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Art References in Recent Hip Hop ft. Dr James Peterson – Episode 5

Jay Z created a performance art piece with Marina Abramović and wrote a song called 'Picasso Baby'; Kanye West made a video inspired by a Vincent Desiderio painting. How – and why – have recent hip hop artists made extensive references to art in their music? This episode takes a look at how the relationship between art and hip hop has evolved, how graffiti art and hip hop grew up together, and why referencing Basquiat in a song may be about more than just status.


Art and Tattoos ft. Dr Matt Lodder – Episode 4

In this episode, we look at art that's skin-deep, displayed – not in galleries – but on the human body. Where does the history of tattooing meet the history of art? How have tattooed people been represented in paintings – and in the media? Why have some tattooers resisted the label of 'artist'? How did the fashion for Japanese prints among the Impressionists impact the world of tattooing? And who are the Da Vincis of the tattoo world?


Women Artists in the Digital Age ft. Katy Hessel of @thegreatwomenartists - Episode 3

On this episode of Art Matters, we speak with Katy Hessel, the woman behind the Instagram account, The Great Women Artists. We discuss how digital tools can help champion women artists, and how social platforms offer a voice to underrepresented communities. With this year marking 100 years since women began to gain voting rights in the UK, and International Women’s Day approaching on 8 March, it’s the perfect time to highlight and celebrate great, overlooked women artists.


Celebrity Culture and Art History ft. Tabloid Art History – Episode 2

We’re talking to the creators of Tabloid Art History, a Twitter account that joins up the celebrity images of today with paintings from art history, gaining attention from Dazed, Vogue, i-D and Vox. We discuss how Lindsay Lohan gives off Caravaggio vibes; the artistic merit to be found in the Real Housewives of Atlanta; and how Lady Gaga and Beyoncé have used art historical images to promote themselves and their music.


Queer Culture and Art History ft. Dr Justin Bengry – Episode 1

We talk to Dr Justin Bengry about queer culture and art history. Dr Bengry is a Lecturer in Queer History at Goldsmiths, University of London and convenor of the first MA in Queer History. 2017 marked 50 years since the beginning of decriminalisation of homosexuality in the United Kingdom. It also saw Tate Britain put on a landmark exhibition, ‘Queer British Art’, looking at the impact queer culture and people have had on the art world: from Simeon Solomon through to the Bloomsbury Group,...


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