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The time is 22XX and mankind finally got it right. No wars. A cooperative world wide government. Ecological harmony. Food for all. An educated population. Space colonies on the Moon and future exploration towards other galaxies. But we know that Murphy’s Law rears it’s head when times are good. Boy, did it ever. The Seekers came, their armada had us surrounded. A solitary voice that rippled over the planet warned us: ” The Prophecy ends here. Give us The Eye. You have 24 Earth hours.” And that was it. 24 hours later, every man, woman and child fought these Purple ‘Things’ and their cyborgs for over a decade. We won, but at the cost of 90% of the population, a destroyed planet and god know what else. Pretty crappy, huh? Not for the Corporations. They waited underground, let Hell reign on Earth and emerged smelling sweet as a rose. The world was theirs and the building began. Redrawing of territory lines and Domes. Large Domes as big as states came up and applications were taken.