another Comedy Podcast is improv icon Greg Proops. As a purveyor of all things cultural, Proops intertwines a wonderful vocabulary with light-hearted intelligence that translates well in improv and stand-up.…

Another Comedy Podcast: Don 'D.C.' Curry

Still cooler than a polar bear's toe nails, Don 'D.C.' Curry is finishing a week at Uptown Comedy Corner with three shows tonight and tomorrow night. This morning he came by Another Comedy Podcast to share some of the wisdom he's acquired as a 25-year 'student of the game.'…

Another Comedy Podcast: Dave Waite

Dave Waite is in Atlanta headlining Comedy Gold this weekend. He stopped by Another Comedy Podcast this afternoon to tell us what it's like to be a Delta call-center employee, geographer, and aspiring marquee comedian.…

Another Comedy Podcast: Trey Toler and Friends

Today's Another Comedy Podcast was made with a nice blend of local flavors. Clayton English came by to co-host as Atlanta comics Trey Toler, Karen Hilton and Matt O'Meara stopped in to talk about the Atlanta comedy scene, and why you should come check them all out this weekend at the Laughing Skull Lounge on Trey Toler and Friends.…

Another Comedy Podcast: Jim Breuer

Comedian and author Jim Breuer is in Atlanta all weekend performing at the Punchline. This morning he came by Another Comedy Podcast to talk about his new book, I'm Not High (But I've Got a Lot of Crazy Stories about Life as a Goat Boy, a Dad, and a Spiritual Warrior).…

Another Comedy Podcast: T.J. Miller

This morning, the normally ebullient T.J. Miller begrudgingly awoke from his slumber to come be a guest on Another Comedy Podcast. After a few back-and-forth vollies of comedy gold, he came to, and began opening up about how his level of fame is misperceived, how his hair led to a heckler's verbal spout about cunnilingus, and what he had to tell a Los Angeles "doctor" to get his medical marijuana card.…

Another Comedy Podcast: Beards of Comedy

Today, the Beards of Comedy (well, two of the four) stopped by Another Comedy Podcast. In town performing at the Laughing Skull Lounge all weekend, Andy Sandford and Dave Stone came in and discussed how money, girls and fame get divided in a comedy quartet, the advantages of performing together vs. solo, and which fast food spot has the best deal going.…

Another Comedy Podcast: Honest John

Today's guest on Another Comedy Podcast is urban comedy's cult-legend, Honest John. In town all weekend to perform at Uptown Comedy Corner, John stopped by to talk about how he became a favorite in the black-comedy community, why just a little bit of marijuana before a show helps his performance, and how his master's degree in psychology plays into his art.…

Another Comedy Podcast: Dom Irrera

The iconic Dom Irrera is in town performing at the Punchline this weekend. Today he stopped by Another Comedy Podcast to share his secrets to a long career in comedy, explain his lack of motivation to do anything else, and also talk Mike Vick (he's an Eagles fan).…

Another Comedy Podcast: Pierre

Comedian Pierre helped make being light-skinned cool all throughout the '90s. He took some time away from the industry, moved to Atlanta, and is now ready to stage a comeback.…
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