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Every palate, from the most experienced connoisseur to the nervous new-comer, can benefit from a taste of At the Root of It, HRN’s weekly wine program. Sommelier and wine enthusiast Erin Fitzpatrick canvases the wine world to bring the vintners and professionals shaping the industry into HRN studios, where they discuss the farmers who make the wine, the industry that bottles it, and the people that love it…not to mention the occasional on-air tasting!




At the Root of It - Episode 18 - Brian DiMarco of Barterhouse Wines

This week on At The Root Of It, Erin talks about branding wine and private labels with the Owner Managing Director of Barterhouse Wines, Brian DiMarco

Duration: 00:30:15

At the Root of It - Episode 18 - Brian DiMarco of Barterhouse Wines

This week on At The Root Of It, Erin talks about branding wine and private labels with the Owner Managing Director of Barterhouse Wines, Brian DiMarco

Duration: 00:30:15

Unfiltered - Episode 74 - Ryan Looper of T Edwards Wines

Map courtesy of Cellar Tours.

Duration: 00:35:58

Unfiltered - Episode 106 - The Fire Island Cookbook

This week on Unfiltered, our host Erin Fitzpatrick is flying solo while Brian DiMarco is in Bordeaux. Erin is joined in the studio by Jeff Jenssen and Mike DeSimone, better known as the World Wine Guys. Tune in to hear Jeff and Mike talk about their new cookbook called The Fire Island Cookbook, the relevance of wine ratings, and the reason why Fire Island is so dear to them. In their cookbook, the World Wine Guys provide a wine pairing for each recipe; try their suggestions! This program...

Duration: 00:30:39

Unfiltered - Episode 104 - Taylor Fladgate

This week on Unfiltered, Brian DiMarco is joined by Lorenzo Bakewell-Stone of world renowned port producer, Taylor Fladgate. Learn about what makes port such an accessible wine and how it can be utilized in a variety of refreshing and delicious cocktails. Tune in as they taste Siroco Tonic's and Maria McClarie's on-air and delve into the history of dry white port. This program was sponsored by Barterhouse Wines. "By sticking to our three prestigious brands, we don't lose sight of quality."...

Duration: 00:30:49

Unfiltered - Episode 103 - Brian DiMarco on WNYC's Freakonomics Radio

This week's episode of Unfiltered features a clip of Brian DiMarco on WNYC's Freakonomics Radio program.

Duration: 00:19:00

Unfiltered - Episode 101 - Fladgate Port

This week Unfiltered starts with some theiving wine news about a certain Moet employee (Romaine Brunot) who recently has gotten arrested for hoarding over $100K worth of the swag. Then hosts Erin and Brian welcome Robert Bower of The Fladgate Partnership, makers fine port wines. Learn all about this unique Portuguese wine from the Douro region from the amazing cocktails that you can make with it to how white port wines have grabbed a growing foothold amongst a new generation of drinkers....

Duration: 00:46:15

Unfiltered - Episode 102 - Bols Genever

This week on Unfiltered, Erin Fitzpatrick & Brian DiMarco sit down and chat with Piet van Leijenhorst, Bols Master Distiller, about his Bols Genever. Learn more about the overlooked flavored white whiskey and learn what sets it apart from other spirits. Find out why genever should not be used as a gin substitute and how it can best be utilized in cocktails. Unfiltered is brought to you by The Barterhouse. "Genever is a categeroy on its own. It was copied by the English somewhere in the...

Duration: 00:32:35

Unfiltered - Episode 100 - The 100th Episode!

This week Unfiltered hits its 100th Episode! One of Heritage Radio's oldest running shows celebrates this milestone in style as hosts Erin and Brian and Lucy jare oined by Brent Young of Brooklyn's own The Meat Hook and open up a Barterhouse rarity on air: 2001 Dunn Vineyards Cab-Sav from Howell Mountain. Tune in to hear as they try other fine vintages and talk with Brent about his vision for the Meat Hook, nose-to-tail butchering, and his favorite wine pairings for everything from...

Unfiltered - Episode 98 - Valentine's Bubbly

On this Valentine's Day episode of Unfiltered host Brian DiMarco and Lucy Muellner guide you on the perfect selection of bubbly for your special night. Their choice for romance? Go with a good Ros for your dinner plans. To further explain the delicious virtues of this wine they are joined by Jason Carter of Barrel 27 winery in California. Tune in to find out the best choice for any price point. This episode is sponsored by The Barterhouse. "The two, particularly for American palates, most...

Unfiltered - Episode 98 - Kobrand

The Unfiltered crew celebrates Valentine's Day early with guest Marybeth Bentwood, Director of Public Relations for Kobrand. Tune in as they discuss the many nuances of sparkling wine and taste some bottles on-air. Find out how domestic and imported varieties differ and why nothing says "I love you" more than a bottle of Ros. Also hear hosts Erin Fitzpatrick and Brian DiMarco comment on this years Super Bowl advertising and halftime show! (Spoiler alert: they are not feeling Madonna). This...

Unfiltered - Episode 97 - Hotel Americano

This week on Unfiltered hosts Erin and Brian dive into the world hospitality with Omar Hernandez and Camille Broderick of the Hotel Americano. Get the inside scoop of what it takes to run a successful and cohesive hotel (tip: rooftop gardens are essential!). From curating a wine list to how room pricing works to how hotels stay up to date on the latest trends you can find it all in this episode. This episode is sponsored by Whole Foods Market. "The hotel business is fun, you get to...

Unfiltered - Episode 86 - News & Headlines

This week on Unfiltered, Brian DiMarco and guest co-host Justin Rohrlich discuss some of the latest food news and headlines going around right now. Tune in to hear their thoughts on everything from peanut allergies to Hostess going bankrupt. Also learn about braille wine labels and get ready for the upcoming Barterhouse portfolio trade show. This program was sponsored by The Barterhouse. "Times are hard for the 1% I guess. Business class isn't what it used to be." --Justin Rohrlich on...

Unfiltered - Episode 95 - Tom Gannon

This week host Erin Fitzpatrick helms the 95th episode of Unfiltered solo but is joined by long time friend, and one of the first guests on the show, Tom Gannon. They talk about his work at the Spire Collection after leaving Rothmann's Steakhouse in New York. Tune to learn about and what it takes to become a certified master sommelier from theory to tasting to cigar pairing as well as the inside scoop on Nashville's burgeoning wine and food scene. This episode is sponsored by The Hearst...

Unfiltered - Episode 94 - Holiday Special Part 2

Erin & Brian are back! Tune into the first episode of Unfiltered in 2012 as the hosts of HRN's only wine show talk about some great holiday dinners and wine pairings they've had recently. Hear about Brian's upcoming trip to Austria and preview some of the wineries he'll be visiting. Later in the show, the gang taste a few bottles on-air and talk about the corresponding regions and stories behind the bottles. This program was brought to by The Barterhouse. "Rome was my first love in the...

Unfiltered - Episode 93 - Monte's Ham

Erin & Brian are back for a final episode of Unfiltered before the holiday break and they are joined by Monte Mathews of Monte's Ham. Learn more about his all natural nitrate free cured hams and hear how Monte helps support small family farms in upstate New York with his business. What could be better for the holidays than wine & ham? Tune in and get in the holiday spirit! This episode was sponsored by The Barterhouse. "We are trying to convert dairy farms into hog producing farms." "The...

Unfiltered - Episode 92 - Justin Rohrlich

This week's episode of Unfiltered sees Brian DiMarco gearing up for Thanksgiving with friend and guest Justin Rohrlich, Emmy Award-winning Head Writer of Minyanville's World In Review, the world's first (and only) animated business news show. Tune in as they open the show discussing recent reports of chicken abuse in the McDonalds supply chain and then later discuss customer data protection in online sales. Also find out why Douro is the best burger wine in the world and why whine...

Unfiltered - Episode 91 - Mezcal, Tequila and Chteauneuf-du-Pape

This episode of Unfiltered finds Erin Fitzpatrick returning from a brief hiatus and joining Brian DiMarco for a tasting of Chteauneuf-du-Pape at the top of the show. Fresh off of a trip from a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, Erin gives us a primer on mezcal and tequila. and the difference in their signature ingredients, agave, as well as the process in which they are created. The conversation continues on to the subject of online wine retailers which seem to still be burgeoning in today's economic...

Unfiltered - Episode 90 - Don Manuel Villefane

This week Unfiltered won't cry for Argentina because Argentina has come to the Heritage Radio Network studio in the form of Toms Machado de Villefae of Don Manuel Villefae Wines. Toms has become synonomous with Malbec and Torrontes in the wine world where his wines have garnered critical acclaim; the latter's 2010 vintage has been named by Wine Enthusiast as one their Top 100 Wines. On the show they try both of these fine vintages, talk about differences of higher-elevation grapes and the...

Unfiltered - Episode 89 - Lucy Millner & Fork Anchor

This week Unfiltered welcomes Lucy Millner on the show who with host Erin Fitzpatrick founded Fork and Anchor a general store on Long Island's East End that provides a growing community of farmers and winemakers a meeting place as well as offering prepared foods, a variety of sundries, and a selection of homespun products, many of which have their origins in NY state. Tune in later as Erin calls in with some recipes and wine pairing for goats in celebration of Goatober and Heritage Foods...
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