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Beyond the Bench: STEMulating Career Conversations

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SC27: Who is @HeyDrWilson?

A Mississippian, an HBCU graduate, a PhD immunologist with postdoctoral training from an Ivy League institution, yet he sums up his journey beyond the bench with a simple phrase: be good to the people around you; be good to the people you care about, but most importantly be good to yourself! Dr. Caleph Wilson shares his journey from the bench to a career in industry--first as a research scientist at an emerging biotech/biopharm, and now as a technical sales specialist and consultant for a...

Duration: 00:48:54

SC26: The Journey from Durham to DC: Kenneth Gibbs Jr., PhD

If you've ever wondered about a career in the policy world, this week's guest shares his journey from the North Carolina School of Math and Science to his current role at the National Institutes of Health. He also gives candid, yet helpful advice for those who are conducting job searches. Follow Dr. Kenneth Gibbs, Jr. on Twitter at: @KennyGibbsPhD @STEMPhDCareers Also mentioned in this episode: Meyerhoff Scholars at University of Maryland, Baltimore County Leadership...

Duration: 00:49:22

SC25 Hot Topic: Finish Strong

Closing out 2017 and preparing to usher in 2018.

Duration: 00:08:33

SC24 Hot Topic: Setting SMART Goals

This week's episode is a rebroadcast of a very popular 2016 Lunchtime webinar on setting Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic and Time Bound (SMART) goals. Tips on not only how to create them, but also how to ensure that you attain and achieve them.

Duration: 00:35:27

SC23 Active versus Passive Netowking

This week's episode is a rebroadcast of a 2016 lunchtime webinar on Active and Passive networking. We explore the definition of network, and pose challenging questions to unearth they type of networking that most of us engage. We discuss several examples to allow you to see a clear difference between passive and active networking.

Duration: 00:32:28

SC22: The First Job After the PhD with Dr. Melody Robinson

Is working in industry really that different from working in an academic research laboratory? How can you transfer the skills learned while training for a PhD into real time application? These are just two of several areas of insight that this newly minted PhD guest shares on her journey from the bench to the workplace. Mentioned on the show: Twitter: @Being_Melody Instagram: @brokeonpurpose Broke On Purpose

Duration: 00:49:44

SC21 Hot Topic: Staying Ready

If someone asks how can they help you, what would be your response? You never know when this may happen, so if you stay ready, you will never have to get ready.

Duration: 00:06:13

SC20 Hot Topic: Invest In You

As we prepare to spread love and cheer to others in this season of giving, be sure that you make it a priority to Invest in You.

Duration: 00:10:13

SC19: Retaining Scientist Identity Outside the Lab with Dr. Lamont Terrell

Is your scientific identity determined by the number of experiments you run each day? Do you somehow lose the ability to be a scientist when you choose to utilize your scientific training and skills outside a laboratory environment? Today's guest, Dr. Lamont Terrell, is a trained PhD synthetic organic chemist who had a very successful career as a bench scientist. Now, he's taking his talents to the 'other' side of the business and making an impact in identifying talent for the R&D...

Duration: 00:37:22

SC18: A GEM of STEM in Dr. Howard G. Adams

Dr. Howard G. Adams is a mentoring guru. He is a leading expert on developing people through mentoring and strategic career/life planning. He has written, lectured, and consulted extensively on effective strategies for career, educational, and personal development. He is a sought-after keynote speaker and seminar presenter, having spoken at over 650 colleges/universities, numerous national conferences, and conducted training for a number of fortune 500 companies. From 1978 to 1995 Adams...

Duration: 00:42:10

SC17 Hot Topic: What's Your WHY ME?

What is your WHY ME? Are you experiencing a situation that seems like there is no way for you to possibly be successful? Maybe you are ready to take that bold step towards your dream but just don’t know where to begin. Do you ever find yourself observing the progression and success of others who are seemingly doing the same things that you are, but wonder why you are not getting similar results? Whatever the case, the next time you find yourself asking WHY ME, ask yourself: What’s...

Duration: 00:09:39

SC16: Dr. Amy Laster, the Neuroscientist Helping to Fight Blindness

Dr. Amy Laster is a trained neuroscientist who utilizes her skills to assist other scientists in their research quest to fight blindness. She shares her career path beyond the bench, as well as gives sage advice on what she has learned over the years about ensuring balance and the importance of ' keeping the main thing,the main thing."

Duration: 00:43:57

SC15 Hot Topic: Silent Recognition

Oftentimes when we are working on projects or starting a new project, it can be scary and uncertain. Why? Because we do not know if the work that we are doing is having the impact that we would like. Have you ever noticed that in those times when we think no one is watching or listening, those are the moments when people are paying the closest attention! Keep pressing and doing what you do. Your recognition and reward is sometimes silent, but your impact speaks volumes.

Duration: 00:10:55

SC14: Dr. Renetta G. Tull Livng Life Online

Dr. Renetta Garrison Tull is an engineer who lives life online by Sharing connections, Connecting passions, Living to make a difference. Dr. Tull is Associate Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), and Professor of the Practice in UMBC’s College of Engineering and IT. She is also Founding Director and Co-PI for the 12-institution National Science Foundation University System of Maryland’s (USM) PROMISE AGEP, and Co-Director/Co-PI for...

Duration: 00:28:17

SC13 Hot Topic: Prioritize the Priority

Let's talk about why it's so difficult to say no to things and prioritize the priorities in our life.

Duration: 00:08:22

SC12: The STEMConnector PhD NFL Cheerleader Dr. Talmesha Richards

When dancing is your outlet, then why not use your talents to cheer for the NFL team in your city while you are pursuing your PhD in Cellular and Molecular Medicine. Don't think it is possible, then you have to listen to this episode with Dr. Talmesha Richards. Mentioned in the show: STEMConnector Meyerhoff Scholars at UMBC

Duration: 00:47:42

SC11: The Wisdom and Wit of Dr. Bill Jackson

Dr. Jackson received his PhD in 1961 from Catholic University. He shares his experiences in industry, government and the private sector in his almost 60 years of working in the field of chemistry. He still enjoys it because a scientist never stops learning. He is a founding member of NOBCChE, an organization that has played a tremendous role in the professional development of chemists of color.

Duration: 00:40:09

SC10 Hot Topic: Receiving Feedback

We spend time learning how to give feedback, but learning how to receive feedback is equally important. This quick hot topic shares three tips to help you become a better receiver of feedback.

Duration: 00:05:50

SC09 Executive Director of Boston's Best Small Company: Dr. Joanne Kamens

She’s the Executive Director of Addgene which was named the Best place to work in Boston for 2016. After listening to this interview you will undoubtedly understand why. Dr. Joanne Kamens is a trained scientist who leads the organization by example and creates a culture that values the differences each scientist brings to the table. She shares her journey from STEM PhD graduate school to her current role and highlights the importance of mentoring and using your networks to identify,...

Duration: 00:51:12

SC08 Chemjobber: A Chemist with a Job Blog

Chemjobber is a mid-career process chemist with a PhD in organic chemistry who has garnered a popular social media presence that connects not only people, but also ideas. He started a blog to help chemists find jobs in during the turbulent economic times in 2008, and after nearly a decade, it has grown to be an invaluable resource to both students and professionals of the chemical enterprise. Mentioned in this episode: Follow @chemjobber on Twitter Chemjobber Blog:...

Duration: 00:56:07

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