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Listen to the top segments from "Boston Sports Tonight" on CSN with Tom E. Curran, Michael Holley, Kayce Smith and Tom Giles every morning following the show.

Listen to the top segments from "Boston Sports Tonight" on CSN with Tom E. Curran, Michael Holley, Kayce Smith and Tom Giles every morning following the show.
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Listen to the top segments from "Boston Sports Tonight" on CSN with Tom E. Curran, Michael Holley, Kayce Smith and Tom Giles every morning following the show.




March 16, 2018: Celtics win despite injuries, Patriots make additions

1:20 - Despite throwing a depleted roster out there, the Celtics were able to get back in the win column vs. the Magic. Michael Holley and Tommy Heinsohn break down the win. 6:17 - Finally, the Patriots have done something! On Friday night it was reported that New England signed defensive end Adrian Clayborn as well as running back Jeremy Hill. Tom Curran, Alex Giaimo and Ben Volin discuss the impact these additions will have on the team. 11:05 - While the Celtics were able to pull out...


March 15, 2018: McCourty twins reunited in Foxboro

1:34 - Tom Curran chats with Patriots safety Devin McCourty about the Patriots’ acquisition of his twin brother Jason from the Browns. How will the two defensive backs perform playing together for the first time since college? 6:46 - Michael Holley, Chris Forsberg and Alex Giaimo share their panic level on Kyrie Irving’s nagging knee after Danny Ainge came out and said that the star point guard could require surgery in the near future. 11:02 - Mike Giardi received a text from a source...


March 14, 2018: Celtics lose a double overtime thriller to the Wizards

1:07 - A. Sherrod Blakely joins from the TD Garden to break down the Celtics double overtime loss to the Wizards with most of their starters injured and explains why it was one of his favorite games of the year. 4:40 - Gary Tanguay, Mike Giardi, and Tom E. Curran discuss the Patriots losing multiple key players such as Nate Solder, Dion Lewis, Malcolm Butler, and Danny Amendola, and talk about how it will impact the team and Brady’s future. 10:31 - Giardi and Phil Perry look at the best...


March 12, 2018: Injuries piling up for the Celtics

1:22 - A. Sherrod Blakely joins Early Edition with Gary Tanguay and Trenni Kusnierek to discuss the multiple Celtics injuries that are plaguing the team, especially Marcus Smart's thumb and Kyrie Irving's knee tendinitis. 6:32 - Tanguay, Mike Giardi, and Paul Perillo talk about the possibility of a reunion between Matt Patricia and Malcolm Butler in Detroit and if we could get more information about why Butler was benched in the Super Bowl. 9:36 - Michael Holley, A. Sherrod Blakely, and...


March 9, 2018: Not interested in Sherman? And can we please get a straight answer on Gordon Hayward?

1:32 - John Tomase joins Mike Giardi and Gary Tanguay to debate whether or not the Patriots should actually sign Richard Sherman now that the all-pro cornerback has been released by the Seahawks. 7:19 - Well, we don't really know what to believe about the Gordon Hayward situation. Him and Brad Stevens have sent mixed signals this week about Hayward's potential return. Tom Curran, Tom Giles and Jim Murray try to decipher what this back-and-forth might mean. 11:41 - As Boston sports fans,...


March 8, 2018: C's clinch playoff berth, Marchand the hero again

1:15 - The Celtics topped the Minnesota Timberwolves 117-109 to clinch a playoff berth, but Jaylen Brown left the game after falling hard to the ground after a dunk. Multiple Celtics players spoke about Brown's fall after the game and A. Sherrod breaks down the win. 6:14 - It seemed as if the Patriots had their pick of top-of-the-line cornerbacks, but after Aqib Talib was traded to the Los Angeles Rams, New England is focused on landing Richard Sherman. The BST crew discusses how this...


March 7, 2018: Richard Sherman or Aqib Talib to the Patriots?

1:30 - Tom Curran and Albert Breer discuss the transactions going on in the NFL and if the Patriots could take a chance on either Richard Sherman or Aqib Talib. 7:44 - Kyle Draper and A. Sherrod Blakely discuss Mike Gorman’s comments on Gordon Hayward’s potential comeback and they react to what Kyrie Irving said about how the team responded after Hayward went down. 12:37 - Mike Felger and Mike Giardi discuss how Brad Marchand might start getting into the Hart Trophy conversation and how...


March 6, 2018: Does Bill Belichick receive pushback anymore?

1:26 - Tom E. Curran on his article about Bill Belichick and if he is listening to anybody anymore or receiving any pushback from his coaching staff. 6:19 - Joe Haggerty discusses the Bruins getting the win over the Red Wings, thanks to another game-winning overtime goal from Brad Marchand. 10:21 - Dan Shaughnessy joins Boston Sports Tonight to debate if Al Horford has been unfairly criticized in Boston. 15:21 - Gary Tanguay and Lou Merloni talk about David Price’s comments on his...


March 5, 2018: Exclusive interview with Chris Sale; Mannix on Celtics crushing Bulls

1:20 - Chris Mannix breaks down the Celtics destroying the Bulls. Jaylen Brown talks about how he’s continuing to improve his game. 5:22 - Exclusive interview with Red Sox ace Chris Sale on how he’s feeling more comfortable in his 2nd season in Boston, his hobbies outside of baseball, and what advice he’s received from former Red Sox pitchers. 9:50 - From Arbella Early Edition, Joe Haggerty discusses Charlie McAvoy injury and how much time he could end up missing. 13:17 - Gary Tanguay,...


March 2, 2018: Patriots ready to draft the next Garoppolo?

0:41 - Phil Perry joins from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis and discusses how QB Kyle Lauletta from Richmond could be on the Patriots radar and if he could be the next Jimmy Garoppolo. 4:59 - Kyle Draper and A. Sherrod Blakely preview the Celtics game against the Rockets on Saturday, and how Marcus Smart is able to get in the head of James Harden. 9:33 - Lou Merloni, Michael Holley, and Tom Giles talk about Drew Pomeranz leaving his start with forearm tightness, and how the Red Sox are...


March 1, 2018: Does the Patriots future rid on breaking the tensions between the team?

(1:00) Tom E. Curran says that the Patriots future rides on breaking the tension between the team. Our Boston Sports Tonight crew discusses whether or not they think the Patriots can break the tension that has built up. (6:40) Joe Haggerty joins Boston Sports Tonight from the Garden to break down the Bruins 8-4 win over the Penguins. (12:25) Steve Buckley reacts to Alex Cora telling Evan Drellich that he will lean on veteran player to establish new rules, and whether he thinks that will...


February 28, 2018: Gronkowski expected to return to Patriots?

0:41 - Tom Curran, Michael Holley, Kayce Smith, and Tom Giles discuss Ian Rapoport's report that Rob Gronkowski is expected to return to playing football after pondering his future as an actor and/or wrestler. 5:36 - A. Sherrod Blakely joins BST to discuss the Celtics win over the Hornets, Kyrie Irving playing lights out, Greg Monroe showing his ability, and how the bench has been able to contribute to efficiently. 10:50 - Tom Giles talks to Albert Breer, who gives us more information on...


February 27, 2018: Gronk seriously considered retiring last training camp

0:41 - Tom Curran, Michael Holley, and Phil Perry discuss Rob Gronkowski and how he seriously considered retiring during training camp this season and why he is actually contemplating retirement. 7:18 - Curran, Kayce Smith and Kyle Draper talk about how Kyrie Irving has exceeded the high expectations and the leadership ability he has brought to the Celtics. 11:41 - Joe Haggerty joins BST to discuss the Bruins win over the Hurricanes, how the new acquisitions by Don Sweeney seem to...


February 26, 2018: Celtics crush Grizzlies; J.D. Martinez introduced

0:41 - A. Sherrod Blakely joins BST to discuss the Celtics taking care of business over the Grizzlies, Kyrie setting the tone, and the possibility of Marcus Smart returning to Boston after this season. 5:01 - Hear from Evan Drellich reporting from spring training on J.D. Martinez being officially introduced with the Red Sox, and Michael Holley, Tom Giles, and Kayce Smith discuss the contract details. 8:30 - Tom Curran, Michael Holley, and Kayce Smith talk about some cryptic tweets...


February 23, 2018: Welcome back Celtics

0:41 - The Celtics returned from the All-Star Break in style with a 110-98 win over the Detroit Pistons thanks to a 65-point performance from their bench. A. Sherrod Blakely, Kayce Smith, DJ Bean and Tom Curran break down the victory. 5:52 - More details have been released about the FBI’s probe into NCAA basketball. Tom Curran, Kayce Smith, DJ Bean and Jim Murray discuss how the possible violations by multiple schools will affect the economy of college sports. 11:49 - After saying that...


February 22, 2018: Celtics are back from All-Star break, how will Brad Stevens change rotations?

(1:00) A. Sherrod Blakely joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss Brad Stevens hinting that he will change the Celtics rotations after All-Star break, and what changes he thinks Brad will make. (4:30) How will Marcus Smart’s return impact Terry Rozier? (5:40) Evan Drellich and Lou Merloni discuss why the J.D. Martinez announcement was delayed another day as doctors review his physical, and whether Red Sox fans should be concerned. (11:50) DJ Bean reacts to the Bruins trading Frank Vatrano...


February 21, 2018: J.D. Martinez has arrived and Marcus Smart returns

0:41 - J.D. Martinez hasn’t officially been introduced by the Red Sox, but don’t panic. Evan Drellich and Lou Merloni break down the current situation with the new Sox slugger as well as where he’ll play during the season and how his addition affects the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry. 5:52 - Marcus Smart has been cleared to return. Tom Giles, Tom Curran, Kayce Smith and DJ Bean discuss how Smart’s absence affected the team and how tolerable his outburst that causes the injury is. 11:21 - With...


February 20, 2018: David Price recruited J.D. Martinez to Boston?

0:41 - Jared Carrabis joins BST to discuss David Price’s recruitment of J.D. Martinez and his comments about what it is like to play in Boston. 6:02 - Tom Curran, Phil Perry, and Tom Giles talk about where the Patriots stand with their wide receivers and if it is a position that should be addressed sooner rather than later. 10:59 - In this segment of NBA Crystal Ball, Chris Forsberg, DJ Bean, and Tom Giles predict what seed the Celtics finish with and which team will send Boston packing...


February 19, 2018: Red Sox sign J.D. Martinez to 5-year deal

0:41 - The Red Sox have made their splash in free agency as they sign slugger J.D. Martinez to a 5-year, $110 million. Evan Drellich and Lou Merloni discuss the addition and how it makes the Red Sox offense much deeper. 5:44 - Devin McCourty told recently that the team knew Malcolm Butler wasn’t going to start in the Super Bowl. Albert Breer joins BST to discuss McCourty’s comments on Butler. 11:38 - Tom Giles, DJ Bean, and Joe Haggerty discuss the Bruins 2-1 win in overtime...


February 16, 2018: We need Marcus Smart back, Hanley picks up TB12 Method

0:41 - Obviously when comparing Gordon Hayward to Marcus Smart, it’s understood that Hayward is the better player. But A. Sherrod Blakely argues that Smart’s return to the lineup is more important that Hayward’s potential return. Kayce Smith and Tom Giles debate the point. 5:09 - David Ortiz is gone. Accept it. While this sounds like a topic from last season, Dave Dombrowski and the Red Sox are still trying to replace Big Papi. Can Hanley Ramirez following the TB12 Method help fill the...


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