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No Games To Be Played Mix

Salute!! How ya'll doing out there? Feeling good? We'll this mix going to make you feel even better. Let's rock. Another Bazarro Mega pounding mix. We play no games mix. Yep... Hardcore to knock down your doors. Blast this in the house, on your phone, in your car or if you live somewhere out in the jungle, lol. Let's ride, nah mean. Stay focus as we travel around this delicate planet to bring you some different shhhhh! Shoutout to my homegirl out in Croatia right now. Sneakerchicc what's...

Duration: 01:02:07

Hardcore Boom-Bap Mix

What's good…We in your neighborhood to the rest of the world bringing more great music to your soul. Your welcome. Yeah, more holidays coming up, we wanna pump you up with some good hip-hop from around the world. Get you in the vibe of just having a good time, enjoying life. You ready? Let's go. You going to be bopping your head for an hour and some minutes while Bazarro rock on the turntables. Check out the dope artist from the UK. Her name is Minx. Her style hits harder than a Brink's...

Duration: 01:00:06

The Day After Halloween Mix

Yes after all the trick and treating, non­stop chocolate candy in your gut. It's time to shake it off with some world hip­hop sounds from around the globe. True indeed we got what you need to stay focus after all the scary stuff and sweet stuff. Yes it's me on the turntables brining you the illest artists from around the planet. Make sure you check out the one and only Pearl Harba who got to rock with Sean Price bringing back the memories. Also check out Mazzi & Soul Purpose dropping...

Duration: 01:00:57

Watch Your Back Mix LOL!

Watch ya got damn back man. It's that scary, halloween feeling approaching us. Time to walk around with flashlights in the daytime to stay safe, lol. Seriously how u doing out there in the world. Time & events move so fast it's hard to keep up. So to slow things down i rock my mix for you. You can take it easy and listen to some great artists from around the world. Ease the pain of the fast life for a minute. Make sure you check out Kayo from Austria, he has a sick beat, I had to rock it...

Duration: 01:02:36

Shut up & Listen Mix

Yeah man! What? Who? No me, let's just rock joints. Another dope episode with some hot artists around the world. Check out that new Fokis joint " I'm About A Dolla" because that is what we all need to survive on this planet. So help out whenever you see someone in need. Another new joint by Napoleon Da Legend called "Samarai Code". Matter fact just rock the whole playlist and enjoy. Nah mean, let's go!!! GangaLee-Can't Wait Fokis-I'm About A Dolla Joell Ortiz-God Forbid 00:00 - Bazarro...

Duration: 01:00:42

Week of 10/11/17

Wooo, catching my breath. Got back from Atlanta and Tampa this Monday. I need to rest right now. I can't though because it's Wednesday and I have to hit you with thatboom­bap World Hip ­Hop mix. I'm gonna call this one the World Street Mix because this mix is so hard. So fasten your seatbelts, put away your carry­ons and let Bazarro carry on. Let's go!!! Enjoy!! Rustee Juxx ft. Denku-Highs & Lows Dysfunkshunal Familee ft. Napoleon Da Legend & Mic Handz Kosha Dillz-Karma Shaping 00:00 -...

Duration: 01:04:01

Week of 10/04/17

Yes, yes. Back on the scene again. Tampa thank you. i had the time of my life last week visiting Tampa. Shoutout to all the artists who came down to rock at Crowbar in Ybor city. BTR we are here. Catch world hip hop for now on , on weds with me crazy dj bazarro. Let's go!!! A.Harmony, DijahSB & Phoenix Pagliacci-What I Am Deliquent Habits ft. Sen Dog-California Blacastan & Stu Bangas ft. Apahty-Summa Cum Laude 00:00 - Bazarro intro 02:45 - Stranded (East Africa) - Napoleon Da Legend &...

Duration: 01:01:16

Week of 09/24/17

Yeah big day today. I'm down here, way down in Tampa Bay, Florida. What's up. Today we rocking the big festival, Brooklyn 2 Tampa festival Part 3. Yeah come on down if you close by. We rocking in Ybor City at Crowbar this evening. A incredible lineup of great artists. On your way down here, tune into my world hiphop show. Artists from around the world rocking!! Let's go. See at the show!!! Nas & Damian Marley ft. K'naan-Africa Must Wake Up Configa & Hastyle-Nightmares Moka Only ft....

Duration: 01:01:41

Week of 09/17/17

It's about that time to rock once again. Yeah I'm excited, heading back to Tampa this week. I leave this Thursday. Going to be a lot of fun. Can't wait, plenty of hippo will be on display at Club Crowbar in Ybor city, Tampa. Come on out if your in the area and party with us. If you can't? Just rock with me right here on New world hip-hop mix for you. Songs upon songs to get you in the mood. Boom Bap to whatever. Not just here in America but the whole world. Tune in, see for...

Duration: 00:59:41

Week of 09/10/17

Wooooo Weeee!! Another show I could not wait to do. World-hiphop. We here again. Bout to take off to more places leaving traces of good music everywhere. How u feel out there? We salute all of our regular listeners and our new listeners, HELLO!!! New listeners we will not let you down. So get ready for some boom-bap, some trap beats. If it sounds good we play it. BTR, let's go!!! Dysfunkshunal FAmilee ft. Napoleon Da Legend-Era of Terror Reaquainted-Phoenix Pagliacci Tona-War Child 00:00 -...

Duration: 01:01:07

Week of 09/03/17

Yes, yes. Get the grill out. Get the food out. Get the speakers out and get my mix to the people's ears. Let's go. Another dope show of world hip-hop with me on the turntables. Blasting music from around the world. Giving people something fresh and new. That's how i do. Pour me a drink while you at it too. LOL. Yeah boyeeee, let's get this party started like Nelly. Turn it up. Check out Minx while you at it. Dope artist from London, UK. Rock it!! Boom!! Kosha Dillz-Cellular Phone Pearl...

Duration: 01:01:26

Week of 08/27/17

Hold on! Take a deep breath. Everybody all right? Did everybody enjoy the fight? Some people didn't even care. Anyway, back to real life. Some real good music. World Hip-Hop back in effect for you. Hope you had a great weekend regardless. Summertime is slowly creeping out. So let's make the best of it. And you rocking with the best right now. . Yes, we always do it big time. And we stay on the air 7 days a week. Got some goodies for you, hope you ear drums are ready. Shoutout...

Duration: 01:02:41

Week of 08/20/17

Woo Wee!!! I'm just a happy guy.. Most of the time. It's just that I love music like the O'jays, get it. LOL. Anyway I'm back up in the lab to bring you some dope joints like i always do. Peace out to my brother Maseo from De La Soul. He's been hanging out in the NYC area all week with his comrade David Chapelle. I've been trying to get a pic with the brother Chapelle, it's not easy I tell you that. I just need proof man proof, lol. Nah pic or not it's been a good week hanging out with...

Duration: 01:04:01

Week of 08/13/17

Yo, Yo, I'm hyped. Yeah, let's go!! Another dope show for you. Music from around the world. Hip-hop at its finest, some with great messages and some just wanna have a good time. Pump up the volume on your headset or your pre amp or your radio box. We going in hard to with the first joint by Zion T from South Korea. I'm telling you they're good. Don't believe me? Check for yourself. Boo Ya!! Let's go! Ganga Lee-Can't Fake It Sida ft. Andreas Bourani-Astronaut Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose ft....

Duration: 01:02:07

Week of 08/06/17

It's something about the hot weather that drives and motivates me. Is it the vitamin D from the sun? Maybe, but I get charged and no sleep when the sun is burning hot. We got some hot joints on deck for you to listen and vibe to. Artists from around the world. You thought hip-hop was only in America?? Crazy...Take some lessons from my world hip-hop show. You shall see. Let's go!!! Kosha Dillz ft. Mojo Hannah-All These Years Xero Ysern-No Me Jodas The Four Owls-Not Like Before 00:00 -...

Duration: 01:02:45

Week of 07/30/17

Wooo Wee. Later on today I will be hitting the stage with Napoleon Da Legend @ the Rock Steady jam. Central Park Summerstage. Come on out it's free. Yep, yep. So while you rushing to get ready. Hit the play button and rock to another dope episode right here on btrtoday. World Hip-hop at it's finest for you. Music from around the world not just here. Hiphop from around the world. I gladly volunteered to bring it to you. We going to Scotland, France, Germany and more. Get ya mind ready for...

Duration: 00:59:42

Week of 07/23/17

Before I even say anything. Just wanna shootout LL Cool J. Met him last week at Aloft events. He's a real cool cat that stays with a smile on his face. A true pioneer hip-hop legend. Soooo back to the beats. World hip-hop.. Got some bangers for you. I'm working on a banger myself. The Dysfunkshunal Familee new album coming soon. Yes not only do i dj I produced a lot also. So be on the lookout for "A Breath of Fresh Air" album in late August. Maybe we can have some giveaways when it the cd...

Duration: 00:59:56

Week of 07/16/17

Still hot! No complaints here, I love it. That summertime weather. Make u go the beach & pool weather. That cool out weather. Relax in front of the AC weather. LOL. Anyway, we got some cool joints on deck to cool you down. Some great hip-hop from around the world. You know just press play. First time here? Don't worry we got you. All good vibes here. You'll see. Then you'll be sharing with ya friends. Then the word spreads like fire about the world hip-hop show. Let's go!!! Cortez ft....

Duration: 01:01:29

Week of 07/09/17

Woo, summertime is here, big time. That's a good thing. Another good thing is me, Bazarro on the one's and two's, another name for turntables for those who don't know, lol. Got some hot fire joints for you. New music from GangaLee, royceBIRth and Mazzi of SoulPurpose. And they all have projects out right now so google the names. Grab ya headphones or hook your speakers up to whatever. Press play and you about to hear go things. Bazarro on the mix, we traveling the world bumping world...

Duration: 01:03:37

Week of 07/02/17

Yeah, yeah. Ready to rock? Well July 4th is two days away so I'm a bomb ya with some pre-fire work joints right now on my world hip-hop show. Music from around the world. Damn I can't believe it's July already. Weather has been fairly good these couple of days out here in NY. It's always a lot going on out here in the city. It's hard to keep up with everything that's happening out here. So suit up. Let's get into listening mode. Dope show for you. Let's go!!! Ganga Lee-The Bronx Mazzi &...

Duration: 01:00:36

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