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Season 2 Episode 4: The Depths

Things happened on Halloween, and now it's time to dig up some answers!

Duration: 01:13:32

S2E3: Wade

Its Halloween at bridgemont college and a lot is happening this month!get the scoop on how to spend your time this holiday!

Duration: 00:32:22

episode 2: Students Representative

Things heat up at the first sports event of the season! Also, secrets are revealed, interns are frightened, and Dave is the worst possible liar. Voices for this episode were provided by Jarred Worley, Neal Caudill, Cathy Simonelli, Shen Boyd, and me, Tina Simonelli. Music this episode included our intro music The Last True Boss by Komiku, Killer Rabbit by the Zombie Dandies, Credits Thank You For Playing by Komiku, Fern Flower by Peter Rodenko, Space Outro by Andy G Cohen, and our outro...

Duration: 00:36:12

Season 2 Episode 1: Back to School

Its that time of year again! Welcome back to school at Bridgemont college! Talking about required vaccinations, the Bridgemont Cassowary, and a mysterious package is delivered. Music was Two Timer by Straight Arrows. Voice talent provided by Neal Caudill, Cathy Simonelli, Jarred Worley, and Tina Simonelli. Please support us on Patreon at I love you all!

Duration: 00:29:06

Minisode pt 2: The Inbox is Full

The summer happens and Sonya is surprised, Jack is AWOL, and Lana Expresses her support, she thinks?

Duration: 00:24:24

Minisode 1: The Summer Calls

This was a weird year at Bridgemont College.

Duration: 00:23:41

S01- Special Episode- April Fools Day Special!

Jack found an important tape in the closet that Sonya has to do emergency coverage for. Song covered by Shen Boyd on acoustic guitar.

Duration: 00:22:35

S1E05- Jack Attack Version 2.0

It's Sonya's birthday so Jack's taking over the show! Get ready for some alien encounters with Tina Simonelli, Neal Caudill, Lane Ingram, Jarred Worley, Cathy Simonelli, and Brad McAninch. Intro music was Soulache by Malaventure. Outro Music was Juillet by Monplaisir. Feature Music was Fortitude by J.O. Special Thanks to our Patreon supporters at and those who have reviewed us on iTunes! This episode was remastered due to a glitch in the editing of the ep! Sorry...

Duration: 00:33:15

S1E04 - The Visit

Full coverage from your host, Sonya Romain, of the Valentine's Dance, The Visitors' stay, and the Horoscope Advice Corner. Voices provided by Naomi Ansano, Cathy Simonelli, Lane Ingram, Ahdonnica Patterson, Shen Boyd, Brad McAninch, and Tina Simonelli. Intro music was 10 buck guitar and dental floss strings by Monplaisir. Outro Music was Juillet by Monplaisir. Feature Music was Let It In by Josh Woodward. A special thanks to all our patrons on Patreon!

Duration: 00:23:58

S1E03- The Interview

Episode 3 featuring Brad McAninch, Cat Simonelli, Jarred Worley, Neal Caudill, Lane Ingram, and Tina Simonelli. Music was Kellee Maize's Dance With Lightning. Intro and Outro Music by Monplaisir.

Duration: 00:32:42

S1-E01- Pilot

Episode 1, in which the show begins, toasters are thwarted, and the world keep spinning on its axis. Music provided by Monplaisir and Mink Lungs, voice talent by T.A. Simonelli, Bradley McAninch, Cat Simonelli, and Lane Ingram.

Duration: 00:18:46

S1-E00-Promo Late Nights With Sonya Romain

Trailer/Promo episode for Late Nights with Sonya Romain Music Juillet by Monplaisir obtained under a CC 1.0 Universal License at, check em out!

Duration: 00:03:25