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Listening to As It Happens is like taking a trip around the world. From the complex headlines of the day to the weird and wacky, As It Happens brings you the story behind the story.

Listening to As It Happens is like taking a trip around the world. From the complex headlines of the day to the weird and wacky, As It Happens brings you the story behind the story.
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Listening to As It Happens is like taking a trip around the world. From the complex headlines of the day to the weird and wacky, As It Happens brings you the story behind the story.




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Kabul Mosque Attack, Amazon Critic, Bed Bug Family, Beer Foreign Languages, Rozon Journalist, Bigfoot Taxidermist, and more

All but one of them were there to worship. That one was a suicide bomber. And today, during Friday prayers at a busy mosque in Kabul, he detonated his explosives -- killing dozens of people.

Duration: 00:48:01

Michigan Bottled Water, Mogadishu Ex-Mayor, Canada Haggis, Naked Mini-Golf, Fernie Deaths, Not Dead Man, George Saunders, Insect Decline, and more

The problem is as clear as the product. Critics say companies pay next to nothing to bottle hundreds of millions of litres of Michigan groundwater -- and now, a state lawmaker says it's time for them to pay the piper.

Duration: 00:55:50

Gord Downie Obit: Allan Gregg and Fort Albany High School Band, X-Ray Music, Raqqa, Bigfoot Anniversary, Sasquatch Hunter, Sima Wali Obit, and more

And grace, too. With the death of Gord Downie, Canada loses an artist who served as a poet, an entertainer, and a conscience -- and thirty years ago, our first guest saw a spark of genius in the singer and his band, the Tragically Hip.

Duration: 00:55:20

Airbus Bombardier Deal, Quebec "Burka Ban", Fish Kisser, Stress Study, Houston Rescue, Kirkuk Update, Another Snail Obit, and more

And the winner is...well, who exactly? After Bombardier faces sky-high tariffs from the U.S., Airbus steps in to gives the company's C-Series jets a lift -- but some Quebec politicians wonder who will really benefit.

Duration: 00:49:45

Mogadishu Canadian Doctor, California Fire Dog, Basement Cosmetic Surgery, Morneau: Conservative, Malta Blogger Death, Texas Fajita, and more

One truck. More than three hundred people dead. Since the truck bombing in Mogadishu, our guest has been treating victims -- and tonight, she'll tell us what she's seen.

Duration: 00:48:38

Puerto Rico, Trump: Iran Deal, Jeremy The Snail Obit, Rohingya Reporter, Boeing 747 Pilot, Tippi Hedren Harassment, and more.

Apparently, it comes with being the territory. Donald Trump has publicly wondered when the expensive post-hurricane mess in Puerto Rico is going to end, but as our guest explains, the crisis may just be beginning.

Duration: 00:52:54

NAFTA: Mexico, listener response: TDSB "chief", Labrador Time, MacArthur Genius: Nguyen, Breaking Bad House, Stereo Ban, Earthquake Spray, and more

While dealing with the deal, you'll just have to deal. Despite Donald Trump's threat to scrap the trillion-dollar trade agreement, a former Mexican NAFTA negotiator says PM Trudeau and Mexico's President should stay calm.

Duration: 00:51:53

California fires, TDSB: No Chiefs, Weinstein: Lawyer, Sears Liquidation, Seal Meat Chef, and more.

What's found amid what's lost. A Northern California family returns home to find their house and neighbourhood destroyed by the wildfires -- but as Brad Sherwood tells us tonight, there is a glimmer of hope amid the destruction.

Duration: 00:48:53

NAFTA: Trump/Trudeau, California Fires, Porridge Champ, Catalonia Declaration, Rhode Island Farmer, Germany Skulls, and more

Maybe take a few cold ones. In the run-up to tomorrow's meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau, U.S. President Trump threatens to throw NAFTA on the fire -- but the head of the Canadian-American Business Council says Canada should keep its cool.

Duration: 00:54:25

Weinstein Open Secret, Catalonia Unionist, Typhoid Challenge, Pledge Protest Student, Music Festival and more

Silence on set. Harvey Weinstein's downfall comes as no surprise to a reporter who spent years trying to get a story she could publish about the producer and allegations of abuse.

Duration: 00:46:26

Sixties Scoop Settlement, Utah Police Shooting, Toilet Seat Museum, Puerto Rico Flood, Dropped Phone and more

All she wanted was to go home. As Ottawa announces compensation for the victims of Canada's notorious Sixties Scoop, we hear from a chief who still feels the pain of being cut off from her mother's love.

Duration: 00:45:50

Nevada Senator, Energy East: Carr, Monopoly Protester, Inuit TB Database, Lone Scientist Op-Ed and more

The future is now. When asked about gun control in Las Vegas, U.S. President Trump said, "We're not going to talk about that today" -- but one Nevada state senator says there's no better time.

Duration: 00:49:58

Pacific Walrus, Sex Assault Play, Tower Babies, Las Vegas: Survivor, Font Creator, Status of Women and more.

Taking them to tusk. The Trump Administration says Pacific walruses aren't threatened anymore, because they've adapted to dwindling sea ice in the north -- but our guest says that decision will push the species closer to extinction.

Duration: 00:52:36

Puerto Rico Latest, Las Vegas Counsellor, Bentham Head, Gay Syrian, Tom Petty Obit, Egypt Band and more

It's in desperate need of repair -- but he wasn't there to mend fences. On his visit to Puerto Rico, U.S. President Donald Trump downplays the effects of Hurricane Maria, complains about the cost of the relief effort -- and expresses strong approval of hi

Duration: 00:53:24

Las Vegas: Witness, Jagmeet Singh, Canadian Pilot, Edmonton Attack, Catalan Vote and more

At least fifty-eight people are dead, and hundreds injured after a gunman opened fire on a music festival in Las Vegas. Our guest began the night serving beer to country music fans -- and ended it comforting one of the victims as he died.

Duration: 00:49:20

RCMP Verdict, Flames Stadium: Nenshi, Bere Island Update, Catalonia Vote, Drunk Paddle Boater and more

An indefensible lack of defense. A New Brunswick judge rules the RCMP failed to provide adequate equipment and training to the officers killed during the rampage in Moncton -- and the widow of one of those officers says she knew that from the start.

Duration: 00:53:27

Netflix Announcement, Flames Stadium, El Capitan Rock, Neo-Natal Unit, Poo Donor and more

A big party with balloons and cake -- but just one streamer. The federal government announces a deal that will see Netflix spend half a billion on Canadian TV and film -- but our guest says the streaming service will get all the binge benefits.

Duration: 00:48:53

Bombardier: VP, Bombardier: Bernie, Video Game Voice Actor, Take A Knee: WNBA, Pylon Lung and more

Duty calls -- followed by duty screams. When the U.S. imposes enormous new tariffs on Bombardier, the company blames a rival for manipulating the system -- and Maxime Bernier blames the Liberal government.

Duration: 00:56:57

Saudi Arabia Driving, Thunder Bay Death, George Laraque, Rachel Harder: Liberal, Guppy Study and more

The squeaky wheel gets the keys. Saudi Arabia says its now OK for women to drive, and we ask one activist who fought the ban how she'll exercise her new right to go for a spin.

Duration: 00:48:52

San Juan Mayor, Canada Invictus Athlete, Charles Bradley Obit, AfD Germany, Take A Knee Montage, and more

Hurricane Maria is long gone but the mayor of Puerto Rico's capital city says some of the island's elderly and injured residents are suffering the most, as they try to recover without food, water, or electricity.

Duration: 00:47:16

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