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Chapter 14: Secrets Abound

The demon Murmur leaves its mark on Mel and her companions, while secrets from her recent past threaten to unravel the quest to find Orin Moon. This fictional podcast is written and produced by author L. David Hesler. The mix tape guest at the middle of the episode is Forming the Void with their song "Plumes." Get more music at www.formingthevoid.bandcamp.com and www.facebook.com/formingthevoid | The National Independent Radio broadcaster is voiced by Adam Martens | The podcast's opening...

Duration: 00:22:20

Chapter 13: Altered States

Murmur returns, but is it the actual demon or something stranger? Only Melody Moon's best friend Aiden can be sure since he's the one trapped inside a shipping container with the hellish beast. Catch the newest message from the podcast's longtime sponsor Orb Industries at the end of the show. This episode's mix tape guest is Primitivity - visit www.primitivity.com to hear more of their work. The demon Murmur is portrayed by Joe Garwood. The National Independent Radio broadcaster is played...

Duration: 00:22:28

Chapter 12: Something Wicked Blah Blah Blah

Mel discovers her heavy metal hero Wicked Jenny has ties to Orin Moon and the mysterious Night Crowd. And the mimicking demon Murmur may be closer than Mel thought. This episode's mix tape guest is Hyborian with the song "Maelstrom." (www.hyborianrock.bandcamp.com and www.facebook.com/HyborianRock ) The voice of Murmur is provided by Joe Garwood. Listen to the whole episode to hear a new message from mysterious sponsor ORB Industries. Support the show on Patreon by visiting...

Duration: 00:23:08

Chapter 10: Punch & Pie

Thirty years ago, during the 1980s, demon hunter Orin Moon trapped a hellish beast during his daughter's tenth birthday. His guitar tech and long-time friend Pony tells the story in this rare piece of audio preserved by the Orb Industries Archive of Paranormal Oddities... Paul Pursell (www.facebook.com/paulkennethpursell )portrays Pony Nichols, this week's guest narrator. The mix tape musical guest is Red Mountains (www.facebook.com/redmountainsband) with their song Sun. Additional music...

Duration: 00:19:10

Chapter 8: The Night Crowd

Alonzo Crane attempts to tell Melody about her father's dangerous double life on the road, but the truth might be too much for her to handle. This week's mix tape guest artist Dark Hound with the song "Thread." Visit www.dark-hound.com for more of their music. As always, Chapter 8 of Bad Notes is sponsored by the mysterious Orb Industries. Listen through the end of the episode to hear their most recent message. Bad Notes title music by Ethan Meixsell.

Duration: 00:19:37

Chapter 5: Hit The Road Before It Hits You

Melody Moon hits the road in search of her only known family member while the mystery of her father's disappearance continues to haunt her. The freedom of the highway is deceiving - this won't be a normal road trip. This episode features mix tape guest band Thunder And Lightning; find more music at www.tnlmetal.de | www.twitter.com/tnlmetal | www.youtube.com/tnlofficial | http://tnlmetal.bandcamp.com/ Chapter 5 of Bad Notes is sponsored by Orb Industries. Listen through the end of the...

Duration: 00:19:12

Chapter 4: Undead To The World

Melody Moon investigates the funeral home where her father's body supposedly went missing. The surprise she discovers is more terrifying than she had expected. This episode features mix tape guest band Cloudkicker; find all their music at www.cloudkickermusic.com Bad Notes: Chapter 4 is sponsored by Orb Industries and their new After Death Reconciliation Program. Listen through the end of the episode to learn more about this exciting paranormal opportunity. Bad Notes title music by Ethan...

Duration: 00:19:01

Chapter 2

It's still 1996. Hard rocker Melody Moon is trying to put her life together after losing her father, but she can't help getting trashed. Things get awkward when Melody and her friend Aiden are visited during the witching hour... This episode's Mixtape Guest is Devil Electric (www.devilelectric.com), while the title music is provided by Ethan Meixsell (www.ethanmeixsell.com). Adam Martens provides the voice of the National Independent Radio broadcaster. This story is a work of fiction; any...

Duration: 00:17:59