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AMP is a heavy metal podcast featuring indie, unsigned, and small-label bands from across the globe, many of with are played here for the first time anywhere. All genres are represented so crank it up and rock out!

AMP is a heavy metal podcast featuring indie, unsigned, and small-label bands from across the globe, many of with are played here for the first time anywhere. All genres are represented so crank it up and rock out!
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AMP is a heavy metal podcast featuring indie, unsigned, and small-label bands from across the globe, many of with are played here for the first time anywhere. All genres are represented so crank it up and rock out!




Another Metal Podcast Episode 71

Have you ever thought it weird that we listen to loud horrendous-sounding music for entertainment? Me neither, so here's a big ol' helping of the stuff. This week's batch of new heavy metal comes from the US, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Costa Rica, New Zealand, and Canada.

Duration: 02:28:35

Another Metal Podcast Episode 70

Guess what's on this week's episode of AMP? If you guessed brutal new music you're absolutely right, but that doesn't make you smart; this is a heavy metal podcast and the closest I get to easy listening is atmospheric black metal.

Duration: 02:03:12

Another Metal Podcast Episode 69

Does the brutality ever end? No, and that’s why you get this two-hour hot mess every week, full of brand-new heavy metal from every nook and cranny on the globe. This week’s batch of fresh heaviness comes from the lands of the US, UK, Greece, Northern Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Finland, Iceland, and Columbia.

Duration: 02:03:52

Another Metal Podcast Episode 68

The title says it all; here's another batch of new heavy metal from nooks and crannies all over the globe. Such nooks and crannies include Canada, Northern Ireland, Italy, US, Australia, Poland, Peru, Nepal, Cuba, Sweden, Romania, Germany, and Brazil.

Duration: 02:06:46

Another Metal Podcast Episode 67

One end of the country is drowning in hurricanes and the other is on fire; it's a mess out there. Good thing we always have new music releases to practice our heavy metal escapism with. This week's batch of loudness hails from the US, Brazil, Israel, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Austria, UK, Catalonia, and Poland.

Duration: 02:12:51

Another Metal Podcast Episode 66

It was a weird week, with eclipses, big fights, and hurricanes so how about something a little more reliable? Like a whole lot of brutal new music to feed your tinnitus with.

Duration: 01:38:08

Another Metal Podcast Episode 65

I think much of my disappointment in the solar eclipse today can be blamed on heavy metal. In metal songs an eclipse signals demonic hordes, loss of sanity, the swallowing of the world, or at the very least a spooky prophecy. All I got was a sunspot on my eye (two pairs of sunglasses should have been enough, right?).

Duration: 01:56:49

Another Metal Podcast Episode 64

Here's this week's slab of new heavy metal, there's doom, death, and destruction to be had so crank the speakers. This batch comes from the US, UK, Sweden, Canada, Finland, and Spain.

Duration: 02:18:52

Another Metal Podcast Episode 63

I hope you're ready for brutal, because this week's episode hardly has any 'nice' songs at all. This is a pretty deathy, doomy, and blackened two hour set of new heavy metal coming from the US, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Canada, France, Siberia, Netherlands, Chile, UK, and Australia.

Duration: 01:59:02

Another Metal Podcast Episode 62

Guess what this week's episode of the metal podcast is full of? Metal, that's what. And its coming from the US, UK, Russia, Germany, Norway, Canada, Siberia, Iran, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands so crank those speakers and give yourself tinnitus.

Duration: 02:30:20

Another Metal Podcast Episode 61

I hope you didn't mind the week off from the podcast, but we only get about 8 days of true summer here in the Pacific Northwest and I'll be damned if I'm going to miss 'em. But the show is back and this week's batch of ugly comes from the US, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Greece, and Texas (they appreciate being called a country).

Duration: 02:10:43

Another Metal Podcast Episode 60

Sixty is a big number isn't it? We'll just pretend that it is, even though I'm not doing anything special. I had been doing a sort of 'top picks' thing every twenty episodes, but since the whole point of the podcast is having new music every week I'm just going to stick with regular episodes instead of playing tracks you already heard five months ago.

Duration: 02:25:45

Another Metal Podcast Episode 59

Here's this week's batch of new heavy metal, representing the US, Japan, Lebanon, Britain, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Australia, Serbia, Scotland, Czechia, China, and Canada.

Duration: 02:26:22

Another Metal Podcast Episode 58

I've had listeners tell me they listen to the show at work, which is where I get most of my music listening in as well. Somehow though, I doubt these people work in retail or customer service, but if you do blast this heaviness where innocent bystanders are exposed to it then horns up to you.

Duration: 02:11:04

Another Metal Podcast Episode 57

I hope everyone liked the change-up last week with the Hypnotic Dirge showcase taking the place of a regular episode of the show; it's good to mix things up every once in a while. But this week I'm back to business as usual with a two hour block of brand-new brutality.

Duration: 02:15:33

Moving Metal: Hypnotic Dirge Records

In the newest installment of my Moving Metal series I talk to Nicolas Skog, founder and head of Hypnotic Dirge Records, a cornerstone label for underground black, doom, and experimental metal.

Duration: 01:10:01

Another Metal Podcast Episode 56

I should make it a habit of coining new genres based on these playlists... Or not, definitely not. But I will still bring you beautiful people some killer new underground heavy metal every week, just like this new batch.

Duration: 02:14:11

Another Metal Podcast Episode 55

I mentioned last week something about the stronger showing of stoner metal and hard rock, genres I usually have at least one full segment of on each episode. Well, somehow I seem to have gone completely in the opposite direction this week.

Duration: 02:01:17

Another Metal Podcast Episode 54

The title for this week is a bit cheeky; this episode's playlist seems to be pretty heavy on stoner/doom and death metal. Which makes for a nice change from the black/death mix that I've been leaning towards for a while now. Regardless, it's a brutal set of music as usual, so strap in and crank those speakers.

Duration: 02:04:18

Another Metal Podcast Episode 53

Picking two hours worth of new heavy metal is a double edged sword; the kind of sword Cirith Ungol and Manilla Road sing about. On one hand it's a great excuse to spend my free time listening to truck-loads of new music, on the other hand I have to spend my time listening to truck-loads of new music. I miss you Cirith Ungol and Manilla Road...

Duration: 02:19:18

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