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This shows theme has to do with growing as an actor as you yourself age. Staying on top of your career as your looks fade with time. ALSO: New music from Chase Coleman, a new segment from World One Media and we connect back up with James in LA as he attacks the red carpet.

Duration: 01:57:27

Michael Grim on BTS

Photographer Michael Grim sits in on the show as we discuss studio and event etiquette, working with beautiful women and the state of the industry. Mike Pride Jr will be sharing tips for new musicians about where to start and what to buy when moving on to the next level. PLUS: We will also be visiting the "DROP A SELFIE" group again. James will be joining us from Hollywood to give us the inside scoop on the current mood of the film community surrounding all of these new allegations and what...

Duration: 02:20:46

Chase Coleman on BTS

BTS - Chase Coleman sits in on the show. You know Chase from The Origanals, Vampire Dairies, Boardwalk Empire and countless other series and films. Tune in Tuesday night at 9:30pm EST on

Duration: 01:36:05

BTS - Halloween Special

The crew and I talk Horror Movies and our favorite way to die, and as always, we spend the second half of the show giving great advice to new entertainers!

Duration: 01:53:38

The Creator's Special

Tonight on BTS - its the CREATORS special. Our show will be all about people that are making film, photos, music and art, but need to learn how to get it out there to the people that will enjoy it. If you are doing something great, but having trouble marketing it, leave us a voicemail with your questions at 262-563-9627 and we will respond on the air! PLUS: we gotta talk some Walking Dead! ALSO: an update on our bikini modeling contest. BTS is live tonight at 9:30 pm on

Duration: 02:03:49

Model Lauren Ashley on BTS

On the next BTS - We have Pro-Model Lauren Ashley in studio and on Cam - Plus a huge announcement from me personally that effects all models in the tri-state area. James is returning to the show this week live from LA and we just have a ton of great stuff happening. TUNE in on

Duration: 02:03:05

Jeffery Mainer and Deja Nichole on BTS

Musician Jeffery Mainer sits in on the show along with super model Deja Nichole. Monica Potter talks about the real life Hollywood Casting Couch and the BTS discusses Artists helping Artists – Bonus: How social media is making it harder for you to be taken seriously in the industry. - Join us tonight at 9:30pm EST on

Duration: 01:43:46

FEATURE - Brian Anthony Wilson on BTS

You know him from... well... EVERYTHING including -THE WIRE - LIMITLESS - CREED - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - The SOPRANOS - Bad Boys II - Rounders. Brian Anthony Wilson is joining the show

Duration: 00:49:04


Angele is an independent Canadian musician, singer-songwriter/composer, guitarist, keyboardist and performer originating from Verner, Ontario, Canada.

Duration: 00:50:17



Duration: 01:55:05

BTS - Live on IHeart - Kevin R Phipps

Tonight we have Kevin R Phipps-Director - Kevin R. Phipps (Director | Producer) is an ambitious, strategically precise, innovative film director, with a strong eye for detail and cinematic detail. An actor’s director who has diverse understanding of all aspects of film making and years of experience on various film sets. His passion for visual story telling has always been important to him and early in his career as he studied the Meisner technique so that he could enhance his directing...

Duration: 02:18:36

The Flocka experience.

Actor, Producer Rodney Allen Rippy rejoins us with some great news and new talent - I am going into detail about my Waka Flocka experience, and we are totally going to talk about Kevin Hart #KevinHart #wakaflocka - It's on! lol - 9:30pm EST on

Duration: 01:36:09

Our addiction to FAME

Tonight on BTS - We take about FAME and why we are addicted to it. Be it on Social Media, Youtube or the Entertainment Industry - Why do we want everyone to know who we are? Also, James had a pretty interesting Red Carpet experience and Emvi gets invited to the Maxim Halloween party! New Music from Angele and more - Tune in Live 9:30pm EST on

Duration: 01:49:47

Anti-Bully Episode

This Show on BTS is about BULLIES! Who they are, why they do what they do and how to shut them down. Bullies can be found everywhere from school to adulthood. They are everywhere including the Entertainment industry - Parents, feel free to listen or even call in to tell us your story. - BTS airs at 9:30pm on

Duration: 01:36:07

Anti-Bully Eposode

This Show on BTS is about BULLIES! Who they are, why they do what they do and how to shut them down. Bullies can be found everywhere from school to adulthood. They are everywhere including the Entertainment industry - Parents, feel free to listen or even call in to tell us your story. - BTS airs at 9:30pm on

Duration: 01:35:52

Child Star - Rodney Allen Rippy joins the show!!!

Child Star - Rodney Allen Rippy joins the show!!! 2015 Flowers in the Snow-FTP 2012/I Misplaced (Short) 2003 Dickie Roberts 1990-1992 Parker Lewis Can't Lose (TV Series) 1980 Oh, God! Book II 1980 Vega$ (TV Series) 1977 Laugh-In (TV Series) 1976 Police Story (TV Series) 1975 The Six Million Dollar Man (TV Series) 1973-1974 Marcus Welby, M.D. (TV Series) 1974 The Harlem Globetrotters Popcorn Machine (TV Series) 1974 Blazing Saddles

Duration: 02:47:35

BTS with PhillySnaps

Tonight on BTS: We will be releasing information about a casting call for a reality TV pilot being filmed in Atlantic City Mark the Bagger from the Howard Stern Show is calling in to give us the inside track on the worlds most famous Shock Jock. Emvy returns from modeling in Key West to tell us about her experience. Dan Lauria sits in on the show after taking a short break from radio. Joey plans to piss some people off with a few rants. Join the fun at

Duration: 01:34:14

SIN - Strength in Numbers - Joins BTS

Joe Mac from the Band S.I.N. sits in with the show to talk about origanal music creation and the value of local bands. Sinéad O'Connor goes a little cray cray Life after FAME - What is going on?

Duration: 01:24:21

Julia Scotti - joins us on BTS

Julia Scotti (America's got Talent) joins the crew to tell us her story and share a few laughs. She is an amazing ball of energy and we are all so excited to meet her! Don't miss it!

Duration: 01:24:47

Craig Lemons from Chicago Med

Fans of Chicago Med on NBC are in for a HUGE treat TONIGHT on BTS - There is a new main character coming to the show and he will be stopping here first to tell us about his experience! Craig Lemons is sitting in with us. Get to know him!

Duration: 01:45:44

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