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ACLR 019: Turning Psychedelics Into Medicine with Rick Doblin

What are psychedelics? Can they save lives? How is Rick Doblin, Founder and Executive Director of Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Medicine, turning psychedelics into life-saving medicine? Should you fear psychedelics, or should you fear living a life having never experienced them?

Duration: 01:30:31

ACLR 018: Inside Non-Fiction Television with Laura Fravel

How to spin facts and data into storytelling genius...a peek inside the world of non-fiction television and film with Laura Fravel. Can you tell non-fiction stories in captivating ways and still stay married to the truth? With the blurred lines between reality television and reality, how can you tell what's real and what's not?

Duration: 00:43:06

Episode 017: How to Fund Your Business Idea with Venture Capitalist Stephen Saltzman

Venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur, and nice guy who happens to be my husband, Stephen Saltzman, provides a curious peek inside the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship. What's the difference between an idea, a business idea, and a fundable business idea?

Duration: 01:04:27

ACLR 016: Inside the Animal Abuse Underbelly with Richard “Kudo” Couto

Can animals have rights and still be dinner? Peek inside the hidden world of illegal horse slaughter, ritual animal sacrifice, fighting rings, and the massively inhumane treatment of animals, and see what Richard "Kudo" Couto and his Animal Recovery Mission teams are doing to stop it.

Duration: 00:48:41

ACLR 015: UFOs Evidence of Extraterrestrial Beings? with Peter Davenport

Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, Peter Davenport provides a curious peek at UFOlogy, the science of UFOs as evidence of extraterrestrial intelligent life. Learn what to look for and how to report UFOs. Statistics say they're out there. Reports say they're here. Curious?

Duration: 00:58:06

ACLR 014: How to Cultivate Curiosity, with Jennifer Felberg

Sipping cocktails with Jennifer Felberg and sharing actionable lessons in how to cultivate curiosity and how to use applied curiosity as a strategic tool for yourself, your family, and your company.

Duration: 01:03:52

ACLR 013: Is a Location Independent Lifestyle For You? with Laura Domela & Kevin Morris

Location independence means that you can live and work from anywhere. First, you have to be curious enough to ask yourself, "What if?" Then, you have to be curious enough to sincerely answer. Today's episode with Laura Domela and Kevin Morris explores what it takes and what's it's like to live a location-independent lifestyle...on a boat.

Duration: 01:03:47

ACLR 012: How Can Dungeons & Dragons Change Your Life? with Daniel Carter

So you love fantasy roll playing games like Dungeons & Dragons? Or you have less than zero interest? Either way, in this episode with Daniel Carter, you will find insights, actionable bits, life lessons, and fun. Tune in and elevate curiosity. Plus, this is the first ACLR episode embedded with a clue to a prize. Read the show notes, listen to the episode, write your answer in the comments. Welcome to the theater of the mind.

Duration: 01:04:06

ACLR 011: Curious About Wine? A Chat with Sommelier David LeClaire

Why is wine so mysterious, magical, and sometimes intimidating? What are the most important things to know in order to enjoy wine without pretension and avoid being ripped off? Sommelier David LeClaire gives me, a brown drink drinker, a peek into the world of wine.

Duration: 00:57:15

ACLR 010: Travel Guide to Japan For the Relentlessly Curious

This is the official guide to traveling to Japan for the relentlessly curious. It contains opportunities for unusual adventures, uncommon advice, and curiosity-fueled insights. It's based on the latest Curiosity Quest.

Duration: 00:48:03

ACLR 009: How You Can Get Anyone to Do Anything with Persuasion Expert Brian Ahearn

Since the vast majority of what we say and do involves some attempt to influence, persuade, entice, arouse, sell, cajole, or convince, it's critically important that we know how to do it well. Brian Ahearn reveals the art and science of effective and ethical persuasion principles. Are you shouting and posting and wondering why others just don't get it? Do you ever try to convince anyone of anything? Tune it to learn exactly how you can do this more effectively.

Duration: 01:00:41

ACLR 008: How to Use Curiosity to Create the Ultimate Retail Experience with Bodega’s Oliver Mak

Is retail dead? Maybe not. In this world of shrinking retail, perhaps curiosity is the answer. How can you create an amazing and unconventional customer experience? How do you identify trends? What is the future of fashion? And how can you find this hidden store that is Bodega?

Duration: 00:42:46

ACLR 007: Re-examining Sex and Marriage with Fledgling Madame, Holley Shepard

What does it look like to stop and reveal your secret sexual your spouse? Is an open marriage a happier marriage? You may crinkle or raise your eyebrows, but this curious peek inside the world of polyamory, sex clubs, and swingers provides insights that can be applied way beyond what may seem obvious. Elevate curiosity.

Duration: 00:56:55

ACLR 006: Why You Should Be Curious About the Meat You Eat with scientist Nathan Parker

Nearly 6 billion people eat meat. The vast majority of us have no idea about the journey from the grasslands to our gullets. This episode will change this. How do you identify bad meat at the grocery store? If you're a little uncomfortable with the reality of turning cattle into a summer BBQ, elevate curiosity, step outside your comfort zone, and gain insights that others miss. Live curiously.

Duration: 01:13:42

ACLR 005: Understanding the Journey of An Asylum Seeker with Mpagi Kirumira

Mpagi Kirumira's story unfolds in this interview, revealing insights and busting assumptions that many of us have about what it's like to try to save your life by escaping to the United States. The roles of curiosity and adventure are clear as we peek inside the life of this Ugandan human rights activist and his journey to becoming an asylum seeker in the US.

Duration: 01:32:27

ACLR 004: Using Curiosity to Understand the Constitution with Law Expert Kim Wehle

How confident are you that the Constitution protects you in the ways you think? Have you ever thought, "Is that even legal?" How private are your personal effects? Why should you care? Demystify the Constitution and see things other miss with Prof Kim Wehle.

Duration: 01:19:14

ACLR 003: How Do You Lead When You Don’t Look The Part? Leadership with the Littlest Green Beret, Jan Rutherford

What life lessons can be gleaned from leadership expert, Jan Rutherford, who was the littlest man in the Special Forces? When it comes to leadership, does size matter? How do you overcome physical, emotional, and mental challenges to become a self-reliant leader? When should you quit? Is there a downside to diversity? How do civilian and military experts think differently? What's a PONER? Jan provides a curious peek into the world of Special Forces and tackles curious questions that many...

Duration: 00:47:55

ACLR Special Episode: A Curious Peek into the World of Podcasting

This is the first special episode of Applied Curiosity Lab Radio. Enjoy this exploration into the world of podcasting live from the Podcast Movement event. Gain insights and get a taste of the diversity of podcasting from my interview with four dynamic podcasters: Bigg UU and Riffa Hosts of Truth Be Told, Mitch Todd Host of Sci Fi Makers, Regina Revazova Host of Open Conversations...and publicist special guest, Joanne McCall. This reveals creator and consumer perspectives, and why you may...

Duration: 00:38:10

ACLR 002: Turn Curiosity Into Creative Success with Filmmaker Mike Rich

Applied Curiosity Lab Radio Episode 002 with filmmaker Mike Rich. How can you make a major career pivot to become a wildly successful screenwriter and filmmaker?

Duration: 00:59:44

ACLR 001: Using Curiosity to Identify & Manage Mental Illness with Julie Fast

Applied Curiosity Lab Radio Episode 001. What's is one thing that would surprise you most about mental illness? Expert Julie Fast provides a curious peek inside the world of mental illness and provides tips for identifying and managing bipolar disorder and depression.

Duration: 01:13:55

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