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Two brothers appraise impossible objects sent to their interdimensional pawnshop every week.






Episode 26 - Rolling in Doh!

Us fail at an episode description? That's unpossible! We even put on arm pants for this episode, and our birthdays are this year. Thanks for choo-choo-choosing our podcast to listen to, and we're sorry that this episode sounds like burning. Items this week: the radical skateboard, and the pacifier of baby talk. Thanks to the Pods in the Key of Springfield podcast for the intro this week. They can be found at Outro music: "Do the Bartman" by The...

Duration: 00:34:51

Episode 25 - Wrestling with Our Conscience

Remember to never haggle with warlocks if you can avoid it. Learn from our mistakes, and don't get your newest episode cursed. Every time you listen to this episode, it will become less Russian themed, and more wrestling themed. We can't explain how it happens. We just know it does. Items this week: Samson's shampoo, and the haunted Fabergé egg. Thanks to the She's In Russia podcast for the intro this week. They can be found at Outro music: "Rasputin" by Boney M.

Duration: 00:35:07

Episode 24 - Game Boys

! Appraised by Media's the name, podcasting's the game. It's dangerous to go alone, take us. We came here to chew bubblegum, and make jokes. Wait a minute... That one's from They Live! What the hell, Duke? Items this week: the 1-Up mushroom, the homerun bat, and the checkpoint controller. Thanks to The Sometimes Geek Podcast for the intro this week. Check them out at Outro music: "The New Formation" by Disasterpeace

Duration: 00:37:19

Episode 23 - Ahoy!

The reports of our deaths have been greatly exaggerated. Well, okay, exaggerated might not be the best word... Accurate? But if we told you the truth, you wouldn't have to remember anything, and where's the fun in that? Welcome back to Appraised by Media where thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work. Items this week: the ring of contradiction, and the orange of peeling. Thanks to the Raised by Media podcast for the intro this week. Check them out at...

Duration: 00:32:45

Episode 22 - More Weight

Duncan regrets that his last words weren't something cooler. Malcolm regrets that his will failed to specify which beanie baby he was to be buried with. The brothers always knew they would be executed, though they guessed it would be for witchcraft. Thanks for listening to Season One everyone. Items this week: the gun of lost items, and the door to the Mother IKEA. Intro music: "This Is Not the End" by Laura Gibson Outro music "Farewell Transmission" by Songs: Ohia

Duration: 00:37:16

Episode 21 - The Wolf of Wall Street

Sometimes, in our darkest hours, we can imagine a world without Jackie Chan. And how sad that world must be. And how scared and lost the inhabitants of that world must feel. And how we must never - never - let this world come to pass. Items this week: indestructible double sided sticky tape, and the lighter of shared memories. Intro music: "Kodoku No Hatsumei" by Toe Outro Music: "Stuck in the Middle with You" by Stealers Wheel

Duration: 00:31:11

Episode 19 - Punch Line Zing

This week features our first and funniest special guest. Live in the studio, the brothers are joined by none other than the shapeless one himself, Shavalyoth! ... What's that? We're sorry, but we have just been informed that Shavalyoth cannot be picked up on microphones. We assure you that his presence can be felt though. Items this week: the wax candle, Drake's drum, and a Kafka bed. Intro music: "Digging Holes" by Icarus Himself Outro music: "I Found a Way" by Drake Bell

Duration: 00:34:55

Episode 18.5 - Gooey and Gooeyer

Which is more believable: that this episode isn’t even close to the longest discussion the brothers have had about jelly, or that they used their one phone call to get this description transcribed? Items this week: the mystery enchantment jelly. Intro music: “Gooey” by Glass Animals Outro music: “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” by The Police

Duration: 00:16:12

Episode 18 - Sympathy for Al Pacino

Hell can come in many forms: war... other people... a box full of horrifyingly accurate fortunes. This week the brothers try to get a leg up on fate itself, but mostly giggle at each other's misfortunes. Hooah. Items this week: Gideon Gadzook's Delphic Cookie Twists. Intro music: "Movie Finale" by Madlib Outro music: "Fame and Fortune" by Elvis Presley

Duration: 00:32:22