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036 Unexpected

What does the recent solar eclipse and hurricanes mean to today’s Believer? Are they signs of the Lords return? Is scripture pointing to these natural events as warning signs of the end of times? The Bible contains the answers to all of these questions but we must search the scriptures carefully to ensure that we are not deceived. The answer God has left for us to find will truly be Unexpected!!

Duration: 00:16:48

035 God or Mammon? (Revisited)

Revisiting to further elucidate Biblical Elucidation: Episode 001 God or Mammon? Answering the Subscriber question, What exactly did Jesus want the Rich Boy to do? And, explaining the Poor, Rich, and Wealthy more in-depth.

Duration: 00:16:11

034 Hated 2

Continuing Hated… In this episode we go deeper into the hard to accept idea presented by our Lord Jesus saying, “Blessed are ye when men shall hate you…” (Luke 6:22). With this in mind we must discover that not only does the world hate you but that So-Called Like Believers hate you too. How are we to know who these Haters are and why they hate you? What are somethings that we might be doing today that are just like the Haters of the Bible? Listen, read, and study to continue to discover...

Duration: 00:13:27

033 Hated

As Believers we've been filled for so long with what I call the "Sweets of the Gospel" that it has made us sick. Is it possible to live off only what is sweet? Or whats sounds good? Is it even helping us at all? God speaks His truth to us through the Word but we would rather live off of what the Bible doesn't say... a lie. Here is the truth... Blessed are you when men shall "Hate" you (Luke 6:22). In this episode lets discover how the blessing is in you being Hated!!

Duration: 00:12:42

032 The Parable of the Sower

There are over 30 parables spoken by the Lord Jesus within the synoptic gospels. Yet, The Lord found the need to explain the parable of the Sower. What is so important about the parable of the Sower that Jesus found need to explain it. Lets go line by line; verse by verse in the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:3-9) and it’s explanation (Matthew 3:18-23) to discovery what secret our Lord has revealed to us. He who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

Duration: 00:13:56

031 Belief Misdirected

What is the meaning of John 3:16? Must a person simply believe in Jesus to receive everlasting life? Is there a right and a wrong way to believe? What does it mean to believe? “Belief Misdirected’ takes the listener on an journey through the Old and New Testament scriptures of the Bible to find the clues necessary to finding the meaning of the most well known verse in the Bible; in order to discover who will receive eternal life!

Duration: 00:12:28

030 Don't Wait

How often have you heard someone say that they can wait until before death to give their life to Christ? Is this true? Does the Bible teach us in Luke’s account of the Crucifixion that we too can wait to be saved? Upon examining the scriptures closely you will find that there is more than meets the eye… “Don’t Wait!” Visit the Biblical Elucidation podcast Website

Duration: 00:10:25

029 You Are In My Prayers

To say you are in my prayers or I'm praying for you has become cliche; just something nice to say to someone when they experience tough times. But, what does the Bible say about prayer… what should we be praying for? How should we be praying? Let's rediscover The Lord's Prayer to find out the answer to these questions and more. You are in my prayers... am I in your's?

Duration: 00:11:26

Law and Grace

What did the Apostle Paul mean when he stated we are not under law but grace? What is the law? Are we to stop keeping the law? What does it mean to be under grace? When we study Law and Grace as used throughout scripture; what we find is that the Law means and covers far more than we assume and that grace requires much on our part than believed! have we unknowingly been distorting God’s Word. We must go through the pages of the Bible as always to discover what the Bible says in contrast to...

Duration: 00:13:38

027 Agape On Purpose

What is agape love? Is only God capable of displaying this type of love? How is agape love different from other types of love? Find out the answer to these questions and more as we search the scriptures to discover the depths of this widely misunderstood love.

Duration: 00:14:48

026 50/50

Do you know the meaning of the parable of the 10 Virgins? Have you ever wondered what message Jesus was trying to relay through its teaching? In this episode lets go verse by verse to discover what the Bible reveals to us in the parable of the 10 Virgins.

Duration: 00:15:36

025 The Hand of God

How much do you know about God’s hands? What happens when you ask God in prayer to stretch forth His hands towards you and your family? Our ability to answer questions like these biblically are necessary to asking with accuracy and receiving from God what we really desire.

Duration: 00:14:34

024 Unfair?

Have you ever seen someone so blessed that it sparked your interest; wondering what did they do to be so favored? Only to asked them how? And their response is… “Favor ain’t fair!” Is it possible for the way God disturbs His favour to be “Unfair?” or is there some type of method to receiving it? Let’s look through the pages of the Bible to see what the scriptures reveal to us concerning the favor of God.

Duration: 00:10:57

023 Biblical Authority

Where did the Bible come from? Did King James create the Bible? Did man create the Bible? In order to answer these questions we must examine the scriptures to discover the origins of its Holy writings. What you will find is that the scriptures originate from a source that is not of this World.

Duration: 00:11:44

022 Unmistakable

Have you ever heard or expressed that God Works in mysterious ways? If so, do you believe that God works in ways that are unidentifiable and deliberately baffling? Let's discover what the Bible says about the ways of God. What you will find is that God's ways are not mysterious but “Unmistakable!”

Duration: 00:10:00

021 Binding and Loosing

On this episode, discover how the Bible answers these questions concerning binding and loosing: What does it mean to bind and to loose and how should we use them? Binding and Loosing takes us back to the first chapter of the book of Genesis to understand the depths of this culturally known idiom to bind and to loose.

Duration: 00:11:00

020 Perfect

Have you ever said or heard the expression, "I am not perfect; no one is perfect but Jesus?" What is the truth concerning being perfect? Has God commanded us to do what is believed to be impossible or is our view of perfection blurred? Lets discover what the Bible says about Perfect.

Duration: 00:11:30

019 If My People

What is God revealing to us in 2 Chronicles 7:14? What exactly are His terms and/or conditions to hear from Heaven, forgive our sins, and heal our land? What if the prayers you've been praying are not the prayers God is looking for?

Duration: 00:12:55

018 Faith

What is your definition of faith? Faith is one of the most misunderstood biblical ideas; it is both misunderstood by the Believer and Unbeliever alike. But, how does the bible define faith? When this question is asked most believers quickly quote Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. It is easily quoted but what does it mean?

Duration: 00:16:03

017 It's Just Reasonable

What does it mean for something to be reasonable? Have you ever thought to apply what consider reasonable to Romans 12:1-2? Discover the treasures God has hidden for us in His Word.

Duration: 00:15:10

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