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We Everywhere Mix!

Uganda hitting me up? Uganda? Told ya'll we everywhere. World Hip­ Hop, you can't deny it or stop it. So just jump aboard. A crazy man like me, China Mac ripping up social media with his hyped lyrics. Napolen Da Legend with another project before you even sat down to think. He had some assistance from DJ Doom. Come on ya'll. Let's go. Just listen!!! Intell ft. Inspectah Deck-Word of Mouth Napoleon Da Legend & Dj Doom ft. General Steele-Devil & God PotatoeHead People-Mellowtunes 00:00 -...


Back In New York Mix

Back home in NYC. Had to leave the tour and come back home to take care of something. We had a whole week off from the tour anyway, so coming back home wasn't a problem. I got back in time to rock my World Hip­ Hop show on Check out some new artist: Lil Vic & Sees on the scene ... head bopping and feet stomping joints. Let's go!!! China Mac-Don't Play With Me Cortez-For The Fame Gangalee-0 to 100 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:50 - Glass Home (Italy) - Lil Vic 06:36 - Which Side...


Rocking Straight Outta Vegas Mix

So um!! I got the dates mixed up with LA & LV. For those that don't know, Los Angeles & Las Vegas, lol. I forgot we had a couple of days off in Las Vegas. All good because it's all fun. Oh know I don't really gamble like that. I'm a loser when it comes to gambling but I'm still having a hell of a time with my tour mates. At the same time, I still find time to bring you my world hiphop mix to you. Yep via­satellite from Vegas to the world. After today we head to Long Beach to rock on Weds....



Yes, yes, yes!! About to leave for this incredible tour coming up. Apathy & Celph­Titled's "Widow's Tour." We're hitting the West Coast hard like a hurricane coming from the Pacific ocean backwards. get it? Yes, we first touchdown in New Mexico, rocking at the Sista Bar in Albuquerque. Come on out and meet us in real life. I will be the official tour DJ. In the meantime check out my World Hip ­Hop mix while I travel the world. Some dope cuts by Mr. Leto & Mr. Cheeks. Also, check out China...


Theme Music for Your Life Mix

Press play. Now walk around where ever you at and just make this mix your theme music for your life. Walk wit a bop, confidence with your head up high in the sky. A lot of joints on this mix will just have your neck snapping and your head bopping. You can't ignore it. You can't help it. Just pump this world hip­hop mix loud mannnnn or womannnnnn. Let's go.. You'll see. Napoleon Da Legend & EyeDee-Champion Sound Joell Ortiz, Bodega Bamz & Nitty Scott-No Panty, HOla Samurai Champs-Crayons...


Show Some Love, Valentine's Day Mix

Love day is here. Hump day is here. Well you can merge both, Lol get what i'm saying? Yes, yes. I have a provided a lot of music today about a whole lot of love. From around the world, we have artists who express their meaning of love. So strap up tight. Some songs might make you wanna be in love and get away from it. Either or, enjoy!!! Happy Valentine's Day... Napoleon Da Legend & Dj Doom-Love & Hip-Hop Murs & 9th Wonder-Freak These Tales Jean Grae & 9th Wonder-Love Thirst ft. Jukstapose...


Sick In Da Head Mix

Ahhhhh yaoooo. Whatever that means. LOL. Ok let's go. Let's get on down to another explosive world hip­hop mix, brought to you by the one and only crazy dj bazarro. Check it out, from March 2nd to March 29th I will be touring with Apathy & Celph­Titled. We hitting up the West Coast with some incredible hip­hop. I will post the dates on soon. Name of the tour: The Widow's Son. Yeah son, we coming to a town near you. East Coast dates coming soon also in April. Yep, we moving...


Bop Ya Head Boom Bap Mix

Me and Jay Z have one thing in common, we both went home with no grammys this past monday. LOL. I don't really care about the grammys anyway. Who cares? Oh me, I care about rocking good artists music from around the world all year round. Congrats to Kendrick Lamar he is a great artist. Moving on though. Ya'll ready to bop ya head to the world hip­hop Boom Bap mix? All kinds of artists right here. Peep the playlist then press play. You will see what I mean. Let's go!!! Mazzi & S.O.U.L...


World Government Shutdown Mix

What the deal everybody? We back for another dope mix. We shutting down the government, lol, to let some real good music rock all over the world. Welcome to another top flight security world hip­hop mix. Bazarro on the mix and mic. We got new music from Shabaam Sahdeeq & Napoleon Da Legend who keep dropping new projects before you even get a chance to turn around and catch your breath. That's how the big time mc's do, they don't rest at all. It's hump day!! So let's rock!!! Napoleon Da...


Bazarro Strikes Back World Mix

First of all shoutout to Haiti and all the other countries that get a bad rep. We fight back with messages from the music. So this mix is for those who fight back with positivity and knowledge of self. Also, shout out to my boy Dj Tony Touch for letting me rock at Toca Tuesdays and club Cielo in NY. If you don't know who the legend Tony Touch is, get out the music game now. Check out Asap Fresh from Haiti. Spread love, spread the word and spread the link of some dope music from around the...


Bazarro keeps it World Wide

Yep, yes. The music continues. The world keeps spinning and the sun keeps shining. So we stay in full of effect to keep rocking for you. Whether you in a cold zone or hot zone is here for you. Bazarro on the mix. World Wide mix at that. We rock the whole globe. While some of ya'll dh's rock for your block. Good luck with that. Let's go!!! Blastah Beatz ft. DoItAll & D-Rock Rustee Juxx ft. Tame Mohi, A.U. Doc Uno & Skanks the Martyr-International Napoleon Da Legend-Charles S....


New Year!

Happy New Year to all. This is the first World Hip ­hop show of the year so let's rock...Count it off. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. Booooom! Let's go!!! Check out DeCaf Black with Napoleon Da Legend on "Man Makes the Rules".. I don't think the ladies going to like this one. LOL! Also check out Micah Gaugh from Brazil...Different stuff man, I'm telling you. Rock the house yawl!!! Big Leto & MR. Cheeks-You Can't Touch This Cortez-For The Fame Roots Manuva-Chin High 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:15 - Bells...


Almost the New Year Mix

Whatever you had to do before 2018 you better do it now. Times almost up. Get it down. Even taxes, LOL!. While you running around town. You can still tune in and rock to my world hip ­hop show. It will calm you down. Peep the line up. See, you already know. Lots of talent around the globe. Check out Illa J & Moka ONly on the collabo. Moka Only the dope mc and producer from Vancouver. Also check out Dj J Hart from UK rocking with Wu­Tang's own Inspectah Deck and Dyverse The 1st. Don't...


Best of 2017 Joints Part 2

Yes, yes. We are back again with the part 2 series of Bazarro's fav world hip­ hop joints right here on if you missed the last show check the archives right here on the website. Man, a week went by already. I haven't even caught my breath yet. Oh well, it's time for part 2. Check it out, you won't be mad about this one. Let's go!!! Jean Grae-The White Hot Room Configa & Hastyle ft. Rashan-This World Sean Price ft. MF Doom & Ike Eyez- Negus 00:00 - Bazarro intro 01:50 - 101...


Bazarro's Best of 2017 World Hip-Hop Joints Part 1

Yes, yes. I will be rocking some of my favorite joints of 2017. World Hip­ hop joints. Come on rock with me. I'm doing part 1 this week and part 2 next weds, ya feel me. Shoutout to everybody who sent me some good music this year. And shootout to all then artists who are trying to break out using their own methods of promotion, marketing and performing. It's a tough music biz out there. Stay focus. If you believe you can achieve. Let's go!! Marquee ft. Nature, Prince Po, Ms.Kennedy & Kyo...


Taste Buds in The Brains Mix

Sounds good right? Yea, this mix going to get all up in your brain. You can damn near taste the music. World Hip Hop for ya!! Thanks me later. Check out this dope artist on the playlist, Shumba Youth from the UK. Napoleon Da Legend put me on to him. Also check out Cohen@Mushon from Israel. They are one of my favorite groups right now. Their production is so smooth. You won't be disappointed. Anyway my mix adds some flavor to your taste buds, let's rock!!! Blitz The Ambassador ft. 20Syl,...


Between the Oceans Mix

Boom!! Cracking the ice with all this boom bap in this mix. Non­stop blow your speakers out on this one..This mix right here. No cheap monitors please.. LOL. Nah let's go. We rock to any speaker system with this mix. So rock with us. Between the oceans mix. Yeah get ya passports out. Going to be a great trip. You might be in a cold region or hot region. but we still going to rock it hot. Check out the Snowgoons produced track with Intell & Inspetah Deck on it called "Word of Mouth". Also...


World Thanksgiving Eve Mix!

You know what it is. You rushing home after work. Getting ready for two lovely days off, well for most people, lol. Tomorrow is eat day and friday is lose your mind day so you can burn those calories off. While you doing all that. You can rock with us and some of these great artists from around the world. Eat, drink, talk whatever. We can be right there with you while you bop your head, cooking in the kitchen or rush to the black friday madness. WE HERE!!! I mean check out my boy Cortez,...


No Games To Be Played Mix

Salute!! How ya'll doing out there? Feeling good? We'll this mix going to make you feel even better. Let's rock. Another Bazarro Mega pounding mix. We play no games mix. Yep... Hardcore to knock down your doors. Blast this in the house, on your phone, in your car or if you live somewhere out in the jungle, lol. Let's ride, nah mean. Stay focus as we travel around this delicate planet to bring you some different shhhhh! Shoutout to my homegirl out in Croatia right now. Sneakerchicc what's...


Hardcore Boom-Bap Mix

What's good…We in your neighborhood to the rest of the world bringing more great music to your soul. Your welcome. Yeah, more holidays coming up, we wanna pump you up with some good hip-hop from around the world. Get you in the vibe of just having a good time, enjoying life. You ready? Let's go. You going to be bopping your head for an hour and some minutes while Bazarro rock on the turntables. Check out the dope artist from the UK. Her name is Minx. Her style hits harder than a Brink's...


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