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Ep 13 Lol

i slacked off again this week. sorry i guess full episode next week i promise

Duration: 00:00:27

hell yeah

I didn't get a guest this week because of reasons so here is the poptart pete and peppercorn book club for this weeks edition of bad podcast. We read from noted author Carolyn Brown's "Hell, Yeah" as always.

Duration: 01:14:56

Boundaries In Pizza

Poptart Pete and I read from the book "Boundaries In Dating" with guest Trash Daddy, and then Poptart Pete spends 25min trying to order a pizza. Shout out to alchemist Kratom

Duration: 00:58:11

Saxual Saxplorations

Bobbo and Peppercorn talk about "The Nice Girls Guide To Naughty Sex", a handbook for those who want to "Spice up" their romance. A classic episode after a normal amount of time since episode 9.

Duration: 00:59:44


Poptart Pete and I get hella ripped on Alchemist Kratom ( and talk about how we might get evicted and how to make enough money to not get evicted. As of this posting we are not homeless, so that's a plus. It was a very real threat at the time of recording tho! Whooo As always, to help keep this dumb thing i do alive.

Duration: 00:38:41

Training For Hell

Poptart Pete and I talk to Wormwood ( about Hell, and share some stories about weird shit we've seen around town. Also big ups to Alchemist Kratom! If you feel like helping us out, consider signing up at its literally $1 for sweet sweet bonus content.

Duration: 01:02:17

It's All Bullshit

Nate returns and we try not to talk about politics. There's some chaos and other shit in there. We read from some forbidden books. I think we talk about UFO's at one point. Overall, pretty big tent of topics! Like the 'cast? Consider signing up on our

Duration: 01:02:45

Frat Markets Hell Yeah

On this installment, I talk to fellow worker Brenna about hell, frat boys, marketing, and jacking off. Bobbi is at the bottom of the ocean now, so she won't be on as much as usual, but don't worry, this podcast, is still pretty bad. Don't forget to support us on its only $1 to get some cool bonus stuff.

Duration: 01:17:53

Satan or something

In this episode we talk to our fellow worker Nate about Forbidden Knowledge, eat some spam and read from the god awful book "The Joy of Sex" by Dr Alex Comfort.

Duration: 01:33:39

Romantic Escapes

On this episode, we talk to Independent Comic Book artist Tony Gregori about art, poverty, and romance. This is the track that was supposed to be uploaded last week but we ran out of space on soundcloud. Feel free to hit that Follow Tony on twtitter dot com: @TonyGregori to see all the cool stuff he's working on

Duration: 01:10:39

Hell is a kitchen

On this weeks episode we talk to the Coop aka Yung CokeSniff aka Lil Child Blanket about hell and how we all are in relationships. We also share a burrito with the established gentleman, and talk about the ins and outs of keeping a marriage Christian. Also Bobbis mic kind of does a weird clipping/noise thing, so if you want to contribute to us uh getting a better mic yall should hit that Patreon: Music featured this week is provided by Grant Atticus, you...

Duration: 01:09:48

wow, you're worse than i am!

On this episode we talk to our pal Karlie about blood cults and bad dates. Bobbi's mic got cut of or something but if you listen close enough you can hear her. You can check out more of Karlies music here: WE ALSO HAVE OUR PATERON UP AND RUNNING! Its like asking for dollars on the street, only its online babey :

Duration: 00:59:36

I Am Turning Off

Hey its our first episode and its bad! Babsi and Peppercorn interview Peppercorns roommate in matters of love and light and laughter. We also forgot to plug our outro music for this week so HOPE YALL READ THIS Wormwood was kind enough to let us use his track, "Benders Breakers Leavers Takers". Peep more of Wormwoods stuff here:

Duration: 00:52:39

Teaser V1

A short teaser for this upcoming lil podcast, with a brief into to the hosts, what we will be basically doing, etc. Weekly updates! Nice

Duration: 00:02:01