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Join in each week as host Leslie Saeta discusses a specific topic that addresses how to sell more art on-line, along with guest artists, gallerists, and others sharing their knowledge of the business side of art. If you would like to call in to the show live and ask a question, call 646-915-9243 every Thursday at 9:00 am PST, 12:00 EST.

Join in each week as host Leslie Saeta discusses a specific topic that addresses how to sell more art on-line, along with guest artists, gallerists, and others sharing their knowledge of the business side of art. If you would like to call in to the show live and ask a question, call 646-915-9243 every Thursday at 9:00 am PST, 12:00 EST.
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Join in each week as host Leslie Saeta discusses a specific topic that addresses how to sell more art on-line, along with guest artists, gallerists, and others sharing their knowledge of the business side of art. If you would like to call in to the show live and ask a question, call 646-915-9243 every Thursday at 9:00 am PST, 12:00 EST.






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A Conversation with Artist Ted Nuttall

A graduate of Colorado Institute of Art, Ted Nuttall is a figurative artist whose painting expression was born out of his observation of people. Ted’s paintings win awards in juried exhibitions throughout the country, and his work has been featured in numerous national and international art publications. A prolific painter, Ted finds time to teach 9 months of the year throughout the United States. Join us as we interview this amazing talented painter.

Duration: 01:14:26

How to Increase Your Chances to Get into an Art Gallery, Art Show, or Art Group

Many of us are trying to sell our art ourselves. But the lure of a good gallery, a national show, or a membership in an art association of national repute is alluring. All of these can bring more buyers, higher prices, and the notion of someone else doing the selling. On today's show, we will share tips every artist should consider to increase your chances of getting into an art group, art show and/or gallery.

Duration: 00:48:36

Ways to Use Your Art to Cope With What's Happening in the World

The tragic events occurring in Las Vegas this week inspired this show. It’s said that artists feel more deeply, and are in the unique position to express their feelings via the expression of their art. Today we are going to discuss how you can use your art to help others and yourself to cope with what's happening in the world.

Duration: 00:34:24

Why do Artists Need Deadlines to be More Successful?

It doesn’t matter how long you have been an artist or where you are in life, deadlines are crucial. Whether it’s paying a bill, writing a blog post or finishing a painting for a show, deadlines can help us stay on track. Deadlines help us project manage and prioritize the many things that require our attention on a daily basis. Join us for today's show as we discuss why artists need deadlines to be more successful.

Duration: 01:02:30

Mistakes We Made in Our Art Careers

Every artist has made mistakes. But we are not sure how many have gone public with what those mistakes were. On today's show my co-host Margaret Sheldon and I will each share the top ten mistakes we think we have made so far in our art careers. This should be a very telling conversation.

Duration: 01:02:00

Organizing Your Email and Inspirational Photos ... Every Artists Nightmare

Organizing your email can be a nightmare. The same goes with your inspirational photos. On today’s show we will offer solutions for both of these difficult tasks. You might want to listen to this show.

Duration: 00:59:13

What to Expect Your First Year as a Full Time Artist

There are a lot of artists that listen to this show who are either contemplating moving to being an artist full time or have made the plunge recently to painting full time. It’s a difficult decision. On today's show my cohost Margaret Sheldon and I will share what you can expect if you decide to make this exciting leap to being a full time artist.

Duration: 00:54:08

Twenty Reasons Why You Should Take an Online Painting Course

In recent years, online painting classes have increased in popularity. If you consider the ease of taking a class online and the cost savings (by not having to travel) the popularity makes sense. On today's show, we will share twenty reasons why you should take an online painting course

Duration: 00:47:10

The Real Meaning of Artists Helping Artists

Artists Helping Artists. If you think about it, that’s what this show is all about. We are artists helping other artists. It’s the premise this show was founded on and for seven years it’s been a wonderful experience. Today we would like to turn the tables a bit and ask all of you to take on an Artists Helping Artists challenge. If all of the artists who listen to this show made a commitment to share and help each other I think we could honestly make a huge impact. Today we are going to...

Duration: 01:00:26

How to Plan A Successful Art Trip

We’ve all had a summer full of wonderful weather, vacations, and art. No doubt you’ve seen many artists posting on Facebook about their art adventures and vacations. Today’s show is going to convince you that spending some leisure time dedicated to art is well worth it. Whether you choose to find a group to travel with, or simply find a new place close to home to explore on your own, getting out of the studio and into some fresh air will do you more good than you can imagine. On today’s...

Duration: 00:54:40

The Top Twenty Lists Artists Should Keep

As artists we have a hard time staying organized. First off, we are very creative people so we are constantly inspired with new ideas. So how do we stay organized and on top of all of our creative thoughts? The answer is to keep good lists. On today’s show we are going to cover our recommendations for the top 20 lists every artists should keep. We will also discuss the best method for keeping your lists organized.

Duration: 00:53:44

What You Can Give Away to Boost Your Art Career

Giveaways are a great tool for artists to boost their art careers. We have so many giveaways we can offer to boost sales, increase followers on social media and grow our mailing list. Listen to today's show as we discuss all of the ways you can use giveawys to boost your art career.

Duration: 01:08:23

It's Time to Organize Your Mailing List

Back in December, we shared a list with you of twelve things every artist should do to get their lives (and art business) organized. When I shared the list with all of you I promised each month we would cover one of these tasks every month in 2017. This month’s task is getting your mailing list organized. Most of us have a mailing list. Or mailing lists. But how many of you have looked at them lately? On today's show, we will discuss what you need to do to get your mailing list organized....

Duration: 01:01:17

What We Can Learn From the Top Rated Artist’s Blogs

We’ve had AHA shows before about the usefulness of blogs in marketing and selling our art and about how to make your blog better. It’s time to do a refresh. We’ve got two goals for this show, to explore what we can learn from the content of the current most widely read blogs, and about the approaches these artists take to their blogs. Join me and my co-host Bobbi Heath as we review some wonderful art blogs.

Duration: 01:11:09

How to Use Lists to Organize Your Art

Artists have so much to do! The bottom line is there’s a whole lot to do, and many deadlines to meet. How can we keep track of it all? While there are some sophisticated approaches in the world of project management, the most basic tool is the most powerful, and that tool is the simple and familiar list. Today my July co-host Bobbi Heath and I have a set of lists to share. We will discuss how to stay on top of all the tasks you need to do to create your artwork and run your business. You...

Duration: 01:13:34

Why Using Instagram Stories is a Must For Your Career

Instagram Stories is a new feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. As you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshow format: your story. With Instagram Stories, you don’t have to worry about overposting. Instead, you can share as much as you want throughout the day — with as much creativity as you want. You can bring your story to life in new ways with text and drawing tools. The photos and...

Duration: 00:59:10

Understanding Art Trends

There are trends that sell art. There are trends that seem to develop organically through artists we know. There are trends in home design. Trends in materials used. Palette trends. Geographic trends. And trends in studio space. So how do art trends affect what you as an artist do in your studio? Join me and my co-host Margaret Sheldon as we discuss this interesting dilemma.

Duration: 00:52:39

Organizing Your Art Storage

Every artist has tons of stuff that they don’t need to create art. But it's stuff that you still need for your art business. For example, things like old canvases, new canvases, frames, framing supplies, shipping supplies, and finished paintings need storage space. And unfortunately, they take up a lot of room Is there a better, more organized approach? Join me and my co-host, Margaret Sheldon, as we share our ideas. This is the sixth monthly show that addresses the issue of how to...

Duration: 00:54:51

A Conversation with Artist Kate McGloughlin

Kate McGloughlin is a celebrated painter and printmaker who currently lives and maintains her studio in Olivebridge, NY. Kate has exhibited her work in Ireland, Japan, and the United States and has been included in over 70 exhibitions in notable galleries and in four museums during her twenty-five-year career. Join us as we get to know this amazing artist!

Duration: 01:02:41

Artists Who Inspire Us

We are all inspired by other artists! On today's show, my co-host Margaret Sheldon and I thought it might be fun to share twenty artists who inspire us every day. Join us for a really informative and fun show!

Duration: 01:11:36

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