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Episode 31 | Back to School is Ringing My Bell

Rianne shares how transitioning to back to school is ringing her bell a little bit. Gone are the mindful and slow mornings. Early to bed and early to rise makes for a rushed schedule in our house. Shop Posh online at Book a massage online at


Episode 30 | FAQ Massage Edition

Do you have questions about massage? Here are the top 20 frequently asked questions, massage edition, answered!


Episode 29 | I Didn't Know That About Breastfeeding

Finishing up Breastfeeding Awareness Month by sharing many of the things I did NOT know about breastfeeding before I started my journey. This episode is sponsored by Posh My Peace. Shop: Connect: FB | @PoshMyPeace Follow Balance and Peace online: FB | @balanceandpeace IG | @balance.and.peace TW | @balancepeacemt


Episode 28 | Breastfeeding in Public

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month and Rianne discusses the stress of breastfeeding in public. It's 2018 and just became legal to breastfeed in public in all 50 states. She shares her own experiences, discusses a couple of craptastic incidents with local radio stations and provides some local resources for nursing mothers. Shop Posh for Represent Women: Shop Posh for Breastfeed Bay: Book a massage at...


Episode 27 | How to Find a Massage Therapist

Today, I discuss the ways to find a new massage therapist. Maybe you moved or you are traveling, but you are not sure where to look for a new therapist. I dive into the various ways to find a new massage therapist. What's obsolete, where you can see their personality, and who to ask! This episode is brought to you by Posh My Peace. Use promo code HONEY and new customers that register for a perks account and make a $25 purchase will receive a free Honey Honey Body Crème. Code valid until 31...


Episode 26 | Give Yourself Permsission

We live in a society that trains us to seek permission. What if I told you "It's OK to give yourself permission for self-care". You don't need to justify it. Rest is a human need. Lauren Fabrizio article mentioned: Shop Perfectly Posh at


Episode 25 | Coping with Jerks

They are hard to avoid. You might find them at work, the store, or online. Here's some tips on coping with people that are just jerks. Don't worry, it's not you it really is them.


Episode 24 | Ways to Take a Break

You know you need a break, now what? Rianne jumps in to some of the tools you can use to give yourself a deserved mental break. Not every tool may work for you, but it's important to find the tools that resonate with you so you can use them the next time you need to take break.


Episode 23 | Signs You Need a Break

Rianne has talked a lot about massage for people that need a break. Today she discusses some of the signs that you do need a break. Do you relate to any of these signs? Inspired by this article: Need A Break? 8 Warning Signs That You’re Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted Shop Posh online at: New customers that register for a Perks account, make a $25 order and use the...


Episode 22 | Why the Mental Health of It?

Do you use massage therapy to get a break from your life? You aren't the only one! Rianne made a decision this year to really focus on massage for the mental health of it at Balance and Peace. There's a few reasons, including one where someone just made her made and another discussing stress as contributing factor to six of the leading causes of death. "Stress is a killer, that's not fake news, it's real."


Episode 21 - Travel Less Stressfully - Tia Gruol

Evidence shows traveling is great for our mental health but sometimes planning and the logistics can be stressful. Rianne chats with Tia Groul, a friend, fellow but former massage therapist, and travel agent at Anywhere But Here, Inc about traveling with less stress and anxiety. Travel agents are making a comeback and they offer valuable insights, resources, and save you time while getting you more for your money. Tia Gruol Anywhere But Here Travel, Inc 425-608-0266...


Episode 20 | Breaking Up With Energy Drinks

Rianne shares a major life decision for self-care in today's episode and gives a quick update on the kitten and the kid. Cutting energy drinks when you're addicted to them is hard but RIanne goes through her decision, how she's doing it, and what she's doing to cope with eliminating them. This episode also serves as a warning in case you've been around Rianne this month and she's been a pain in your tush or extra snappy. This episode is sponsored by Posh My Peace and now until June 23,...


Episode 19 | Do's and Don'ts of Preparing for a Storm

Rianne discusses her list of do's and don'ts to prepare for a storm and keep your sanity. Inspired by Rianne locking herself outside during the SubTropical Alberto storm that hit the Panama City area last weekend. The kid makes a special guest appearance. Important storm information links: Alert Bay. Stay informed for area specific information. You can sign up for text alerts. National Hurricane Center Mike's Weather Page...


Episode 18 | Lessons I've Learned Along the Way

Rianne balances out sharing her mistakes over the years with lessons she's learned in almost 15 years of her massage career.


Episode 17 | Mistakes I've Made Along the Way

I've been a massage therapist for almost 15 years. I'm good at what I do, but I've made some crappy mistakes along the way too... Including letting one client blame someone else for something I did! I'm pretty embarrassed by a few of these. I have been THE WORST a couple of times. Hopefully, I'm a better massage therapist now because of these experiences though. Sponsor: Shop the limited edition, Father's Day bundle at Find us online:...


Episode 16 | The Awkwardness of Tipping

Rianne tries to answer a listener question and tackles the tough topic of tipping and gratuity etiquette. 1. Rianne just doesn't care about tips. 2. There's no "right" answer. 3. It could be regional or even depend on where you are getting the service.


Episode 15 | What The Heck Was I Thinking

I don't have actual statistics, but I'm pretty sure 80% of the time I am the cause of 100% of my stress. How can something so small turn your world upside down. This is almost as bad as the 4th trimester! Find us online at: Shop Posh online at: Find us on Facebook at: Instagram:


Episode 14 | Supporting New Parents

Kate and William welcomed their 3rd child and people have lots of comments. Us commoners don't have "people" that make us look great. Rianne discusses how friends and family can offer support for the stressful life event people face when they transition into becoming parents. It's about finding balance, offering support, food, and listening! If you are a massage therapist and would like to check out the Massage Business Blueprint community, here's their link!...


Episode 13 | Lifestyle of the Military Child with Amanda

April is the Month of the Military Child so to honor their sacrifices for their parent's service we have Amanda with us to discuss the lifestyle of the military child. Amanda is a a Pilates & Barre Master Trainer, Nutritional Therapy Consultant, Director with Beautycounter, military wife, and mother of two very energetic boys. For more information about Amanda, yummy recipes, and tricks for keeping a well balanced life check her out online: Instagram...


Episode 12 | Clarity in Prices

Rianne had a lesson in why clarity in prices when she was trying to get a beach bonfire booked for her birthday. She also thanks everyone for the nomination in the "Best of Bay" competition and solicits votes for us in the 3 categories Balance and Peace is nominated in! Links in the episode: Vote for us in the Best of Bay from April 12-18: