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In depth interviews with leading investment strategists, economists, geo political experts, and other key thought leaders conducted by Vinny Catalano, CFA, President and Global Investment Strategist, Blue Marble Research




Last Friday's Bloomberg radio interview with Carol Massar and Cory Johnson can be heard here.

Duration: 00:07:41

Recent Media Quotes and Appearances: Financial Times, Bloomberg Radio

Recently, Financial Times reporter and market commentator, John Authers authored a market commentary on August 26th in which yours truly was among those quoted, including the following:"Another measure that has enduring appeal, and that can turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy, is a simple gauge of the market’s momentum, which is one of the strongest forces driving the market. Vinny Catalano of New York’s Blue Marble Research suggests that a “mega-trend reversal” tool can signal whether a...

Duration: 00:13:46

Recent Media Appearances

Recent Bloomberg radio appearances: Briefly discussing equity market outlook and then describing Adriatic Capital Partners and private equity venture: April 28.With Lawrence Calcano of iCapital Network exploring their on-line private equity service: April 28. And my recap of the CFA society and other events that I participated in from December 2014 through mid February 2015: February 27.

Duration: 00:06:58

Recent Media Appearances: Wall Street Journal "News Hub" (Oct. 8), Bloomber

Just me with Carol Massar and Michael McKeeBloomberg radio "Taking Stock".Me with Dr. Rob Atkinson Bloomberg radio "Taking Stock".

Duration: 00:06:04

Recent Media Appearances: May 27, 2014 - "News Hub", Bloomberg radi

Bloomberg radio "Taking Stock with Pimm Fox and Carol Massar".

Duration: 00:14:57

Recent Media Appearances and Upcoming Events

Media AppearancesRecently, I had the privilege of appearing on two excellent radio programs: Bloomberg radio's popular program, "Taking Stock with Pimm Fox and Carol Massar" and "On The Money" with Steve Pomeranz, CFP, and an Internet based video interview -'s Authers' Note (see previous posting below). The interviews centered on what you might think they would: the markets and the economy, with a sprinkling of geo politics and market structure issues.Here are the links to each of...

Duration: 00:08:40

Bloomberg Radio July 3 appearance

My July 3rd appearance on Bloomberg radio's popular program, "Taking Stock with Pimm Fox and Carol Massar" was actually three segments: * One with yours truly* One with Ian Bremmer* and One with Adam SussmanThe discussions ranged from general economic and market matters (me) to geo political issues (Bremmer) to the changed market structure (Sussman). Each segment runs about 7 to 8 minutes in length.

Duration: 00:05:43