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Cycling podcast based in Michigan and mostly focused on bike mechanics, but it's only a guideline.

Cycling podcast based in Michigan and mostly focused on bike mechanics, but it's only a guideline.
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Cycling podcast based in Michigan and mostly focused on bike mechanics, but it's only a guideline.




BSCX0013 - Tubeless - Questions

This week Mr. David Palan and I talk a bit about tubeless tire standards as well as what are you workin on and some Louisville discussion. Then of course we answer viewer questions! Health IQ Email:

Duration: 01:16:00

BSCX - Feedback Sports

This week Mr. David Palan and I recorded the show while live streaming on FB Live. We talked with Katie Macarelli from Feedback Sports about sponsorship, things to do and not do, along with "What are you workin on" and Listener questions on tubeless yes or no, Disc brake rotor size and where to get good bike maintenance instruction on the net. Email:

Duration: 01:28:15

BSCX0011 - Pitbag

This week we get back to tech! The long awaited pitbag episode! Mr. David Palan and I go through my pitbag and what I carry with me into the cx pit. Then we of course go on and answer all the listener questions and discuss entry into our Trouble North T-shirt give away contest. Hope you like it.

Duration: 02:00:38

BSCX0010 - World Cup Week

This week we get away from the usual tech talk to tell some stories about world cup week. Got to meet a lot of podcast viewers at the world cup races this week and had a great time. Listen if you want to hear how Mr. David Palan almost caused an international corn incident at TREK cxc. Also we start our Trouble North signed Kaitie Keough Tee shirt give away!

Duration: 01:09:34

BSCX0009 Question Craziness

In the middle of these 5 race weekends in a row we keep it simple and answer a ton of your GREAT email questions! Keep them coming. Posting this from parking lot at Jingle cross!

Duration: 01:47:10

BSCX0008 - VittoriaTires - Questions

Yes, this one is a marathon! We are finally talking cyclocross tires!!! Great interview with Ken Avery from Vittoria! Maybe the best interview we have ever done as far as bike geekyness goes! Amazing stuff. Then Mr. David Palan and I answer viewer email questions! Contact: Scott David Email questions to" Vittoria Tires

Duration: 02:08:02

BSCX0007 - Special Questions!

Special release of BSCX to finish off all the wonderful questions that you all sent in! That's it, nothin but questions here! Social: Mr. David Palan Scott Dedenbach

Duration: 00:49:29

BSCX0006 - Kogel - Questions

On this show Mr. David Palan and I chit chat for a bit, then we have a great interview with Ard Kessels from Kogel bearings. After that We answer the first half of the listener questions that we received this week! Look for a special edition on the BSCX show next week where we finish off all the wonderful questions that everyone has sent us! Kogel Bearings Social Media: Mr. David Palan Scott Dedenbach

Duration: 01:12:21

BSCX0005 - Pedals - Questions

On this show Mr. David Palan and I discuss Pedals for CX! We hit the major brands and give our thoughts. Then listener questions that are outstanding!! We love these questions so keep sending them! #cxiscoming Twitter Scott Dedenbach Mr. David Palan Email: Thanks for listening!

Duration: 01:22:23

BSCX0004 SHIS Questions

This week! Mr. David Palan and I go over SHIS numbers. Actually I go over SHIS numbers and he is very confused...:) We start out the show with our new "What are you working on" corner and finish off with some great listener questions. CX season is starting to close in on us and we are getting excited for sure! Contact: Scott Dedenbach Mr. David Palan SHIS info from Cane Creek:

Duration: 01:06:37

BSCX003-Shimano8000, AmericanClassic

Mr. David Palan is back with me IN studio and almost on Skype for the latest edition of Bike Shop CX. We go over and give our thoughts on the new Ultegra 8000 groupset. As usual you should take it with a grain of salt. Then I get to interview Bill Shook, the founder of American Classic the wheel company, we discuss their history a little bit and what some of his wheel design theory is. On the next show we will read listener questions so send more questions to...

Duration: 01:23:05


On this show I talk with Dean Peterson and Micheal Kubancsek from Marian University. Their team has been at the top of the national collegiate scene many times. We talk about their new student cycling mechanic program that they are starting and how they approach covering a huge team of riders for a race. Marian University Cycling:

Duration: 00:59:57


The return of The Bike Shop Show...well sort of. Scott and Mr. David Palan just sit down and talk about the slightly new direction of the show and where we are planning on going with it down the road. We do make fun of some crazy bike mods and mechanicing ....Shhhh...but we are just kidding friends, we are all part of this crazy bike world!

Duration: 00:27:39

Bike Shop Show 00124 - Fit - Fluid - HIrobel

We are back with info on Mr. David Palan's first BG fit school experience, I discuss some specifics about hydraulic brake fluid and we finish off with an interview with Brandon Hirokawa from Hirobel Cycling Solutions discussing their amazing product.

Duration: 01:38:19

Show00123 - SDG - HubPress

On this show I talk with David Sheek from SDG components. Amazing stuff technology involved in one of the bike components that you might not think of when it comes to innovation is saddles but SDG is doing incredible things! Then I review and discuss Zipp 30 course wheels with the 77/177 hub! while I'm at it i review the Park HBP-1 all new hub bearing press!!

Duration: 01:05:05

BikeShopShow00121 - BB90 - ERD

Yep! Finally back with some BB90 and ERD discussion and a listener question. Oh and a new/old special in studio guest.

Duration: 01:06:33

Show00119 - BrettEVT

This show is one big discussion that I had with Brett Flemming from EVT, Efficient Velo Tools about his tools, bike shop stories, and philosophy on being a bike mechanic.

Duration: 01:31:11

Show00118 - Touring

This show covers the topic of bicycle touring a little bit. I'll talk about touring specific frame design at the beginning then a great discussion with Stephane Marchiori from about touring equipment and somethings to think about if your heading out!

Duration: 00:52:41

Show00117 - CatchAll - HubAdjust

Today I do a Catch all, catch up segment in the first part of the show wich includes announcing the Feedback Sports give away winners and then I talk about final cup and cone hub adjustments. It's the old bungy cord technique.

Duration: 00:47:17

Show00116 - SRAM - Rotors - Feedback

This week I have a discussion with David Lee from SRAM about CX-1 and ZIPP products then I announce the winners of the Pro Gold give away and discuss disc brake rotors and finish off the show with a great discussion with Katie Macarelli and Tim Allen from Feedback Sports.

Duration: 01:31:27

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