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Ironmonger Brewing

(note: Ironmonger Brewing is a partner of Beer Guys Radio) David Sheets loves a challenge. As the founder of Ironmonger Brewing, he was looking for a way to get his brewery's beers noticed. So he made the bold decision: Blind taste his beers against one of the most heralded breweries in the country. The Trillium Challenge was born. How did it work? He lets us know during the show. Broadcasting from their new Barrel room, we speak to Sheets and taproom manager Cam Goershel about...


Pretoria Fields Collective

ROAD TRIP! The Beer Guys have a quest. To visit every brewery in Georgia this year. We were able to head to southwest Georgia this episode, and check out Pretoria Fields Collective. It's a brewery started by farmers and dedicated to making everything as local as possible - from the fruits they use in some of their beers, to the malt to even the hops. Head brewer Eric Kirchner and marketing director Jennifer Harris joined us this week to talk about starting up a brewery in a rural area, the...


Variant Brewing Company

This week, we're talking to the couple behind Variant Brewing Company. Matt and Lauren Curling opened up their Roswell brewery in 2017, and immediately caused a splash in the Georgia craft beer scene. We talk to Matt and Lauren Curling about starting up a brewery, the importance of keeping a variety of beers in your taproom, and a distinct lack of shiplap. Truck and Tap’s Beers of the Week: Variant Brewing Beers Gate City Awe Deuce Triple IPA Bearded Iris Waffle Talk and Mood Ring...


Pontoon Brewing

Shades On, Bottoms Up! That's the motto of Sandy Spring's newest (and first) brewery, Pontoon. Sean O'Keefe, CEO and Co-Owner and brewmaster Cole Brown welcomed us to the brewery this week. We sample their newest brew, a hazy IPA called "Don't Haze Me, Bro!" talk about starting a brewery, and Pontoon's obsession over otters. Truck and Tap's Beers of the Week: TrimTab Language of Thunder Pontoon Brewing Don’t Haze Me Bro Headlines: New HopCity coming to west sides’ Lee + White development...


14th Annual Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting

When you think of cask ales, you may think of warm, flat beer. That's not the case, and Owen Ogletree wants you to know about it. For the past 14 years, he's hosted the Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting. Breweries from around the south (and the world) send in their special beers they've made specifically to go on cask. For this show, we talk to some breweries in planning, including: Line Creek Brewing (Peachtree City) Split Batch Brewery (Duluth area) Banyan Roots (Atlanta Westside) Truck and Tap...


Macon Beer Company

Yash Patel first started brewing at age 13. While his dad was pretty happy about that, mom...not so much. However, since the brewing bug hit him quickly, he has spent a lot of time brewing beer. So it only made sense for him to take over ownership of Macon Beer company, central Georgia's first craft brewery. We talk to Yash, a native Maconite, about his beers, the growing craft beer scene in Macon, and his ideas behind brewing beer. Truck and Tap’s Beers of the Week: New Realm Radegast...


The Giving Kitchen and SweetWater Brewing

For those that don't know, The Giving Kitchen was founded to help those in the service industry going through some tough financial times. SweetWater Brewing has helped out for the past several years by brewing "Second Helping," an IPA with juniper berries. We talk to SweetWater's Steve Farace about the development of the beer. We'll also learn more about The Giving Kitchen's mission with director Bryan Schroeder. Truck and Tap’s Beers of the Week: SweetWater Second Helping IPA Headlines:...


Homebrewing with Brothers That Brew / Khonso Brewing

If you got a homebrew kit over the holidays, listen up. This week, we are talking to some innovative homebrewers that are taking their game professional. Kevin Downing, Corby Hannah, and William Teasley are three friends that formed Brothers that Brew. Now, they're prepping for the launch of Khonso Brewing. We talk to them about their beers, getting started in homebrewing and African-Americans in craft beer. Truck and Tap’s Beers of the Week: Wild Heaven Gravitational Wave Khonso Brewing...


2017 Best of Georgia and Alabama Beer Awards

Our listeners (over 2,500) have spoken, and we've got the results! Check out the best of Georgia and Alabama beer 2017. A full list will be available on Monday, Jan. 1 2018 at


Best of Show

Merry Christmas! We hope you're having a good time with friends and family this weekend. We're also taking a break. Please enjoy this "best of" show with Second Self, Modern Hops, Eventide, Burnt Hickory and Monday Night. Next week, it's the BEST OF GEORGIA BEER show - keep on voting!


STATS Brewpub

STATS has been a staple of downtown Atlanta for nearly a decade. But they recently made a big change, becoming a brewpub. Austin Edwards has worked tirelessly for months, and now there are six of STATS own brews on tap. We talk to Austin about starting up a brewpub, recipe selection, and the downtown Atlanta "Tourist Triangle" area. Truck and Tap’s Beers of the Week: STATS beers, including: Atlanta Brewnited Pale Ale Bushwood IPA Red Zone Amber Ale 300 Pilsner Shooter McGavin Wit Southpaw...


Winter Beers With FishScales from Nappy Roots

In case you missed it, there was snow in Atlanta on Friday. Amidst the panic and general hullabaloo, the grocery stores emptied of bread and milk, the perpetual traffic jam, there's a good side to this weather. Winter beers. We talk about everything from Stouts to Barleywines to Scotch Ales, including sampling some of our favorites. Joining us in the studio was FishScales, one of the members of hip-hop group Nappy Roots. Scales is a friend of the show and a serious craft beer fan. In fact,...


Alabaster's Interstellar Ginger Beer and Exploration Company

What do you think of when Ginger Beer comes up? A Dark and Stormy? Maybe you're mixing it up with Ginger Ale. Shane Kelly recently opened up a new type of brewery - Interstellar Ginger Beer and Exploration Company - in Alabaster, Alabama. We talk to him about the science (!) of brewing ginger beer, and how Alabama is embracing craft beer, cider and ginger beer. Truck and Tap's Beers of the Week: Interstellar Beers - First Contact and Sunspot Creature Comforts Golden Door Red Brick Hype...


100th Episode with Creature Comforts at Your Pie Perimeter

We celebrate Thanksgiving....and our 100th episode with two of our favorite spots. Creature Comforts was our first guest, so it was appropriate to invite them on. Jonathan Chinouth and Matt Stevens joins us to talk about a busy year for the Athens brewery, as well as plans for next year's Get Comfortable Campaign. We also talked to longtime sponsors Lisa and Morgan McLellan from Your Pie-Perimeter. They are about to have two new additions soon - a second location in Grant Park, and a baby...


Taking a Wild Leap in LaGrange

Now that SB85 is law, it's a lot more feasable for breweries to stake their claim in Georgia. And one of the more impressive trends we've seen is breweries opening up in smaller communities. LaGrange's Wild Leap Brewing is one of those. Rob Goldstein and Chris Elliott join us in studio this week to talk about the process. Plus, we'll talk Thanksgiving beer pairings, and we'll have news of breweries opening...and closing. Truck and Tap’s Beers of the Week: Wild Leap's Chance IPA, Local Gold...


Gwinnett County's First Brewery

Gwinnett County is metro Atlanta's second most populous county. However, until recently, it lacked one thing: Its own craft brewery. Lawrenceville's Slow Pour Brewing Company changed that earlier this year. Located just off the Lawrenceville Square, Slow Pour took a dilapidated building and turned it into a gathering place. One of Slow Pour's founders, John Reynolds and brewer Chase Medlin joins us on the show this week to talk about their journey...and their beers. We also head to...


Local Cider with Treehorn

You know that we love craft beer. But sometimes, it’s good to take a little break. So in the studios with us are two co-founders of Treehorn Cider, Justin Pierce and Andrew Wheeler. Plus, we recap of a busy week in beer, including a Creature Comforts collaboration, a preview of Roswell’s newest brewpub, and homebrew talk with Gary Glass, the director of the American Homebrewer’s Association! Truck and Tap’s Beers of the Week: Treehorn Ciders Steady Hand Flower Business Cherry Street...


Distributing With Modern Hops

Phillip Barnes and Eric Levin were beer traders at first. One day, they realized that the distribution system in Georgia was broken, and worked to find a better way to do it. That idea is now Modern Hops. We talk to Philip, Eric and Michael Lowenberg about the craft beer scene in Georgia, what they are doing to change it, and what's been different since SB85. We also get a chance to talk to Jekyll Brewing's Josh Rachel about Southern Juicy Juice, and Field Hoperative Brian Hewitt reviews a...


Georgia Beer Laws with Senator Hunter Hill

Georgia Senator Hunter Hill joined us on the show this week. He was instrumental in passing SB 63 - which led to this year's passage of SB 85. We talk small business, sensible laws, and why he's running for governor. We also talk to Chris Morley, owner of Mason's Brewing in Brewer, Maine. He got an interesting letter from ABInbev's legal department. Truck and Tap’s Beers of the Week: Foolproof Shakolad Wild Heaven Mavis Mason’s Hipster Apocalypse DIPA (see news below) Sole Brewing Koji-Mon...


Beer Cockails with Jason Santamaria

To some, making a cocktail out of beer is a sin. But it's a delicious sin! Jason Santamaria, one of the founders of Second Self, started experimenting with beer cocktails in college as a way to make cheap beer taste better. Today? You could call him a mixologist. He regularly crafts cocktails for friends and family, and they dabble a little bit in (non-alcoholic) mixers at Second Self's taproom. We also talked about what's happening in the Atlanta brewery's world, including the new release...


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