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AI in 2017 and Beyond

With 2017 nearly in the books we take a look back at the first year of the podcast and make some big announcements for 2018.

Duration: 00:34:02

Ep. 36 - The Return of AI Church

Way Of The Future, the first A.I. Church, has come back into the light as founder Anthony Levandowski has sat down with Wired to give his first interview. Christian and Stephen sit down to discuss the merits of Anthony's arguments and discuss how legitimate we think the idea can be and if this is a true passion project or a grab for the headlines.

Duration: 00:37:39

Episode 35: Welcoming Your AI Coworker

More industries are adopting AI solutions and seeing increased productivity for those people who are embracing the tech. We look at how AI has affected translation - a service where a large part of the job can be done very well by an AI - and see if there are any lessons to be drawn from the experience. Links: Welcome to the Era of the AI Coworker Automation Jobs Will Put 10,000 Humans to Work, Study Says The Jobs that Artificial Intelligence Will Create Follow us and leave us a...

Duration: 00:43:36

Smart Cities and AI Citizens

This week we take a look at the Middle East and the latest investments in artificial intelligence and smart cities. We have Sophia - the world's first AI citizen and NEOM, a new city that's estimated to suck up $500 billion in investment and make Saudi Arabia a leader in AI and robotics. Also, other investments in this new technology is taking place in Toronto and Arizona. Links: Sun, Sea and Robots: Saudi Arabia's Sci-Fi City in the Desert "I will destroy humans": Humanoid AI robot...

Duration: 00:42:35

Episode 33: Facebook on Capitol Hill

With the Russian element of the 2016 under review and questions on how Facebook, Twitter and others acted as a platform for mis-information... the questions on how to regulate and moderate this content is being asked by Senators.

Duration: 00:18:26

Best of Bad AI

With AI as the latest buzzword that's grabbing all of the attention, we decided to look at some questionable uses of the term when applied to a number of different products out there on the market. Products mentioned: 1. Samsung WW8800M 2. Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock 3. InspiroBot 4. Ripple Smart Water Bottle 5. Sleep Number 360 Bed 6. Juicero 7. Vinci AI Powered Headphones 8. KFC Face Recognition 9. Kolibree Ara: The AI-Powered Toothbrush 10. Moley In-Home Robotic Chef Follow us...

Duration: 01:01:10

Episode 31: The Magic Leap of AI Investment

Startup investments and particularly AI investments are higher than ever. Yes, the technology is maturing rapidly, but there are also other macroeconomic forces at play. Today we take a look at some of those deeper reasons. Also, check out some of the books we recommend on this topic in the show notes at the links below! Links Why Do People Keep Giving Magic Leap Money? On the effects of central banking and the economy: The Great Deformation What has government done to our...

Duration: 00:29:19

Episode 30: Graphing Your Taste Experience with AI

Gastrograph is a company that has been on our radar for about a year now and we've finally taken the time to cover it. This is an innovative company that uses machine learning to improve the quality and taste of food, primarily in the beer, tea, and coffee spaces. It's not the typical application that comes to mind but helps one realize how powerful this technology really is. Links Gastrograph Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter...

Duration: 00:39:13

Episode 29: The Seven Deadly Sins of AI

We've been critical of AI reporting and those trumpeting doomsday scenarios for a while. This week, we look at an article from a well-respected AI researcher, Rodney Brooks who highlights seven major issues with most AI predictions. Tune in and see if you've spotted any of these yourself. Links: The Seven Deadly Sins of AI Prediction Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter @artlyintelly Facebook

Duration: 00:39:45

Episode 28: God is the Machine?

Documents revealed by Wired show that former Googler Anthony Levandowski has founded a church known as Way of the Future which aims to develop a "Godhead based on artificial intelligence." This sci-fi religion has kept things under wraps thus far, but we take a look at the implications of such a movement and possible motivations and consequences of a "god-bot." Links: God is a bot and Anthony Levandowski is his messenger Deus ex machina: former Google engineer is developing an AI...

Duration: 00:39:52

Amazon's Automation Drive

The default assumption in the world today seems to be that automation leads inexorably to job losses. However, economic theory and economic reality don't exactly show that to be such a simple relationship. This week we take a look at one of the companies at the forefront of automation for reduced cost and increased service - Amazon - and see what has happened in their robot-filled warehouses. Links: As Amazon Pushes Forward With Robots, Workers Find New Roles This start-up added robots...

Duration: 00:30:27

What does your face say about you?

New developments in facial recognition raise serious legal and ethical questions about its use and deployment. New research purports that such AI systems can do more than identify someone, but could also predict whether or not someone may be aggressive or even their sexual orientation! Links What machines can tell from your face Advances in AI are used to spot signs of sexuality These glasses trick facial recognition software into thinking you're someone else Follow us and leave us a...

Duration: 00:32:26

Episode 25: How AI is Getting Products to Your Door

Supply chain management deals with moving goods and products around the globe. While traditionally thought of more as a cost rather than a differentiator, supply chain is being transformed through AI. In this episode, Christian and Stephen take a look at some of the new innovations that they're most intrigued by. Links: Warehouse Robots (video) Self-Driving Lorries to be Tested on UK Roads Artificial Intelligence and Future Supply Chains Follow us and leave us a...

Duration: 00:34:14

Episode 24: Is Tesla Moving too Fast with Autonomous Driving?

A recent article by the Wall Street Journal highlights a high turnover rate among those involved in Tesla's Autopilot team - the engineering group responsible for developing self-driving cars. The article suggests that Tesla isn't taking safety seriously causing the engineers to leave for other companies that are doing self-driving cars "the right way." Is Tesla moving too quickly and cutting corners on safety? How safe do these vehicles need to be? What is the "right way" to develop...

Duration: 00:31:04

Episode 23: AI Competes in DOTA Tournament

Open AI have created an AI to compete and win in the online video game of DOTA 2. Attending the International Championships - the AI used a new general learning algorithm to compete against itself until it learned enough to defeat the professional players and even former world champions! Watch the replay of the grand stage match for the AI OPEN AIs blog post about the creation of the AI Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter...

Duration: 00:20:48

Episode 22: Is AI Stuck?

Has progress on AI topped out? Gary Marcus, in a recent piece featured in the New York Times claims that it has. In this episode, Christian and Stephen look at Marcus' claims and give their own take on the state of the field. Links: Artificial Intelligence is Stuck. Here's How to Move it Forward. The Limitations of Deep Learning Understanding the Limits of Deep Learning AI News 2: AI Controlled Purchasing, Machine Learning Stocks, and AI's Dark Secret Image from Ian Goodfellow:...

Duration: 00:42:29

Episode 21: Technology and Job Disruption

It's common to hear that we're in an age of unprecedented technological disruption. Things are moving so fast and AI is leading the way in the workplace. But, what does the data actually say? We take a look at an article and a recent report that dispute this popular narrative. Links: Episode 20: Musk vs. Zuck and the Future of AI Unproductive entrepreneurship is increasingly common in America False Alarmism: Technological Disruption and the U.S. Labor Market All the President's...

Duration: 00:49:57

Episode 20: Musk vs. Zuck and the Future of AI

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have had a bit of a back and forth this past week regarding artificial intelligence. It all at a US National Governors Association meeting earlier this month, he called for regulation of AI to prevent the existential threat that AI poses to mankind. Zuckerberg responded to this latest doomsday prediction with bewilderment and dismissing Musk's comments were "pretty irresponsible." Of course, Musk shot back at Zuckerberg and the internet has been all abuzz...

Duration: 00:56:39

Episode 19: AI Echo Chamber

First it was Siri, then Google, Amazon and others got on board with voice activated AI assistants. As these devices become more widespread, humorous stories of mistaken orders crop up as well as more serious events. How do we interact with these devices? Are they security issues? How can we protect our data? Links: Smart speaker alerts authorities to alleged domestic assault incident Amazon may give developers your private Alexa transcripts Amazon's Alexa started ordering people...

Duration: 00:42:11

Episode 18 - International AI Superpower

Much has been made of China's recent focus on artificial intelligence research and development. The country is home to vast amounts of data, high-performing students, multiple, gargantuan tech firms, and a government that has placed AI in its most recent 5-year plan. Is all of that momentum enough for China to overtake the US? How big is the gap? Does culture play a factor? Links: China may match or beat America in AI Is China outsmarting America in AI? U.S. weighs restricting...

Duration: 00:42:21

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